Sunday, 29 September 2013

You can't live until you die...

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This is a very shorty post today because I have chicken pox! To be fair I thought I'd grown out of this around 20 years ago, but alas no... :( My shaggy has been taking care of me though, so yay! I'll hopefully be back to my full on bloggy self during the week, but for now I have some gorgeous newness from The Boobies Show! It's the first anniversary of this event, has it really been that long? Damn...

Word of the Day: Contrail

Tune of the Day: Sixx AM - Life is Beautiful

Skin: Lucy - Snow 01 by Glam Affair @ TDRF NEW!!!
Hair: Namie - Karafuru02 by [taketomi] NEW!!!
Horns: Horns of Hell - Raven by -UtopiaH-
Chest Tattoo: Preciosidad by .Reckless. @ The Boobies Show NEW!!!
Lower Tattoo: Preciosidad by .Reckless.
Bodysuit: Little Bonbon - Giraffe by @ The Boobies Show NEW!!!
Panties: Nudity panty 02 by *LPP*
Arm Warmers: No longer available :| Sowwy
Boots: Deuz Boots - Metallic - Black by A&Y
Ring: metal Petal Ring - Rose by Epoque @ My Attic NEW!!!

Monday, 23 September 2013

It's holding me, morphing me, forcing me to strive...

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Good afternoon chickadees! I have some rather loveliness for you today in the shape of a new release from Fresh Face annnd a new release from Mag<3 these pants are awesome, a wide leg oxford style in mustard, oh so chique and utterly vintage. A staple part of any budding fashionista's capsule wardrobe wouldn't you say? Back to the skin, it's another beauty, young and as the companies name would suggest fresh, she's called daisy and has minimal makeup and many options for you to choose from cleavage to bewb appliers. Fresh face have also released appliers for slink hands! Yay, so I'm sporting those in the piccies too! I used to hate these hands (Mannequins creep me out, long story) but they've grown on me and do make posing and taking pics a tad bit simpler :D Alrighty, I have a cold, so I'm off to sneeze on Shaggy (when he returns from cheating on me with that GTAV trollop!)

Word of the Day: Pilose

Tune of the Day: Muse - Hysteria

Skin: Daisy - Natural & Appliers by Freshface NEW!!!
Hair: GOGO - Bournfade by Lelutka
Glasses: Cat-Eye Glasses - Black & Pois by Blah.
Top: Bardot - Beige by Emery
Pants: 70's Pants by mag<3.B @ Fashion Story Hunt (lm will be updated as soon as I find one!) NEW!!!
Shoes: Saddle Shoes - Polka Dots by -tb-
Bag: Studio Tote - Teal by *BOOM* @ c88 NEW!!!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Now you're so cute, I like your style...

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Good afternoon my pretties! I have some lovlieness for you today from two of my wonderfully delectable sponsors, we have this absolutely stunning lower body tattoo from Reckless, I'll be honest, I didn't realise I had it until I saw it on flickr yesterday and was like adjkfghsgs I NEED IT!!! Then looked in my inventory and err I had it >.> oops, my bad :P BUT, I lovey it, and I'm not taking it off, so that's that! As always, beautiful design and workmanship thank you Landon! These lower tats from Reckless come with AZZ appliers for CK Winx new mesh butts too! Also, as I said, two sponsors goodies, we have this stunning new costume from Provocation, a very sexy take on a bunny girl, there are many ways to wear this costume, I went for the simply classic style, but there's an underbust option, the bewb option (which i'm using) non bewbs, and many others, the whole outfit comes with a hud, you can change the tie colour, the cuffs, bodysuit, ears, everything except the fluffy tail changes!  Again, fantastic quality, and comes in enough size options that there will be something to suit everyone. I included a new release from Magika in this post too simply because it's super cute and as always, I just loves the Magika :P So do enjoy! Happy Shopping! I'm off to play wow, shaggykins just abandoned me again, the butt-monkey! But, to be fair, we did watch This is the End last night, that film is hysterical!<33

Word of the day: Lallygag

Tune of the Day: Ash - Does Your Mother know?

Skin: Katya - Jamaica 03 E by Glam Affair  all appliers from here too!!!
Hair: Curious - 03 by Magika NEW!!!
Piercing: Missy - Black by .Pekka.
Outfit: Bunny - Black by [Provocation] NEW!!!
Tattoo: traditional - lower body by .Reckless. NEW!!!
Leg Thingies: Leg Harness by .Shi
Feet/Hands: Slink

Chair by Diesel Works

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Filmstar, giving it class, living it fast tonight...

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Good morning my lovelies, today I bring thee goodies from She & Him, Seasons Story and Glam Affair's Gift Skin, all utterly gorgeous and to be honest I'm utterly taken with this look, I have no idea why, I just don't want to take it off... I lovey it! You can't make me change!!!!! >.>
So, my boyfriend has dumped me for his new Wh**e of a girlfriend (GTA5) That skanky bizznitch of a game!!!! I am stag for now and catching up on blogging! Well, until I have to run off and see the epilepsy nurse in a couple of hours, meep! Wish me luck :O

Word of the Day: Monad

Tune of the Day: Suede - Filmstar

Skin: Angelica - Europa - Group Gift by Glam Affair NEW!!!
Hair: Juniper - Variety by Truth @ Seasons Story NEW!!!
Eyes: Shattered - Citrus & Cold by Dead Apples
Necklace: Antlers Chain Necklace - YinYang/Golden (rare) by Dead Apples @ The Arcade
Tattoos: Peace Pipe & Broken Glass - Faded by Identity @ She&Him NEW!!!
Dress: Fringe Knit Dress - Gray by Tram @ Seasons Story NEW!!!
Leg Harness: Leg Harness - Patent by .Shi
Feets: Barefeet - Medium by Slink

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Well if you wanted honesty, that's all you had to say...

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Good afternoon my lovelies, I have a few utterly beautiful items for your viewing pleasure today, we have the slamin' outfit by SAKIDE for perfect wardrobe, yet more nummy Truth hairs. A prettyful piercing release from Suicidal Unborn annnd one of Glam Affairs newly released skins for the sims remodel, this is Lucy, and she is utterly stunning, so get your buns over there and buy them now kthx! Anyways, shorty post! So do enjoy! <3

Word of the Day: Fleer

Tune of the Day: My Chemical Romance - I'm Not Okay

Skin: Lucy - Jamaica 05 by Glam Affair NEW!!!
Hair: Rocky - Variety by Truth NEW!!!
Piercing: Annais Facial Piercing Set - Sweet by -SU!- NEW!!!
Collar: Spiked Collar - Silver/Black Metal by .Pekka.
Tattoo: Haila Tattoo - Full Dot 25 by The Plastik
Outfit: Slamin Outfit - Purple by [ SAKIDE ] @ Perfect Wardrobe NEW!!!

Monday, 16 September 2013

The sky was made for us tonight...

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Holy hell, things just seem to get busier and busier in real life, which is not a bad thing, I've been having a great time :p This weekend I've had another party and then my two nephews for a few days (Those who know me, and now you guys know that if kids are here I will NOT be on SL at all, sorry to sponsors and readers, but I don't think it's very responsible, personal preference not to expose the small peoples to the crazies :p ) Alrighty, I picked up my beautiful picky things a few days ago, we have new Truth hairs, goodies from SL fashion week, annnnd a lovely new skin from Fresh Face, rawr! All scrummy and tasty delectable goodies, and I hope you enjoy nom nom :P I'm about to go spend some time with my boyfriend before I become a GTA V widow for the unforeseeable future, in fact it could be a damn long time with 200 plus hours of game play for him to get through. Truth be told I'm a little jealous, I'd hoped to have picked up a pre-order myself, but with the four-million vets bills I've had issues stretching to the x-box and the game :P Maybe on pay day (tomorrow) I'll wangle a second hand console :P we can but hope, cross your fingers for me lovelies! <3

Word of the Day: Orrery

Tune of the Day: Iggy Pop - The Passenger

Skin: Rose - Natural by (FreshFace) NEW!!!
Hair: Anessa -Variety by Truth NEW!!!
Antlers: Metallic Leaf - Vein Antlers - Thistle by +Half-Deer+ @ SL Fashion Week NEW!!!
Shirt: Sweatshirt - Gray by blossom @ SL Fashion Week NEW!!!
Bodysuit: Lace Body - Black by @ The Boobies Show
Tattoo: Hopeless Tomorrow (also comes with AZZ appliers) by .Reckless. NEW!!!
Gloves: Ivy Gloves - Black by -SU!- @ Stalkerazzi NEW!!!
Nails: Art Nails - Sunflowers - Black by (NO) @ C88 NEW!!!
Boots: Wing Sneakers - Black by Whatever

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

I put a spell on you...

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Good afternoon lovelies, I have a selection of pretties from various events today annnd a little extra lovliness in the form of boots from Praxis... We have some SAKIDE, SU, and Pekka from Stalkerazzi, annnd the ever so pretty Shanna skin by Glam Affair over at C88 (if, of course you can get on the sim :P) Alrighty, shorty one, it's been a very busy couple of weeks for me, rl guests and such, but things are settling, I do have a few million (slight exaggeration) medical related appointments in coming days/weeks, but hopefully I'll be able to catch up with all my goodies/sponsors/events! I'm off to annoy Shaggy now... :o

Word of the Day: Bauble

Tune of the Day: Marilyn Manson - I Put a Spell on You

Skin: Shanna - Europa 11 by Glam Affair @C88 NEW!!!
Hair: Tina - Garnet by D!va @C88 NEW!!!
Headband: Barbed Wire Crown - Old Metal by .Pekka. @Stakerazzi NEW!!!
Piercing: Missy Chest Piercing by .Pekka.
Tattoo: Around the Hell Tattoo by - UtopiaH-
Gloves: Ivy Gloves v.2 Black by -SU!- @Stakerazzi NEW!!!
Dress: Chainmail Dress - Black by [ SAKIDE ] @Stakerazzi NEW!!!
Boots: Michelle Thigh Highs - Black Pack by Praxis NEW!!!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

She tied you to a kitchen chair, she broke your throne and she cut your hair...

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I have newness and pretties for you!!! I was joined for this one by my delectable and ever so wonderful other half Shaggy, he is modelling the latest Praxis for boys amongst other items! I however went for a mix of Arcade goodies, pretty Praxis and smexy Sakide! This is yet another short arse post because I'm knackered! I'm having a very hectic real life this week, but regular services shall be resumed next week!!! <33 Happy Shopping all you little fashionistas!

Word of the Day:  Habiliment

Tune of the Day: Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah

What Shaggy is Wearing:

Skin: Damon v.i by ~Tableau Vivant~
Hair: _Setsuna_DippuDye09 by Taketomi
Face Tattoo:  Destroy Love by [Reckless] NEW!!!
Tattoo: Oktober Manifesto by Gok
Shirt: Drop The Bass T by Praxis NEW!!!
Shorts: Xstacy Capris - Mens by Praxis NEW!!!
Shoes: WMD- feat Chucks by  .:Hermony:. (No longer available)

What Acacia is Wearing:

Skin: Candy - America 04 by Glam Affair @The Arcade NEW!!!
Hair: Melissa Mesh Hair - Ash (rare) by Wasabi Pills @The Arcade NEW!!!
Headband: Purrfect Headband - Purple by [AUX] @The Arcade NEW!!!
Dress: Fallen Angel Dress & Mini Wings - Black by [ SAKIDE] @ Perfect Wardrobe NEW!!!
Piercing: Miss Chest Piercing - Black by .Pekka. NEW!!!
Tights: Crusader Tights by Q
Shoes: Cassie Sneaker - Onyx by Praxis  NEW!!!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

I just want to be heard, loud and clear are my words...

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Good evening my lovelies, it has been an incredibly hectic few days, and will continue to be for a few more... So I have been letting SL and my blog slide, between silly internet happenings and having a house guest I am all over the place, but, I did make time to head over to the arcade, fameshed and perfect wardrobe and I was not disappointed, after dropping about 6k between the three events I'm feeling rather pleased with myself... In the next few days my posts will be limited but I shall be bringing as much gorgeousness as possible! I am positively in lust with Glam's Candy skin amongst the many other delectable goodies I have on display! Now that i'm having a chance to relax I thought I'd chill and do a post while I bug the Shaggy ones brain <3

Word of the Day: Serotinal

Tune of the Day: Papa Roach - Angels and Insects

Skin: Candy - America 05 by Glam Affair @ The Arcade NEW!!!
Hair: Giz - Type A - Topaz by D!va @ The Arcade NEW!!!
Ears: Velven Bunny Ears - Toasty by Half Deer @ The Arcade NEW!!!
Shirt: Mesh Cute-Tee - Kawaii Angel by Epic @Perfect Wardrobe NEW!!!
Shorts: Isia Jeans Shorts - Camo w/Belt by Cynful
Belly Tat: Angelic Pelvis Tattoo by Delusions @ Perfect Wardrobe NEW!!!
Harness: Angel Harness by Tenacio @ Perfect Wardrobe NEW!!!
Rings: Dream Angel Skull Ring - Gold by MG @ Fameshed NEW!!!
Boots: Suede Fringe Boots - Black by Kao
Piercing: Geni diamond pelvis piercing by .Pekka. NEW!!!


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