Friday, 31 January 2014

But nothing ventured, nothing gained, you see?

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 Good morning lovelies, I feel I should mention before I start that this post is very liable to degrade into a somewhat ranty diatribe, so should that not appeal, read the first paragraph only. With that being said, fashion! I decided to throw on some loveliness from C88, it's a bit late, but like most fabulous ladies in SL, you go, you buy goodies and there's just so much that you don't really get around to wearing it all at once :O So I do suggest if you haven't swung by this round you do, as there really are some utter gems, the Clawtooth hair, the tres blah goodies, so, so lovely! Go shop! Do it.

 I suppose this could be a meme of sorts as it really is my thoughts on a couple of subjects, but in the last twenty four hours I've just had a couple of eye opening SL experiences. Firstly, now, this one's more funny than anything, a fellow DJ at one of the clubs I work at was flat out rude about my accent, saying it was too thick to understand. Frankly, I am Scottish, but I do not under any circumstances have a thick accent, at all, I enunciate very clearly, and I sound, for want of a better word, educated.

Annnnd secondly, I was IM'd by someone making fun of my blog! I feel somewhat special after this last one. It was a first for me, I know it's happened to many a blogger and once you're out there in a public forum you are opening yourself up to ridicule. It just made me wonder why? Why bother going out of your way to 'try' and upset someone you don't know, have never met and never will. Not much upsets me in this silly little world of the interwebs. I can safely say I've never gone out of my way to upset someone, and never will, we're all entitled to our own opinions and we all judge. I will simply continue to do it silently behind your back :P (I kid, I kid) There was a different second point in my ranting that happened yesterday, but as it was personal and didn't just pertain to me it has been removed. I will add one salient point however. Do not rant at me about a situation and then not expect me to offer advice and when I do treat me like I just ruined your life. The issues my friend are yours, simply because you never thought of them first does not make it my fault.

Anywho's I think that is quite enough of that! Pictures! <3

Skin: Clover 01 - Sunkissed - brunette by Essences
Hair: Female Trouble - Pink and Pretty by Clawtooth @ C88 NEW(ish)
Shirt: Long Sleeve Collared Blouse - White by -tb- @C88 NEW(ish)
Tie: Female Skinny Tie - Black by -tb- @C88 NEW(ish)
Skirt: Dreamy Tutu - Black by -tb- @C88 NEW(ish)
Socks: Skeem Socks - Cross by Chary @Azz Show NEW(ish)
Shoes: Nola Platform Wedge - Black by .Renegade.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

And I know it's true that visions are seldom all they seem...

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Quick posty my loves, I have a date with some witches, as we all know on Wednesdays we wear black, and apparently a new supreme was rising yesterday! So must go catch up :P I wore black yesterday! And for today it's teal! Courtesy of the gorgeous Cynful and delicious furry vest, I absolutely adore this, the texture, the colour, just everything about it. I am a very tactile person (within reason, I like touching things, not people :P) And this is just lovely to me, as even as a non tangible creation I can almost feel it, and I like that :D I also have some Azz goodies and a gorgeous new hair by Taketomi, again with the lurid colours, I'm on a colourful (especially teal and blue) kick :O I lovey it! It makes me infinitely happy, so my darlings, happy shopping and I shall harass you tomorrow! <3

Word of the Day: Tangible

Tune of the Day: Lana Del Rey - Once Upon A Dream (Cannot stop listening to this!)

Skin: Zara - America 03 by Glam Affair
Hair: Miyabi - Neon 04 by Taketomi NEW!!!
Makeup: Sleepless Eyeshadow - Raven by -UtopiaH- @Suicide Dollz NEW!!!
Tattoo: Angelah Tattoo by SOURIRES @ Suicide Dollz NEW!!!
vest: Fureal Vest - Teal by [Cynful] + Lil'lace NEW!!!
Skirt: Basic Mini Skirt - Black by -SU!-
Socks: Ballet Socks - Black by Chary @ The Azz Show  NEW!!!
Shoes: Margot Ballet Slippers - Black by Slink

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

I just wanna look at you all day...

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 Good evening my darlings! I have gorgeousness with my pew pew Jaded! We decided in our fabulously fashiony wisdom to do a post together, annnd here it is! We are both rocking a newly released skirt from Kenvie and it really is cute as the proverbial button, adorably girly and tutu like, it comes with a texture control hud and is really easy to size and use, fabulous darling!

 I'm also wearing newness from Suicidal Unborn, I am in love with this shirt, truth be told I usually end up in love with any newness from SU, but I really, really heart this top :P It's bloody brilliant! Go, shop, now, do it!

 I also have goodies from the Suicide Dollz event, adoring this cute poison necklace and I had a wonderful experience with the maker of these splendid socks! The vendors weren't working and basically I didn't notice :O Well the lovely creator from {W&R} Almarea Firehawk shot me an IM, sent me my cash back and the socks, and was refusing to take payment (Awwwww!) Well, we couldn't have that, soooo, I sent the pennies regardless, as I actually don't like getting something for nothing, and vendor issues aren't that big a deal to me! Anywho's, a few minutes later this lovely lady sent me all the other socks :O So, there you go, people can be so wonderfully sweet! So yay people *nods* Back to the current post!

Jaded Lorefield is probably one of my favourite peoples in the whole wide world, an incredibly talented DJ, blogger and photographer (Her skills are epic, in that first pic, she flashed her vag to everyone in COLA simply so she could fix the hands) I may be murdered for adding that :P
All photos were taken/edited/uploaded and perfected by the flawless Ms.Jaded <3 and you can find her AMAZE-BALLS BLOG >>>HERE!<<<

What Jaded is wearing: 

Skin:  Ria Tan 5 R by Belleza @ **C88**
Eyes: Promise Eyes (Silverleaf) by IKON
Hair: Namie by Taketomi
Piercing: Dimp Gem Piercing by Pekka
Collar: Ribbon Cross Collar (Raven/Rare) by Pekka @ **Fantasy Gacha** (opens Feb. 1st)
Tattoo: Indulgence by  Identity
Top: Mini Corset (Black Lace) by Teefy
Skirt: Angelina Tutu Skirt by Kenvie
Socks: Skeem Socks (Mustache) by Chary @ **The Azz Show**
Booty: Cute Azz by Luck Inc
Makeup: Soul Ink Reloaded (liner/smudge) by Plastik
Hands:  Mesh Hands (Casual) by Slink
Feet: Mesh Feet (Mid) by Slink
Nails: Slink Nails Applier (Set 135) by Flair 
Bracelets: Crepuscule by LouLou&co
Poses used: Pose Maniacs - Friends 126, 127, 128

What I'm is wearing: Skin: Mokatana - Artic 01 by Glam Affair
Hair:  Junia - Variety by Truth NEW!!!
Eyeliner: Sleepless Eyeshadow - Teal -UTOPIAH- @ Suicide Dollz NEW!!!
Top: Flipy Cropped Tank - 01 - Black New by Suicidal Unborn
Skirt: Angelina Tutu Skirt by Kenvie. NEW!!!
Hands: Mesh Hands (casual) by Slink
Feet: Mesh Feet (flat) by Slink
Shoes:  Emma Flats - Black  Friday. @ The Seasons Story
Bracelets: Sitennoah (Black) by Mandala
Tattoo: The Painted Veil - Purple by [White~Widow]
Socks: Socks - Blue {W&R} @ Suicide Dollz NEW!!!
Crown: Sparkle Pop Queenie Crown! Lavender-Teal *Epic*
Necklace: Poison Necklace - Black Cute Poison.@ Suicide Dollz NEW!!!

Monday, 27 January 2014

This beautiful tragedy is crashing into me, this dying destiny...

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Good morning my sweets, well afternoon! I have lovely newness from elska and Exile and Flite for you today! I am utterly in love with the new elska offering for Suicide Dollz! This chest tattoo once again does not come with appliers but that does not make it any less cute and awesome, and let's face facts here diamonds are most definitely a girls best friend :P The hair is one of Exile's newest releases, with side swept bangs, pinned back in loose bobby pins, it's a nice care-free day to day hair do, and I adore it. I'm a big fan of Exile's colour packs, my favourite being the natural fusion 2 set. These Flite sneaker boots are my latest addiction, sadly they were only a few available in brown by the time I got to project limited, but at least I got some, and either way, still adore em', the textures, the style, just everything about them! I did have one issue with project limited, the timing of releases was a a bit poo. Now to be fair, I never complain about events, well aside from the usual 'Take your shit off!' complaint, but that can hardly be helped by the event creators. But in the case of project limited, I adored it in theory and it didn't stop me going and spending, but it seemed aimed at the US time zones. SL is a worldwide player base, and by the time I got done with real life and sleep a lot of what I wanted that was released during the night/early was gone :( But alas, thems the breaks eh? I still loved it, I just woulda loved a better chance at the items I wanted in the colours I wanted too!  Anywho's, happy shopping <3

Word of the Day: Squib (Totally different meaning if you read Harry Potter!)

Tune of the Day: In This Moment - Beautiful Tragedy

Skin: Katya 03 - Jamaica by Glam Affair
Hair: Quiet Afterthought - Natural Fusion 02 by Exile NEW!!!
Tattoo: Girls Best Friend by elska @Suicide Dollz NEW!!!
Bra: I promise Lace trimmed bra - nude * cream by *BOOM*
Cardi: Loose Cardi - Cream by [Aux]
Jeans: Tucked Up Jeans - Dark Blue by villena
Boots: Voyagers studded edition - Coffee by Flite. @Project Limited NEW!!!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

They will not control us, we will be victorious...

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I have lots of pretties today! We have elska at Project Limited (Very few left! Get your arses down there!) we have soooome Sassy! Annnnd Kenvie and dun, dun dun! New Truth hairs! We'll start from the beginning, elska's stunning corset style tattoo IS a necessity. You need this in your life, the tattoo comes with azz appliers, but no bewbies one's because as Alex said it looks weird :P Onto Sassy! There's a very prominent and popular SL fashion going on right now for BDSM style harnesses, and this one by sassy is utterly gorgeous easy to fit and beautifully textured, it comes in many colours and covers all the naughty bits a lady needs covered! You can pick it up at the SeXXX Sells event! And now onto this lovely little tutu skirt by Kenzie, I will happily admit I fell in love with this after seeing it worn by a friend! (Thank you Kaly!!!) I needed it, so I rushed out after my set and picked it up, and basically haven't taken it off since, and frankly I don't plan on it :P Much loves and happy shopping! <3
Ps. One of my pictures was all shades of f***ed up, sooo alas, you get two today! I have no feet! :(

Word of the Day: Boîte

Tune of the Day: Muse - Uprising

Skin: Vera - Horror edition GIFT by Glam Affair
Hair: Rowan - Blacks & Whites by Truth NEW!!!
Eye Makeup: Evil Eye Makeup by Corvus
Piercing: Nose Swirl by .Pekka.
Harness: Cruel Intentions Harness - Black by ~Sassy!~@SeXXX Sells NEW!!!
Tattoo: Break my Bones by elska @ Project Limited NEW!!!
Gloves: My Symbolic Fingerless Gloves - Black by -UtopiaH- @Project Limited (Sold out, but other designs available)
Skirt: Angelina Tutu Skirt - Black by Kenvie

Friday, 24 January 2014

No tomorrows, just submittance...

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Just a quicky post tonight as alas, I'm not feeling so good, the joys and jubilations of an epileptic :(
Last night I received this super cute skirt from a store I'd never heard of nor been to, and frankly I think it is utterly darling and you all must rush out and pick one up! Of course it's not the only item in the store, I did spy some other cute treats along with makeup goodies. But I fell for the skirt. It comes in block colours and stripes, and as you can see, adorable! Acacia is not a huge AV, and she's wearing the medium, usually she's a small or even xsmall. So I will suggest trying demos if you are a bit hippier ladies! The rest of the look are a few older bits and I do hope you enjoy <3 Happy shopping!

Word of the Day: Banal

Tune of the Day: VNV Nation - Cold

Skin: Cleo 10 - America by Glam Affair
Hair: C407 hair - dark salmon by tram
Headband: My Spiky Faun Headband - Raven/Ink by -UtopiaH-
Nose Piercing: Chain Nose - simple- black by Tentacio
Collar: Ring Collar - Silver by .Pekka. @ The Fantasy Collective NEW!!!
Tattoo: Abstract Choking Necklace by -UtopiaH-
Shirt: Dance-a-licious top- Black by Cynful
Skirt: Kala Skirt Black&White by Season4  NEW!!!
Knees: My Sheer Knee - Raven by -UtopiaH- @ Project Limited NEW!!!
Feet Tats: Rosary Tattoo (slink applier and sock layer) by -UtopiaH-
Hand Tattoos: Bibliophile Hud - Mockingjay by elska
Shoes: Amelia Heels - Charcoal by fri.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

'Cause sooner or later in life, the things you love you loose...

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Afternoon my darlings, I have pretties for you today! Oh yes, yes I do! These socky, leg ribbon things have kinda been the bane of my existence for the last couple of days -.- I saw them on another blog with no link to where they came from (Shock, horror!) and have spent the last two days trawling flickr, asking everyone I know and reading every SL fashion blog known to man, woman and dog kind. Finally, this afternoon, I got lucky! Found them in a flickr pic! Giggidy! So TADA! We have leg ribbony things frooooom AUTOPSY, and I HEART them, furiously! They come with slink and azz aplliers, so all bases are covered, and they really are gorgeous, surprisingly cheap too! Well worth purchasing :D I also have this gorgeous and simple little ring collar from Pekka, fresh from the fantasy collective event, it's stunning in it's simplicity, now like all girls I like my frothy shit, but this just works because it's not all frills... You know what I mean! We also have some Shi prettiness and a little MINA hair from TDRF... Happy Shopping <3

Word of the Day: Aphesis

Tune of the Day: Florence and the Machine - You Got The Love

Skin: Emma CF05 -Lumiere by Essences @The Cosmetics Fair NEW!!!
Hair: Patricia - Black & White specials by MINA @ TDRF NEW!!!
Collar: Ring Collar - Silver by .Pekka. @ The Fantasy Collective NEW!!!
Sweater: Fur Pullover - Black by .Shi
Shorts: Lace Panty - Black by BULBS NEW!!!
Leg Wraps: Socks Strap - Black by . AUTOPSY . NEW!!!
Nails: Koffin Nails - Crackled Heart - Valen- Goth edition by DP NEW!!!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Right Face, Wrong Time...

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Evening m'lovelies, or should it be morning? It's just after midnight here :O Meep! Another late one, so just a quicky post! And I will shamelessly admit I utterly stole this tram hair from someone today! I saw it on them, cannot remember who it was (But I love your face, you were a hot bitch, kudos for being epic) Annnd the posty was born! I already had the harness from Leezu and just hadn't figured out what to do with it when I saw that a new store called bulb had opened annnd I sloped on over to check it out and bought almost everything >.< It all comes with appliers which is fandabbydozey! And the quality is rather fabulous to boot, lovely textures *nods lots* So here we go! Pretty peectures! Happy Shopping <3 nom

Word of the Day: Idem

Tune of the Day: She Wants Revenge - I Don't Wanna Fall In Love

Skin: Katya 03- Jamaica by Glam Affair
Hair: C407 hair - darksalmon by tram (Slightly edited)
Makeup: My Wild Body Tattoo by -UtopiaH- @TBS NEW!!!
Harness: Deklannche Top by Leezu
Bodysuit: Holes Bodysuit by .BULBS. NEW!!!
Tights: cross printed tights by Q
Arm warmers: My Symbolic Fingerless Gloves - Cross by -UtopiaH- @Project Limited NEW!!!
Leg Warmers:  Legwarmers - Black by fri.
Shoes: High Heels - Black by [Whatever]

All Poses by Diesel Works

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

You're something beautiful, a contradiction...

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Good afternoon my lovelies, I have super cute and military esque newness from Sugar Mesh apparel for you today! This is a male release, BUT, as you can see, I decided to make it unisex, UNTZ! Of course these dratted hips did get in the way so I do suggest ladies if you fancy trying out these fabulous mesh pants you buy the demo first as I needed a large to get over my fat arse. I am also joined today by none other than the Shaggy bear monster :o I know! Shock! Horror! He's quite the fan of Sugar's work and frankly he thinks Fate's too feminine to pull off the look! :o (Poor fate-head) Along with the wonderful pants I have gorgeous newness from truth and more goodies from the cosmetics fair in the shape of Essences Emma skin! Rawr! Enjoy the posty, and happy shopping <3

Word of the Day: Williwaw

Tune of the Day: Muse - Time is Running Out

What Shaggy is Wearing:

Hands:  demonhands male by -DRD-
Armour:  Eldar Armour, Male (Worn black) by The Forge
Mask: Lost Mask V2 - by Temporary Yifu (no lm :( )
Pants: Military Fashion Set -Pants Belt & Boots Black SUGAR For Men NEW!!!
Skin: Damon V1 by ~Tableau Vivant~
Tattoo: TOMOERYU by =Warudakumi=.

What Acacia is Wearing:

Skin: Emma CF03 - lumiere by Essences @Cosmetics Fair NEW!!!
Hair: Esperanza - Variety - by Truth NEW!!!
Hat: Officers Hat by Sinistyle
Collar: Posture Collar 04 by (r)M
Piercing: Harvester Piercing by .r.M.
Top: My Jelly Fishnet Top - Aqua by Blah.
Gloves: Piper Armwarmers - Black by Blueberry
Pants: Military Fashion Set -Pants Belt & Boots Black SUGAR For Men NEW!!!
Shoes: My Lace-Up Ankle Pumps - Aqua by Blah.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Everybody's born with their own curse...

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Good evening lovelies!!! I have new pretties for you today! yes, yes I do :o I love, love, love this meshy top from GizzA, It's spiky and furry and full of awesome. I also have new perfection from Suicidal Unborn, I did a spot of fan-girling yesterday, I ported into the sim and saw Eleanor standing there and took all my will power not to pinch her bum >.< I get so excited when I see these incredible designers, it really is sad. I do the same with my friends who are so, so talented. I'm in awe. Anyways, yes, Suicidal Unborn, fabby high waisted shorts! these come with all the usual butt appliers and nommy goodness! Enjoy the looky and happy shopping my lil chickadees <3

Word of the Day:  Perspicuous

Tune of the Day: FFDP - M.I.N.E (End This Way)

Skin: Magenta skin - Asia- 01 by Glam Affair @Seasons Story NEW!!!
Hair: Swirly - Crimson by Rosy Mood
Scar: Creep by .Pekka.
Top: Spiky Fur - Black by GizzA NEW!!!
Shorts: Cut Off grunge Shorts - Grunge Jeans - Black by -SU!- NEW!!!
Gloves: My Symbolic Fingerless Gloves - Cross by -UtopiaH- @Project Limited NEW!!!
Knees: My Sheer Knees - Dark by -UtopiaH- @Project Limted NEW!!!
Shoes: Amelia Heels by fri.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

I wish I was special...

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Afternoon my lovelies, I have a rather NSFW posty today! I got a little carried away at project limited, and these are just a few of the bits and bobs I picked up. Mostly the nudity is to show of this incredible tattoo by elska! The tattoo comes on all layers, but also of course comes with azz and booby appliers, and let's be fair here, tattoos look way better on mesh, so yay for that. I hate having to buy appliers separately, it gets right on my tits! We also have some lovely hair from Milk, I do love this style, and the vibrant reds make me happy in the pants. I popped by the cosmetics fair too and picked up some fabby nail appliers along with the utopiah makeup I actually went for :O Do enjoy, and happy shopping :D

Word of the Day: Bosky

Tune of the Day: Radiohead - Creep

Skin: Magenta skin - Asia- 01 by Glam Affair @Seasons Story NEW!!!
Hair: Oh Lorde - reds by *Milk* Hair @ Project Limited NEW!!!
Makeup: My Eternum makeup by -UtopiaH- @ The cosmetics fair NEW!!!
Tattoo: Clusterfuck by elska @ Project Limited NEW!!!
Arm warmers: My Symbolic Fingerless Gloves - Cross by -UtopiaH- @Project Limited NEW!!!
Panties: Kari G-String - White Net by
Boots: Limited Boots - Grey by DRD @Project Limited NEW!!!
Nails: Holidaze nails by .random.Matter. @The cosmetics fair NEW!!!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Never was a girl with a wicked mind...

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I have ze newness for you my pretties! We have this fantastic skirt from Suicidal Unborn, released last night I simply had to have it. Muchos grabby hands and raiding the credit card ensued :O I'm a long time fan of SU, having shopped there for many years and since long before mesh was around, the styles and items are consistently excellent quality and fun to boot! The Galiah skirt is no exception. It's just darling! It comes in many designs so get your butts down there and find some goodies. I also had to, and I mean had to pair it with Auxiliary's Cardi and Top combo, currently sitting at C88. I cannot resist anything with a Doctor Who theme annnd the bad wolf logo was no exception... In some lights I even feel it looks Tardis blue, but I could be getting my mind on :P I should really put the geek back in the box before I start gushing about Nine and Rose, or Ten and Rose, or Game of Thrones, or possibly even Sherlock...So, all I will leave you with my darlings is this... Allons-y!

Word of the Day: Hornswoggle

Tune of the Day: The Pretty Reckless - Make Me Wanna Die

Skin: Magenta Skin - Asia 01 by  Glam Affair@Seasons Story NEW!!!
Hair: Willow 2 by Chemistry
Headband: Bonehead [bone] rare by .r.M. (Mainstore Gacha)
Eye Makeup: S.Eyeliners M6 - Silver by Damned
Scar: Creep by .Pekka.
Cardi/Shirt: Loose Cardi with Top by Auxiliary@ C88 NEW!!!
Skirt: Galiah Skirt 07 by -SU!- NEW!!!
Tights: Pistol Tights by Q
Socks: Lady Rebel Socks 03 by -SU!-
Shoes: Clinics - Black by Flite. NEW!!!

Monday, 13 January 2014

As wicked as you are, you're beautiful to me...

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Good afternoon my lovelies! I have pretties for you today! We have newness from SUGAR! These mesh chaps are just yummy! Now, as someone who spent their teenage years and subsequently most of their twenties in chaps, I cannot remember my arse ever looking this good! (I'm a horsey chick, what can I say!) These are more the biker variety of chaps, beautifully detailed and textured, with cute little added touches to the belt, like a sexy logo across the back :O I didn't have to adjust my shape to find a size that fitted perfectly and they come in 5 sizes ranging from xxs to L. Ive included older bits in this post, as I've been having a bit of an early spring clean and keep finding stuff! So, do enjoy the pics and happy shopping <3

Word of the Day: Infinitesimal

Tune of the Day: FFDP - The Bleeding

Skin: Cleo 11 - America by Glam Affair
Hair: Apple Moustache - pop by AD
Headband: Spiked Bun Headband by [Whatever]
Collar&GasMask: Nina Collar and Gasmask by [Whatever]
Necklace: Metal cross w/diamonds by .Pekka.
Tattoo: Makeup v12 07 by Nuuna
Armwarmers: Piper Mesh Armwarmers - Black by Blueberry
Bodysuit: Lace Body - Black by
Pants: Womens Chaps by SUGAR NEW!!!
Shoes: Destiny Slink Addon by Slink

Kneeling Pose by Diesel Works

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Je ton amour, et je veux ta revanche...

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Afternoon you splendid little monkey-faces! I have randomness for you today, I was gonna post all my new C88 goodies, BUT, I kinda fell in love with these spats from Delirium Style, so alas, I put a look together around those, and of course I had to add one of Truths lovely new hairs, this one, from the moment I tried the demo was just perfect to me. Had to have it! Shorty post for now. I'm trying to stop my fingers from going numb :P Bloody chilly here and the heating's taking waaaay too long to come on! <3 Nahm!

Word of the Day: Hurdy-gurdy

Tune of the Day: Thirty Seconds To Mars - Bad Romance

(This is where I took a break to watch the uncut version of the Hurricane video, fapfapfap)

Skin: Cleo - America 11 by Glam Affair
Hair: Yelena by Truth NEW!!!
Ears: Fantasy Elf Ears by Mandala
Choker: Precious Choker- Bow by *BOOM*
Wings: Wings - White by Pumpkin
Tattoo: Hukilau by Reckless
Scar: Eat Me - Stomach Wound by Repulse
Cuffs: Picky Wrists by Delicious
Top: Almost Top - Black by -SU!-
Skirt: My Russian Mini by *Milk*
Spats: Spats- White by D-Style
Boots: Stompers- Black by Abyss

Friday, 10 January 2014

I must confess, I'm addicted to this...

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Good evening my darlinks! I have pretties for you today! We have some SAKIDE from OMG, and one of SAKIDE's VIP gifts too :O I also have soooome Newness from lamb at C88, a little Glam Affair, an older skin, but none the less stunning! I am also sporting one of Remarkable Oblivions lovely gacha brollies (Also from OMG) I've gotten a little carried away trying to get the broken one, so I have a ton now, this one is Il Pleut! Which translates as it's raining, and it's ever so pretty! Anywho's happy shopping, and ta ta for now! <3

Word of The Day: Wamble

Tune of the Day: In This Moment - Adrenalize

Skin: Cleo - America 11 by Glam Affair
Hair: White Chalk - Honeycomb Ombre by !lamb. @C88 NEW!!!
Headband: Angelic Headband - White/Lace Pink by -UtopiaH-
Sweater: Frozen Sweater - Plain by [ SAKIDE ] @ OhMyGacha NEW!!!
Pocket: Pocket pet {Corgi} rare by .Birdy. @ Chapter Four
Panties: Tomboy Bikini Bottom by ::DirtyMind::
Tattoo: Fem Fatale by .Reckless. @The Azz Show NEW!!!
Boots: Ract Boots - White by [ SAKIDE ] (VIP Gift) NEW!!!
Umbrella: Il Pleut Umbrella by RO @ OhMyGacha NEW!!!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Mine, immaculate dream made breath and skin...Ive been waiting for you...

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Good evening you lovely, wonderful people! Fate has had his makeover and since he was looking all devilishly handsome and stuff I decided to hop on a few poseballs with him :O I bring thee sommme more elska for the boobies show this time! We have some Reckless, a fabulous new VIP gift from Suicidal Unborn, annnd Cherry Shoes from Fameshed! Enjoy the posty and happy shopping! <3

Word of the Day: Comport

Tune of the Day: Adrenaline Mob - Come Undone

What Fate is Wearing:

Skin: Efrom by Mr.Bloch
Hair: Erika Mesh Hair - Night Shadow by Wasabi Pills
Tattoo: Home Sweet Ocean by .Reckless.
Pants: Mr.One Grey by [coepio]
Hands & Feet: Slink

What Acacia is Wearing:

Skin: Neva - Jamaica- 03 by Glam Affair
Hair: Evilly - Powder by Lelutka NEW!!!
Tattoo:  Guard Your Heart by elska @TBS NEW!!!
Pasties: Cross Pasties - Grey by -SU!-
Panties: Pink Mini Panties (Azz Applier) by Gawk!
Garters: Gartered Legs by -SU!- (VIP GIFT) NEW!!!
Shoes: Ruby Platform Pumps by Cherry @Fameshed

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

She's the girl all the bad guys want...

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Good afternoon my little fashionistas! I hope we are all fabulous today, and if not, I hope your day improves dramatically and becomes fabulous! Bacon shall fall from the sky and Tom Hiddleston will show up at your door with a dozen roses, or substitute for someone you find hot... You get my drift, I'm in a good mood! Onto the important things in life now, fashions :O I bring thee yet more gloriousness from the elska front, Alexandria Enchanted, the lovely and very talented lady behind elska is taking part in both the azz show and the boobies show, so here's a pretty one for the next round of azz show, and there shall be a lot more to come! Sadly I cant wear them all at once, or I totally would :O Four Exclusives will debut and this round of The Azz Show begins on the 10th! Theyre all absolutely wonderful, but I do have a personal favourite that I think I'll be sharing tomorrow. (But, don't quote me on that, my mind changes a lot!) I also have some wonderful post apocalyptic goodies from DRD at Fameshed. Enjoy the pics, happy shopping and muah! <3

Word of the Day: Welkin

Tune of the Day: Bowling For Soup - Girl all the Bad Guys Want

Skin: Katya - Jamaica 03 by Glam Affair (currently available at main store!)
Hair: Tanya - Flaming Cherry by Wasabi Pills
Goggles: Post Apocalyptic Nerd Goggles by DRD @Fameshed NEW!!!
Necklace: Post Apocalytic Nerd Neckwrap by DRD @Fameshed NEW!!!
Mask: 13 Remarkable Nights of Oblivion - mask 0 by RO (Unavailable)
Upper Tattoo: L'Amant - Low by White Widow
Lower Tattoo: Madame Butterfly (Azz Applier) by elska @The Azz Show NEW!!!
Armwarmers: Piper -Armwarmer by Blueberry
Top: Lace Tank - Black by [M]
Panties: Comfort Panties - Black (Azz Applier) by -SU!-
Garter: Garter Love by MUKA
Knees: Spiked Knee Guards by dl::
Boots: Studded Long Boots - Black by J's


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