Friday, 30 August 2013

It started out of envy, oh my wicked selfish heart...

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Second post of the day!! because my ISP are jerk faces, and I slacked when poochy was ill... I have newness!!! CK Winx of Luck Inc has released these stunningly sexy body suits for TBS, so I just had to saunter over and pick em up, along with Utopiah's very pretty Astral Boobies tattoo, so of course I pew pew'd up for this one (Basically stuck on the tangos). I also bring you some very awesome newness from my newest sponsor, Darkware, the creative mind behind this store (Which is soley on the marketplace for now) Is Vox Mortis, his main goal with the store appears to be keeping it fresh while maintaining a certain darkness... I adore getting demonic and gothy, so these boots complete with leg warmers are entirely to my taste, they come in a multitude of colour combinations, and many different size options, and to me have a hint of the cyber punk which influenced this look greatly... I hope you enjoy, and happy shopping. :D Hopefully by the time I post this Shaggy will have stopped singing the Eastenders theme at me o.0

Word of the Day: Twerp

Tune of the Day: XP8 - Want It (Frozen Plasma Remix)

Skin: Katya - Jamaica 02 by Glam Affair @ C88
Hair: Steph - Infinity by Alice Project
Horns: Acantha Horns - Black by .random.Matter.
Makeup: Wrath Face Paint 03 by Delusions
Piercing 1: Missy Chest Piercing by .Pekka. @TBS NEW!!!
Piercing 2: Christian cross piercing by -UtopiaH-
Mask: Surgical Nurse mask by Razor//
Tattoo: Sleeve Tattoo - Devils Advocate by Delusions
Tango Tattoo: Astral Boobies Tattoo by - UtopiaH- @TBS NEW!!!
Arm Warmers: Incubus Armwarmers by [ SAKIDE ]
Bodysuit: Lace Body - Black by @TBS NEW!!!
Belt: NAU Combat Belt by The Abyss
Tights: Fishnet wide - Black by erratic
Boots: Zombie Boots - Pink/Goth by {DarkWare} NEW!!!

Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful...

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Well then, this post was supposed to be out yesterday at the latest, but my moronic ISP had other ideas... Nothing worse than your internet dropping while you DJ, bloody embarrassing... Anywho's, I took a wee break while my baby puppy had surgery, she's a demanding little critter... Now I have some spectacularly awesome newness, and this is the first of two posts for today! Firslt I have smexiness from Suicidal Unborn in the form of this tasty wee tank top, released for TBS it has appliers of course and comes in many colours. We also have these adorable little slip on shoes from Reckless, Landon has outdone herself yet again... The shoes come with 12 texture options all neatly wrapped up in an easy to use hud! They really are awesome. And snazzy new hair from elikatira, it's been a while since there's been an [e] release and how ive missed these hairs, I love the textures and quality, this hair is rather girly and cute, but I shall be bringing you other styles as we go...

Word of the Day: Gynarchy

Tune of the Day: Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful

Skin: Wednesday II - Sunkissed by Essences
Hair: Tallulah - Mink Sand by [e] NEW!!!
Facial Piercing: Nose Swirl by .Pekka.
Chest Piercing: Missy Chest Piercing by .Pekka. @TBS NEW!!!
Shirt: Tess Tank Top - Grey by -SU!- @TBS NEW!!!
Skirt: Laurie Low Waist Hi- Low Skirt by Tee*fy
Shoes: Black Slip on by .Reckless. NEW!!!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

To call for hands of above to lean on, wouldn't be good enough for me, no...

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Good afternoon my lovelies, I've had a busy few days, my eldest poochy had surgery today amongst other things. Home now, but bouncing off walls and utterly wasted, she did just eat a poached chicken breast though, so yay! Anywho's, awesomness on the clothing front today I have the ever so sexy Ripple outfit by SAKIDE to show you, this is a release for the Summer Hangover Event, and it is so so adorable, ruffled knickers and a cute little off the shoulder cropped top. Very well made and comes with multiple sizing options like all SAKIDE gear... Nine colour options for the top and eight for the knickers, all hud controlled and super easy to use! I also stopped by this round of SL Fashion Week (I may be slightly addicted!) So we have a couple of goodies from that and I'll be bringing you some more tomorrow! I'm off to snuggles my poochy and bug Shaggy now <33

Word of the Day: Meander (Awesome word, I use it way too much)

Tune of the Day: The Knife - Heartbeats

Skin: Katya - Jaimaica 03 by Glam Affair @C88
Hair: Lala - Red 05 by =*Dela*=
Makeup: Tribalist Hellraiser by Lovely Disarray (Unavailable, but many more awesome ones!)
Horns: My Wicked Horns by -UtopiaH-
Outfit: Ripple by [ SAKIDE ] @ The Summer Hangover Event NEW!!!
Tattoo: L'Amant - Low by White Widow
Necklace: Forgiveness Necklace - Black by Retro @SL Fashion Week NEW!!!
Tights: Fishnet thin - black by erratic
Stockings: Garter Nylons - Long Black by **
Shoes: Wing Sneakerheel by [whatever] @ SL Fashion Week NEW!!!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

You appear even tempered though your looks will deceive...

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having been gone to real life for a few days, I'm back, and I am bearing some utterly awesome newness for you! Shaggy and I have pretty jewellery from Collisions and these awesome tops rom Reckless, Landon Mode's store is back (whee!) So Expect gorgeousness on that front. Also, the girly tanks have SPIKES! Everything is better with spikes! Shorty post because my word I have catching up to do :O
                                      Edited to add this is my 200th post!!! Squee! <3 <3

Word of the Day: Doggerel

Tune of the Day: Half Moon Run - Full Cirle (Going to see these guys in November <3)

Shaggy is Wearing:
Skin: Breeze - Sunkissed by The Body Co.
Hoody: My Fur Hoody-Black by Monso
Shirt: Black vneck - Suck Me by [Reckless] NEW!!!
Pants: Mesh Main Black Denim Pants by [B]
Shoes: Converse Star Player Rise by SALLI
Necklace: Aki Necklace by .:CoLL:. NEW!!!
Acacia is Wearing:
Skin: Katya - Jamaica 03 by Glam Affair
Hair: Abbey - Brown 04 by [E]
Necklace: Persephone's Remorse Necklace by .:CoLL:. NEW!!!
Tattoo: Whats dead can never die by [Reckless] 
Tank: Female Spiked Tank - Medusa by [Reckless] NEW!!!
Jeans: Tucked Up Jeans - Dark Blue by .:villena;.
Feet: mesh Feet by Slink
You need to hear this!!!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I punish them with pleasure, And pleasure some with pain. I punish you with pleasure, And pleasure you with pain...

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Good afternoon you lovely, lovely people! I have new pretties for you today! And week old pretties (because I refuse to change hairs :P) I have a new knotted Tee from Fuh.Q, it's awesome! three designs to choose from all in a handy little hud! Easy to use and as always sizing is great, you can defo find one in the pack that will fit most shapes.  I also have some adorable shoesies from Candy Doll! These are an attachment for slink feet, but they come in a ton of colours and designs, I plumped for the skull ones and they are simply stunning. beautifully made and easy to use. I also have some old makeup faves from -UtopiaH- and Pin Me Down! I hope you enjoy, I'm going to run off to wow and wait for Shaggy to join me for raiding fun times :P

Word of the Day: Gibbous

Tune of the Day: Thirty Seconds to Mars - End of All Days (I've had this on repeat for a whole day now nearly :P)

Skin: Katya - Jamaica 03 by Glam Affair @C88 NEW!!!
Hair: Lyma - Roots Black&White04 Fade by Truth NEW!!!
Black Makeup: Hidden Eyes Makeup by -UtopiaH- @The Black Fair
White Makeup: Whites 06 by PMD
Tattoo: Abstract Choking Necklace Tattoo by -UtopiaH- @The Black Fair
Shirt: Eden Skulls by Fuh.Q NEW!!!
Pants: Bombshell Capris - PearlOnyx by Drift @TDRF NEW!!!
Shoes: Oxygen II - Skull by Candydoll NEW!!!
Piercing: Christian Cross Piercing - Dark by -UtopiaH-
Bracelets: leather Chained Bracelet - Black by erratic

Monday, 19 August 2013

I am your fantasy, the essence of your dreams...

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I have newness! I had a couple of little shopping trips and picked up some utterly stunning items from SL Fashion Week, TDRF, Perfect Wardrobe, Truth and Suicidal Unborn... I am utterly in love with this Sash skin by Essences. This particular skin is the TDRF version, there are three makeup options, Acacia wears number three, and it is beautiful, to me it's reminiscent of a porcelain doll, perfect and unscathed. Truths new releases are also something to behold, This hair, Lyma is wonderful (Cue awkward moment when I closed blog accidently and started whining at poor shaggy because it only auto saved to here -.-) Anyways, where was I? Hair! Lyma, from the front it could possibly be pigtails, but from the back it's a massively bouffant ponytail. My hair does this unintentionally in RL, and I can safely say it's never looked this good :P We also have this gorgeous and colourful necklace from Glow Studio, some delectably short shorts from Cynful, very cute sneakers from Whatever and one of Suicidal Unborns newly released tank tops. All in all, I adore this outfit, right down to the floral Tokid Travelling bag!

Word of the Day: Od

Tune of the Day: Crucified Barbara - Into The Fire

Skin: Sash - Bittersweet 03 by Essences @ TDRF NEW!!!
Hair: Lyma [Roots] - Colours02Fade by Truth NEW!!!
Necklace: Flower Stone by [ glow ] @TDRF NEW!!!
Upper Tattoo: Nothing Else by -UtopiaH- @Perfect Wardrobe NEW!!!
Lower Tattoo: Yensh Tattoo - Female by SOUIRIRES @Perfect Wardrobe NEW!!!
Shirt: Vintage Tanktop 09 by Suicidal Unborn NEW!!!
Shorts: Isia Jeans Shorts - Camo by [Cynful] @ TDRF  NEW!!!
Sneakers: Sportsneaker - Black by [whatever] @ SL Fashion Week NEW!!!
Bag: Travelling Bag - Flowers by (TokiD) @ TDRF NEW!!!

Friday, 16 August 2013

You're the antibody, you're not like anybody...

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My original blog plan was slightly changed so now we have this look! I wandered of to Chapter four and picked up some pretties to blog along with some other pretties I've had lying for a few days. We have Essences gorgeous Sash skin from C88. I'm a big fan of Essences, but too many skins not enough time! But when finances allow and I do buy them, I always fall in love. Sasha is no exception and of course being a C88 skin it's uber cheap and worth picking up! We also have the stunning fringed vest from Pumpkin, I've had this on for about three days now and don't plan on taking it off. And of course some low slung Villena cropped jeans to finish the look. Adieu! I'm off to stalk a Shaggy who just meandered back from the shops :O

Word of the Day: Aesthetic

Tune of the Day:  Aesthetic Perfection - Antibody (New tune, <3 it!)

Skin: Sash - Gothika by Essences @ C88 NEW!!!
Hair: Kiyomi - Karafuru 01 by Taketomi @ Chapter Four NEW!!!
Headband: Headband Ribbon - Black by Zenith @ Chapter Four NEW!!!
Choker: Chain Collar - Black by .Pekka. NEW!!!
Upper Tattoos: Body stamps 06, 05, 07 and 03 all by ASO! @Chapter Four NEW!!!
Hip Tattoos: Swallow Hipsters by Ink'd Up
Shirt: Sasha Lingerie - Bra by Whippet & Buck
Jacket:  Fringed Vest - Black by [Pumpkin] NEW!!!
Jeans: Tucked up jeans - black by .:villena:. NEW!!!
Shoes: Destiny Addons for Slink Mesh Feet - Black by Slink
Chair: The Angels Chair - Sky by Half Deer @ Chapter Four NEW!!!
Lanterns: Branch Lights Sun, Rose and Beach by Zigana @ Chapter Four NEW!!!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Get down, get undressed...

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Hello my lovelies!!! How we all doing today? I hope you're well because I am utterly awesome. Firstly I'd like to say a huge, huge thank you to all those who read my wee bloggy... I didn't realise how many there were until in the last month or so the viewer count jumped dramatically. So for that, thank you and much loves and appreciation and bacon thoughts heading your way!! <33

Now onto my outfit, I started blogging for Provocation a couple of weeks ago, they do a very sexy selection of fantasy and rp wears, and this little number is no exception, a tantalisingly hot little nuns habit, complete with mesh veil and wimple. Beautifully detailed,  but as anyone who knows me knows, I cannot pull off the pure nun look, so I went demonic, I like the juxtaposition of the look...
I'm sure Shaggy would laugh his arse off at the prospect of me as a nun...

Word of the Day: Wimple

Tune of the Day: Destroid - Lucretia my Reflection

Skin: Dark Side - Roza 03 by Glam Affair (on sale!)
Outfit & Hair: Nun Costume by Provocation NEW!!!
Horns: My Wicked Horns - Black by -UtopiaH- @ The Black Fair NEW!!!
Makeup: Mystic Fairy 01 by PMD
Piercing: Bulletproof - Razor by  -.HoD.-
Boots: Tall Leather Thigh Boots - Black by Slink

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

They say that I must learn to kill before I can feel safe...

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Good afternoon my darlinks! I have some oh so smexiness for you today! Yesterday I bumped into my friend Nivea annnd she was wearing this obscenely gorgeous bra and in my infinite nosiness shopping ho' ness I asked her where it was from, PurePoison, a store I have now discovered and will be spending muchos L's at! So, the inspiration for my post today is infact Niv's boobs, which are epic and not small at all! (she made me type that!) Added in we have some stunning LaViere hair, Whatever boots and gasmask annnd these delectable Frilly knickers from R3! I'm so taken with my outfit today I may even keep it on for more than an hour! Shaggy hasn't seen it yet, me thinks he'll approve... <3

Word of the Day: Dither

Tune of the Day: The Rasmus - In the Shadows

Skin: Katya - Jamaica 02 by Glam Affair @C88 NEW!!!
Hair: Genevieve - JetBlack by -LaViere-
Horns: Wicked Horns - Black by -UtopiaH- @The Black Fair NEW!!!
Mask: Gasmask - Black/Silver by [Whatever]
Choker: Chain Collar - Black by .Pekka. NEW!!!
Piercing: Bulletproof v3 by -.HoD.-
Tattoo: The Game of Death by -UtopiaH-
Top: Black Candy Studded Bra - Silver by PP
Panties: Kacey Frills Panties by [R3] NEW!!!
Tights:  Fishnet - Thin - Black by erratic
Boots: Stripper Boot - Black by [Whatever]

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

I see you lying next to me with words I thought I'd never speak, awake and unafraid, asleep or dead...

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I have prettiness for you today! Lots and lots of prettiness! We have some beautiful items from both the Black fair and C88 anniversary round... I'll be honest, getting into C88 has been a trial, but it is utterly worth it. I adore vintage styles, and the theme of this round stomps that passion. I also have newness from Pekka and lovely Wasabi hairs... The chairs used for this post are all amazing, not only do we have Diesel Works pose chair, (all animations used in this post are by diesel works) we have two new additions by Tableau Vivant the antler and bunny chairs are just gorgeous, well detailed with shadows and they come with several poses too.
A little addition to this post, this morning I purchased a game I played in the beta stages, Papers, please... Indie dystopian craziness. This game is delightfully twisted and if you're easily amused grab it. It's cheap as hell on steam and utterly addictive... Shaggy is currently playing and I'll be getting back to it as soon as I'm done posting :p

Word of the Day: Dystopian

Tune of the Day: My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words

Skin: Katya - Jamaica 07 by Glam Affair @C88 NEW!!!
Hair: Andrea - Seafoam by Wasabi Pills
Horns: Wicked Horns - Black by -UtopiaH- @The Black Fair NEW!!!
Choker: Chain Collar - Copper by .Pekka. NEW!!!
Tattoo: The Last Song - Faded by -UtopiaH- @The Black Fair NEW!!!
Bracelets: Omochi Bracelets by MANDALA
Outfit: Roaring Nightclothes - Black by (fd) @C88 NEW!!!
Shoes: Peggy T-straps - Midnight by fri. @C88 NEW!!! (worn w/slink mesh feets)
Antler and Bunny Chairs: by Tableau Vivant @C88 NEW!!!
Pose Chair & additional poses:  by Diesel Works

Monday, 12 August 2013

Inventory meme/Newness from FreshFace!

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Good afternoons my lovelies, once again I am pinching Ms. Singh's Monday meme, this week it's the inventory meme, a few simple questions, easily answered... But before we get to that I'll be introducing to you the lovely and oh so pretty Jasmine skin from FreshFace.  Now onto the meme! :P

  1. What is your current inventory number? – 81, 295 (I have been cleaning out again, before Christmas last year I had it up to 199k, it took me until may to knock it down to 50 and now we're back to 80, sigh)
  2. If you had to delete your whole inventory and could only keep one thing, what would it be? – My Outfits folder :P (It totally counts!)
  3. What is the last thing you purchased? – Katya skin by Glam Affair @ C88
  4. Which item do you wear most often?ID eyes (it varies which, but 99% of the time they're ID)
  5. When you search for the word penis, how many items pop up? 9, I'm rather shocked, I expected more, and one's a notecard o.0 After another check... I get 37 items for C**k.
As always should you want to take part I suggest you clicky here and head on over to Strawberry's page for the rules etc.

And now onto regular bloggy additions...

Word of the Day: Matador

Tune of the Day: The Beatles - I am the walrus (Blame Shaggy for this one, he keeps coocoocachuing at me)

Skin: Jasmine - Olive by FreshFace NEW!!!
Hair: Zelda - Blur Ombre by !lamb @C88 NEW!!! (yes, I am wearing it again, and may be for ages :P)
Tattoo: Haila Tattoo - Full Dot 25 by The Plastik
Necklace: Mustache Locket by bellballs
Rings and Nails: Pin-Up Mustache ring by -UtopiaH-
Shirt: Cropped Top - Smart & Sexy - Red by -SU!-
Pants: Jogging Pants - Black by Villena
Shoes:  Jogging - Women - Red/White by hoorenbeek

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Like all legends of the phoenix, all ends with beginnings...

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Good afternoon my lovelies, I have a new release from Mag<3.B, sweety is an adorable mesh dress that comes in a variety of colours, and complete with mesh butterfly attachments for the arm, leg and hair, it's super cute and girly with a very summery twist. I also wandered over to collabor88 for their anniversary round, and my word I was not disappointed, not only do we have a host of regular designers taking part we have dozens more. It is bloody fantastic, ladies I suggest you get those wallets out and go for a nosey. We have skins, clothes, poses, shoes, jewellery, furniture... Everything. I will throw in that even a few days in it is still busy as hell and incredibly laggy (When the sim isn't full) so rez time is rather long, but entirely worth it. I will be going back, and expect lots of c88 bloggeration  in the next week or two... The skin I have on (And won't be taking off for a while) is one of Glam Affairs offerings, the Katya skin, and she is simply beautiful, this skin is a must, I'll definitely be going back for the rest of the makeups :P and my hair, how I love thee... One of Lambs, it is called Zelda and comes in all the normal colour packs, stunning style, love the girly mother of pearl looking band...
I do need to get Shaggy in more posts, I kidnapped him today for the headshots, purely because I got a new couple pose by Purple poses from Fashion Week, and I wanted to try it out :P

Word of the Day: Kloof

Tune of the Day: Daft Punk - Get Lucky

What Acacia is wearing:

Skin: Katya - Jamaica 03 E by Glam Affair @C88 NEW!!!
Hair: Zelda - Blur Ombre by !lamb @C88 NEW!!!
Jewellery: Pearl Rain by Mandala
Dress:  Sweety - White by Mag<3.B NEW!!!
Shoes: Helena by Redgrave

What Shaggy is wearing:

Skin: Breeze by The Body Co.
Hair: Hair - Mercenary - Black by {Soap}
Tattoo:Are You Scared by Endless Pain Tattoos
Eyes: Twilight and Putrid - COTN v2 by .ID.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

I looked away, you were on fire...

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I have some very delicious newness for you today! SAKIDE have released this obscenely smexy number for The Black Fair, to me it looks utterly vintage with a very fitted pencil skirt and something of a sweetheart neck, it also comes with Lolas appliers which I chose to use :P But it looks awesome without also. The skirt is mesh, top is a clothing layer, so no boob adjustment needed. I am -deeply- in love with this dress :P And with the new Whatever platform stilettos it works perfectly! I also threw on one of Truths latest releases, I adore Truths hair and this release is no exception to my 'must have' rule, it's stunning. Anywho's just a short post, before I wander off to abuse Shaggy <3

Word of the Day: Helter-skelter

Tune of the Day: Deftones - Change

Skin: Lulu - America 01 by Glam Affair
Hair: Carrie [roots] reds03fade by Truth NEW!!!
Glasses: Vintage Sunglasses - Black by Glam Affair @C88 NEW!!!
Dress: Black Style Outfit - White by [ SAKIDE ] @ The Black Fair NEW!!!
Shoes: High Heel 2.0 - Black by [whatever] @SL Fashion Week NEW!!!
Earrings: Christian Earrings by Le Primitif
Bracelets & Watch: Sitennoah - Black by Mandala
Nails: Long Rounded Nails by Mstyle

Thursday, 8 August 2013

The consequences that are rendered, I stretch myself beyond my means...

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Good afternoon my little precious lovelies, I have some exceptional pretties today for you! I had a little wander into SL Fashion Week purely to pick up these wonderful fleur de lis design earrings from remarkable oblivion and came away with more must haves, we have these gorgeous shoe appliers for Slink feets from Whatever, theyre stunning and come in a variety of colours. A small platform and a huge heel... Rawr. I also picked up the lazybones offering for the week a thong, bra and net top with tango appliers of course! :P There are far more goodies to be had, I just sadly wasn't able to squeeze them all into the one shot (Sigh) Truth be told this post would of been out yesterday, but I had my eldest poochy at the vet and she has a pretty nasty tumour, so most of yesterday was spent moping, snuggling her and researching canine chemotherapy. I've had her most of my adult life, she's 12 now. So we'll see what happens...
Anywho's, I'm off to DJ/annoy Shaggy, he likes bananas... Nods nods...

Word of the Day: Waif

Tune of the Day: Staind - It's been a while

Skin: Cleo - America 11 by Glam Affair
Hair: Delta - Reds03Fade by Truth
Piercing: Bonny by Suicidal Unborn NEW!!!
Choker: Spiked Collar - Silver/Black Metal by .Pekka. @ Mes Brics a Bracs NEW!!!
Outfit: Nicki -with appliers - Red by lazybones @ SL Fashion Week NEW!!!
Earrings: Lys - Wrought Iron by RO @ SL Fashion Week NEW!!!
Shoes: High Heels 2.0 - Black by [Whatever] @ SL Fashion Week NEW!!!
Bracelets: Cartiea Love - Onyx by faun @ SL Fashion Week NEW!!!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The angels they burn inside for us, and are we ever, are we ever gonna learn to fly...

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Good evening my little shopaholics, I have prettiness for you!! I popped by Mes brics a bracs and picked up Remarkable Oblivions stunning homemade halo, and Pekka's  beautifully detailed spike collar, which comes with a scripted and non scripted version, cheap as chips and entirely worth it! I also bring you a new release from Fresh Face, the Acacia skin, she is lovely, again easy to make her look mid 20's although she could serviceably pass for younger. And of course, wonderful name choice!! :D A couple of makeup layers from Pin Me Down and my outfit is pretty much complete :P
Well that would of been down sooner if Shaggy hadn't been pasting me some very dodgy stuff he was overhearing about greasy no-no parts... Thank you Shaggy! I love you too! -.-

Word of the Day: Eyetooth

Tune of the Day: Dishwalla - Angels or Devils

Skin: Acacia - Olive by (freshface) NEW!!!
Hair: C601 - creamy yellow & Pigtails for C601 - beige by tram
Halo: Homemade Halo - White by RO @ Mes Brics a Bracs NEW!!!
Horns: Renne Horns - Chalk by The Plastik
Makeups: Mystic Faery 1 & Crying 2 by PMD
Choker: Spiked Collar - Silver/Black Metal by .Pekka. @ Mes Brics a Bracs NEW!!!
Wings: Archon Wings - White by [Europa]
Shirt: Knotted Tanktop - White by [whatever]
Skirt: My Lil Pully Skirt - Fluffer by *Milk*
Panties: Slide 'em off panties - F**k white by [ SAKIDE ]
Nails: Milky Nails by Mandala
Tattoo: Haila Tattoo - Full Dot 25 by The Plastik
Shoes:  ERA High heels - White by {T a r aShoes}
Piercing: Bonny by Suicidal Unborn NEW!!!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Cruel fantasies of someone's dreams...That's what we are...

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Good Afternoon lovelies, I have yet more pretties for you today! Some I may have blogged before, others, not so much! Firstly I have this gorgeous tank top from R3volt! A group gift no less :O But, it arrived in my inventory this morning, and I just had to show it off. It really is lovely, fabulous design and fit, awesome mesh work. I've also thrown on another of the skins I picked up in Glam Affairs 100l sale, this I think is my favourite of the Roza skins, I adore the makeup, her face looks quite serene almost elegant for once... And we have another of my gacha horn purchases from anc, violet this time, so pretty :D Anywho's enough of this, I'm off to annoy Shaggysaurus Rex and play GTA <3

Word of the Day: Procrastinate (It's what I do best!)

Tune of the Day: Hocico - Forgotten Tears

Skin: Roza 07 - Dark Side by Glam Affair
Hair: Quote 03 by Magika
Horns: deco horn - Violet by {anc}
Necklace: Dark Hearted Necklace by RO
Rosette: Insignia - Pornstar - Black by RO
Tank: Halter Top [V2] by [R3] NEW!!! Group Gift!
Pants: Couture Leggings - Black by Maitreya
Knees: Spiked Knee Guards by dl::
Rings: Black Cranium Ring - Pink by [ SAKIDE ]

Spider ring by me ( I make stuff when I'm bored >.>)

Sunday, 4 August 2013

You're such a freak, so I fall apart...

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Afternoon my lovelies! I have some new gorgeousness for you today, and some slightly less new :P Firstly we have these utterly stunning and delightful Beach Shorts from Traphouse Collective, they come in six different designs, all equally as cute, but I plumped for the cutesy Streetpark ones, the pinks and blues and overall cartoony look to them instilled that grabby hands must have feeling in me. I also took a little wander down to Zibska, there's a 100l clearance sale on the end of some of her lines, so I went with the full intention of picking up a few sale pieces. Did not happen, instead I left with the glorious Lupe set, which comes with a colour change hud, and is easy to match to whatever you happen to be wearing. Bracelets and earrings are also included. We also have one of Plooms more recent styles, this is not one from the hair fair, this was only given a store release, but it's still utterly gorgeous and I love the way the bangs frame the face. And finally shoes, I've been wearing Helena by Redgrave a lot recently, and I do have good reasons for this, they're exceptionally easy to colour match to any skin, and not only that but the shoes themselves are colour change, so again, easy to match to any outfit. Aside from that they're simply to die for, and we have a winner, every girly needs these shoes (And possibly some boys too!) My song of the day is inspired by what I'm listening to currently, I guess I'm on a doomy goth kick :P We have a little Samael, some Gothminister, Deathstars and Sentenced... But I stuck with the Gothminister for a title since the lyrics make me smile. I am off to hunt down a lesser spotted Shaggy, last night is the first decent nights sleep Ive had in days, my poor love monkey has had to put up with my PMS and severe pain (I really do feel for him, I've been a grumpy a**hole!) Anywho's have a great day! And happy shopping <3
Oh, oh, also expect muchos ranting and or squeezing from me in the next couple of days/weeks/months, they announce the new Doctor on the BBC tonight!!! Come 7pm I'll be sat on the couch glaring at the TV :P

Word of the Day: Rarefied

Tune of the Day: Gothminister - Freak

Skin: Harley - Vanilla by Pink Fuel NEW!!!
Hair: June - Candy by .ploom. Recent!!!
Tattoo: Feathers - Recolorable by [Plastik]
Horns: Snicker Horns by ~Illusions~
Jewellery: Lupe by Zibska
Shorts: Girls Beach Shorts - Streetpark by Traphouse Collective NEW!!!
Shoes: Shoes: Helena by Redgrave

Location: My house! <3 No tp kthx :P


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