Wednesday, 26 February 2014

And this old world is a new world and a bold world for me...

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Good afternoon my lovelies, I bring thee newness and pretties from all over the grid today! We have another new release from Reckless, Landon has been a busy monkey. The purple haze vape is available at Suicide Dollz, and has pretty wafty purple smoke, so cute. I'm also bringing you a few older goodies from Deetalez who just released azz appliers for many older lingerie sets, so I trundled off and picked up a few of those of course. Annnd last but not least we have a stunning new hair from [e] Ive been a fan of Elikapeka Tiramisu's hair since the jolly good ETD days, and this one is just lovely, same high standard with fit and colour texturing, utterly gorgeous! Happy Shopping ♥

Word of the Day: Picayune

Tune of the Day: Nina Simone - Feeling Good

Skin: Sylvia - Base- America by Glam Affair @C88 NEW!!!
Hair: Reva - Sunset Colours by [e] NEW!!!
Piercings: Dimp gem Piercings by .Pekka.
Vape: Purple Haze Vape by Reckless @Suicide Dollz NEW!!!
Nails: All The Things Nails by elska (All The Nails Gacha) NEW!!!
Lingerie: Negligee White by Deetalez   With Appliers NEW!!!
Cardigan: Mesh Cardigan - Snow by Deetalez
Shoes: Studded Long boots - White by J's

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

And everything looks good tonight...

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Good evening pretties, I have some lovely newness for you, I've been out meandering around the events, annnnd I found some wonderful goodies at Suicide Dollz. I also bring thee some gorgeous leggings from Reckless! They're an azz add-on only, so do make sure you have the correct parts before going to pick them up (Which won't be until the 1st of march at whore couture, but still!) They are fabulous and come with many knee patch colour options. You thoroughly need these in your life! ♥ Happy Shopping!

Word of the Day: Solatium

Tune of the Day: The Passenger - Michael Hutchence

Skin: Sylvia - Base- America by Glam Affair @C88 NEW!!!
Hair: Fiona - Reds by .ploom.
Headband&Choker: Piece of Freedom Set by Tabou Irresistible @ Suicide Dollz NEW!!!
Shirt: Emilie top - crosses by :;drbc:: @ Suicide Dollz NEW!!!
Pants: Patched Leggins - Grey by Reckless @ Whore Couture Fair COMING MARCH 1st!!!
Shoes: Monochrome - Black by DRD @ Suicide Dollz NEW!!!
Stool poses: In Repose Stool by {NanTra} @SL Fashion Week NEW!!!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart...

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Well, I can't sleep, I have murderous headache, so I decided to throw another post up for you guys, this time we are featuring the splendid and stunning dress from Corvus, the Burlesque dress is the newest release and utterly stunning, it comes in many colours and frankly I have nothing bad to say about the beautiful little gown. Easy to find a size that suits from the myriad of options, and really fabulous detail. I feel like a bit of a fairy, ballerina princess in it! We also have this lovely newly released tattoo from elska, the geeky fan girl in me squeed when I saw it! Harry Potter theme of course, Snap's love for Lily...It is aptly named Always, and you can pick it up at Suicide Dollz for a limited time at the fabulous 50% off price tag! :D Happy Shopping my lovelies! ♥

Word of the very early morning: Perturbed

Tune of the same ever so early morning...: Muse - Undisclosed Desires

Skin: Sylvia Base H - America by Glam Affair @ C88 NEW!!!
Hair: Apple Moustache - Pop by Analog Dog
Headband: Spiked bun Headband - Black/silver by Whatever
Tattoo: Always by elska @ Suicide Dollz NEW!!!
Dress: Burlesque Dress - Purple by Corvus NEW!!!
Shoes: Margot Ballet Slippers - Pink by Slink

Baby did a bad bad thing...

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 Good afternoon my darlings! New posty for you today, we have lovelies from Sassy and Captivity Poses, and I am joined by my yummy boy toy Fate, when I say boy toy I mean male alt of course :P Let's get onto the details!
 I am showing off both the male and female Valentine gift skins in this post, I did try the male one on Acacia last night, much hilarity ensued, but alas, it wasn't for me! As I mentioned we have newness from Sassy! This smexy little latex get up aptly names Sweet Tart is available at Bodify and comes with a  appliers to control all your body essentials! tangos and mirage, cute and phat azz! There are several colours to choose from, all rather scrummy! So hop on down to Bodify and pick yours up :P
I also have the fabulous couples pose from Captivity, It's lovely and easily modded if like me you have a redonkulously short av, a very pretty and romantic pose called  Throes of Passion and available now! Happy Shopping ♥

Word of the Day: Discombobulated

Tune of the Day: Chris Isaak - Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing...

Fate is wearing:

Skin: Dark Valentine by Tableau Vivant (Feb Group Gift) NEW!!!
Hair: Boy - 17 by Dura
Tattoo: Home Sweet Ocean by Reckless
Tie: Mr.Handsome Tie by [coepio]
Jeans: Mr.One by [coepio]
Hands&Feet: Slink

Acacia is wearing:

Skin: Valentine skin gift 02 by Glam Affair (Feb Gift) NEW!!!
Hair: Fiona - Pastels by .ploom.
Garter: Garter Love by Muka
Leg strap: Leg Harness by .Shi
Outfit: Sweet Tart set - White by  Sassy! @Bodify NEW!!!
Tattoo: Fades - Teal by Chary

Couple Pose: Throes of Passion by Captivity Poses NEW!!!

Friday, 21 February 2014

I'm hooked on a feeling, I'm high on believing...

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I have pretties for thee! We have goodness from Collab, the big show and a fair few others! I've had some help recently with my pic taking so, trying new things! I do hope you enjoy them ♥ Happy shopping!

Word of the Day: Procrastination

Tune of the Day: Blue Swede - Hooked on a Feeling

Base Items:

Skin: Sylvia -America Base by Glam Affair @C88 NEW!!!
Makeup: Sylvia Lipstick 01 D by Glam Affair @C88 NEW!!!
Hair: Steph - Infinity by Alice Project
Teeth: The Perfect Teeth by Illmatic
Bewbs: Tangos by Lolas


Mask: Bunny Face by Gola Industry (Past Gift)
Tattoo: Swallow Hipsters by Ink'd Up
Piercings: Cutie Bow Piercing - solid Bow by Forever Young @The Big Show NEW!!!
Bracelets: Sparkly Pearl Cuff - Silver by MG @C88 NEW!!!

Shrug: Zombie Survival Jacket - Lure by geek @The Big Show NEW!!!
Top: White/White Bandeau Top by Gawk! @The Big Show NEW!!!
Jeans: Tucked Jeans - Black by .:villena:.
Shoes: About Time Walker Shoes - Pink by u.f.o and B.C.C @C88 NEW!!!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

They sentenced me to twenty years of boredom...

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I have some random pretties for you today! I spent a while trawling around the big show and collab the other day annnnd decided to throw this little looky together with some of my purchases. But that failed and I ended up wearing quite a few older bits too! :P It happens sometimes >.< So do enjoy! ♥ Happy shopping!

Word of the Day: Moiety

Tune of the Day: Leonard Cohen - First we take Manhattan

Skin: Sylvia - America - Base by Glam Affair @C88 NEW!!!
Hair: Beyond The Waves - Frost by Exile
Horns: Celestial Horns by Auxiliary @C88 NEW!!!
Glasses: Valentina Glasses by -SU!- (feb group gift) NEW!!!
Sweater: Angora sweater - white - ISON
Panties: Slide Panties - FU White by [ SAKIDE ]
Tights: Fishnet Wide - White by erratic
Socks: Ballet Socks - White by Chary
Rings: (L) My Dear Heart by MG @C88 NEW!!!
(R) bad Ring by Cute Poison @The Big Show NEW!!!
Shoes: Jet Heels - Moondust by fri. @C88 NEW!!!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Feeling unknown, and you're all alone...

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My word this post is late as balls! I've had a super girly weekend with my sister visiting, so alas, haven't had much time for anything! But, I do have fabulous newness for you! We have these delightful 'moving' poses from Captivity! My absolute favourite new dress from Corvus is stunning comes in many designs and options, wonderfully easy to find a size to suit and really just lovely! Nails by elska from the main store gacha! Annnd many more goodies not limited to my C88 glam affair skin!  This post is short but sweet, but, I will get back to my more detailed and ranty usual self pronto ♥ Happy Shopping!

Skin: Sylvia Base by Glam Affair @C88 NEW!!!
Hair: Never - hud 03 by Magika
Dress: Cross Classy Dress by Corvus NEW!!!
Nails: Celestial Nails by elska (Gacha) NEW!!!
Upper Tattoo: Bharati by White Widow
Thigh Tattoo: Love Life by Reckless @TBS NEW!!!
Lower Tattoo: Set Free by Identity
Shoes: Peep Toe Booties - Black by Tulip @C88 NEW!!!
Suitcase Poses: Moving by Captivity Co NEW!!!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

All time low...

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Posty with gorgeousness! I will let the pics speak for themselves, mostly because I'm in a hurry to go watch a show before I pass out ♥ Newness from elska and Truth! omnom! Happy Shopping! ♥

Word of the Day: Albumen

Tune of the Day: David Bowie - Ashes to Ashes

Skin: Muse - Creme by Atomic NEW!!!
Hair: Electra - Colours by Truth @C88 NEW!!!
Eye Makeup: Sleepless Eyeshadow - Teal by -UtopiaH-
Lips: Muse - LipSet 02 - 04 by Atomic NEW!!!
Necklace: Chainedlink Necklace - Black/Silver by Glam Affair
Shirt: Hope's Tank - Teal by *BOOM*
Cardigan: mesh Cardigan - Black snow by DeeTaleZ @ With Love Fair NEW!!!
Skirt: Ruffled Miniskirt by
Tattoo: Anchors Away by elska @Suicide Dollz NEW!!! (exclusive)
Socks: My Asymetric Cotton Socks - Black by -UtopiaH-
Shoes: Emma Flats - Black by fri.

Monday, 10 February 2014

So lay down, the red is real...

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Good evening my lovelies, I bring thee newness! Just in time for Valentine's day, now to be fair, I should hate this holiday (First time celebrating it alone in years) But, I don't I find it sweet, alas, I am a hopeless romantic, with mild commitment issues :P Yay me! Anyway, enough about me, let's get onto the fabulous wonders that adorn my pixelated jubblies today!

 We have newness from Sassy! This gorgeous jacket is available at the Style Icon Fashion Fair and is available until February 21st. It comes in 8 colour options, and it also has a version with a shirt, that comes in 16 options, so it's all very optiony, which is nice, we all like options! I know I do. Well made as always with lush textures and easy to size, there are sizes ranging from xxs to L, so, we have something for everyone.

I wandered to the with love fair earlier in the week and picked up a few goodies, these socks from UtopiaH are fabulous, I love the keep calm motif, makes me feel all British :P They come with Azz and slink appliers. The panties are also from the fair and come in a 3 piece set by Blacklace.

Happy Shopping ♥

Word of the Day: Blatherskite

Tune of the Day: Chevelle - The Red

Skin: Muse - Creme by Atomic NEW!!!
Hair: Sundae - Dark Reds by AD NEW!!!
Lipstick: Muse - LipSet 02 - 02 by Atomic NEW!!!
Chain: Chained Nip Piercing - Heart 9all colours) by <-Puncture->
Jacket: Gentle Breeze by ~Sassy!~ @ The Style Icon NEW!!!
Panties: Keep Calm Cotton Socks - Black by -UtopiaH- @ With Love NEW!!!
Socks: Kindle - Red Lace Panties by ~Blacklace~ @With Love NEW!!!

Saturday, 8 February 2014


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Just a quicky post to show you some newness from truth annnd a couple of stunning tattoos by elska for the Big Show! I shall be blogging later on today, hence the very quick post :P So do enjoy, and Happy Shopping! ♥

Skin: Muse - Crème by Atomic NEW!!!
Hair: Tyr - Colours by Truth NEW!!!
Collar: Leash Dev.i -Black by [moushide]
Dress: Mhoi Dress - Raven by *VinCue
Chest Tattoo: Breastbone by elska @The BIG Show NEW!!!
Leg Tattoo: Wanderlust by elska @The BIG Show NEW!!!
Shoes:  Glynco Pump by Hucci

Thursday, 6 February 2014

J'veux ton amour...

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Just a quick wee post because I went shopping and was feeling all awesome =p I have goodies from The Chapter Four and the men's department here, and by golly I love them! Happy shopping ♥

Skin: Muse - Crème - Eyelid B - No Brow by .Atomic. NEW!!!
Hair: Marmalade - Blossom Ombre by little bones. @ TCF NEW!!!
Collar: Leash Dev.i - Black by [moushide]
Shirt: Crop Top -lisa by *ionic* @TCF NEW!!!
Jeans: Marly BellBottoms - Pitch by MOON @TCF  NEW!!!
Puppy: Boston Buddy - Cuddle- by .Birdy. @TMD NEW!!!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

I wont cry, I wont cry, no, I won't shed a tear, just as long as you stand, stand by me...

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 Good morning lovelies, and what an early pitch black morning it is, apparently coughing one's self awake is a wonderful excuse to blog! So here it is! I have incredibly sexy and yummy newness from SAKIDE, yes I do! This outfit is from the with love event, which ladies and gents starts tomorrow (The 7th) It runs until the 21st and there are some fantastic designers included! I adore this outfit, the tiny split skirt and corset/shirt come with a hud, and most of the textures are changeable, the corset, metal details, shirt and buttons all change. I do love easy to use hud systems and this is about as simple as they come. As always, SAKIDE provides quality mesh work, pretty textures and easy size options.
  The tattoo is an offering from UtopiaH for this round of silicone, it comes with all the usual add ons as well as all clothing layers , azz appliers, hand appliers and bewb ones, so it's perfect for everyone, no matter your shape. a very pretty and girly design, floral and elegant. And available now!

Happy shopping! ♥

Word of the Day: Farceur

Tune of the Day: Ki:Theory - Stand by Me

Skin: Muse - Crème - Eyelid B - No Brow by .Atomic. NEW!!!
Hair: Sassy 2 - Toast w/roots by Truth
Outfit: Dating Outfit - Black by [ SAKIDE ] @ With Love NEW!!!
Tattoo: Innocent Body tattoo by -UtopiaH- @ Silicone NEW!!!
Bracelets: Sparkly Pearl Cuff - Silver by MG @Fameshed NEW!!!
Feet & Hands: Casual Hands & Flat Feet by Slink

I'll wait for you until the end of the world...

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 Newness! All around the place, firstly, I am completely in love with this Atomic skin, Muse is the perfect name for it, truly. Stunning detail, the mouth, oh lordy the lips. Just, love it. I also have a gorgeous new hair from Little Bones, this colour combo is in the gacha machine at the main store, and at 25L a pop, definitely worth using (A lot!) We also have a gorgeous new tattoo from elska, this is elska's item for the Jack or Jill hunt, and really pretty, awesome work as we've come to expect from elska and will be retired after the event. And finally we have newness from SUGAR mesh apparel!
 This adorable little aptly named industrial skirt comes in many designs, I of course plumped for the tartan one (Go figure) mesh of course, and many a size option, a very cute inventory addition and a must have mini.
Happy Shopping! ♥

Word of the Day: Soigné

Tune of the Day: Apoptygma Berzerk - Until The End of The World

Skin: Muse - Crème - Eyelid B - No Brow by .Atomic. NEW!!!
Lips: Muse add-on Lipset 02 - Lips 09 by .Atomic. NEW!!!
Brows: Muse Brow add-on - Colour 06 by .Atomic. NEW!!!
Hair: Black Mirror - Onyx/Bleached by little bones NEW!!! (Gacha)
Horns: Cherubim Horns - Cupid Red by RO @ Fameshed NEW!!!
Necklace: Black Leather - Gray Pearl Stone Necklace - Silver by =Zenith= @Fameshed NEW!!!
Bracelets: Bangles - Sparkly Pearl Cuff - Silver by MG @Fameshed NEW!!!
Corset: Helnith Corset - Black by SUGAR
Skirt: Industrial Skirt - Red Plaid by SUGAR NEW!!!
Tattoo: Feathers & Lace by elska  NEW!!! (Jack or Jill hunt)
Shoes: Donna - Black by N-Core @Fameshed NEW!!!

Saturday, 1 February 2014

I've exposed your lies baby, the underneath is no big surprise...

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 Alrighty my lovelies, my, fluffing my, what a day I've had, PC issues up the wazoo, and 6 hours and several scans later, we may have detected the issue! (we hope) So finally, I get to bring you this mornings posty, with some lovely newness from Taketomi in the form of this adorable hair, a little Essences and this comes in the shape of this incredible skin. I actually want to lick my barbies mouth because of this skin, it is simply beautiful work! And available for a very low price at TDFR in three tones! So you have no excuse not to go buy it >.<  Although, I do hate having to go buy appliers for hands and feets before I can wear something, it is worth it! I am also bringing you some cute new mesh work from a lesser known store, Khaos clothing, this shirt is very pretty and well made, it comes in a set with some gorgeous pants which will be blogged soon (I just need to put together a look!) I've never really been one for outfits, I take things apart a lot. Anyways, I do suggest you check out Khaos, totally cute stuffles!

 Hopefully my PC will behave itself tomorrow and I'll get a post out at a reasonable time, but until then, happy shopping ♥

Word of the Day: Galligaskins

Tune of the Day: Muse - Plug in Baby


Skin: Harper TDFR *doux* browless by Essences @TDRF NEW!!!
Hair: Emiko -Karafuru03 by [taketomi] NEW!!!
Brows: Miss Sassy Brow - Black by tsg
Gloves: Piper Mesh Armwarmers by Blueberry
Ring: Death Ring by Swallow @TDRF NEW!!!
Top: Wild Kingdom - Leopard by Khaos Klothing NEW!!!
Pants: Skinny Jeans - DarkSlateGrey by [Cynful]
Shoes: Nola Platform Wedge - Black by .Renegade.


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