Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My Date With Rodvik...

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Well Hello Clarice err darlinks, today I have jumped on Berry's bandwagon once again and I bring you my take on her Flat Rodvik Linden meme... Strawberry Singh's full post can be found here along with details on where you can get your very own Rodvik if you fancy doing the meme. The point was to drag Rodvik around the grid and take pictures, my venues were originally going to be different from the ones I ended up with (But due to rolling restarts and continually ending up at a welcome zone I changed my options) So we have two of my fave places annnnd a welcome zone, so frankly Rodvik should have been a lot more at home, but no, he just looked bored, terrible date and not talkative at all. 

 First up we have the stunning :nostos:deer: & *Little Hopper* sim, Ive used this one many a time in my blog and it really is super pretty, the coastline reminds me of where I grew up (shockingly enough on the East Coast of Scotland) As you can see my date looked bored and didn't even try and make eye contact... Le sigh!

Now we have the amazingly vintage and funky Artileri Sim, once again Rodvik looked bored, but at least I got to do some shopping!

And finally we ended up at River, a welcome zone, it was choc full of nooby goodness, mostly they were discussing where to get the sex... I failed to join in said conversation and Rodvik looked slightly less bored and more wooden...
Frankly I think I'll stick to dating my love monkey Shaggy... <3

Now onto the fashions! I have an extra piccy for you! I purchased the delectable new Harely skin from Pink Fuel and decided you need to see her face in all her close up gorgeousness! I'm also sporting one of SAKIDES stunning offerings for the Love Donna Flora Event, the Mosaic dress in white, a tea dress style, simple and elegent with a summery paisley pattern and a changey colour hud for the design and ribbon...The event it was created for is to raise awareness and funds to help The grids very own and very talented Squinternet Larnia, and I really do suggest everyone get their butts down there to purchase some of the stunning items. This link will pop you over to the Love Donna Flora blog, it explains Squinternets condition and the goal of the event in more detail, and should you choose you can leave a wee message, I've heard she really enjoys reading them...

What Rodvik is wearing: Only the Linden god himself knows...

Acacia's wardrobe:

Skin: Harley - Vanilla by Pink Fuel NEW!!!
Hair: Qopi [Roots] - LightBlondesFade01 by Truth NEW!!!
Eyes: Ascension - Ghost by IKON
Horns: Arachzis Horns - Angelic by The Plastik
Piercing: Christian Cross - Dark by -UtopiaH-
Dress: Mosaic Dress - White by [ SAKIDE ] @ Love Donna Flora NEW!!!
Shoes: Delicious - Black by N-core
Bracelets: Pearl Rain - Season 2 Cream by MANDALA

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Well, you're the grand one, have you noticed?

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Good morning you adorable little monkeys! I have more newness from Taketomi (Told ya yesterday, girl wood baybees!) This is a big bouffant and rather awesome do' I for one am digging it wholeheartedly. I also skipped around the new round of SL Fashion Week on a speed run to pick up this delectable little frock (See dress!) from Whatever. I am utterly in love with it, coupled with a simple pendant from Candy Crunchers (Also from Fashion Week) and Mstyles newest Lou pumps in the tartan texture (Like I could pass up tartan!) And we're good to go, it is a relative simply look, for once I'm not wearing a bajillion accessories but, I love it, and chances are I will not be taking it off all day and I'll probably end up DJing in it later :D Enjoy, it's Shaggy stalking time now :P <3

Word of the Day: Additament

Tune of the Day: Shudder to Think - Hot One (Velvet Goldmine FTW <3)

Skin: Katya - America 03 - F by Glam Affair
Hair: Bom- Karafuru03 by [taketomi] NEW!!!
Hairband: bullet headband by crush
Necklace: Jeweled ball necklace - black/ruby by Candy Crunchers @ SL Fashion Week NEW!!!
Dress:  JL Dress - Black by [Whatever] @ SL Fashion Week NEW!!!
Shoes: Lou Pumps - Plaid by Mstyle NEW!!!

Friday, 26 July 2013

What you wanted to be, you can be... What you wanted to see's in front of me...

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Good evening my pretties, tonight Shaggy and I are bringing you some pretty demony looks mostly because I got carried away at Glam Affair yesterday buying Aida's stunning sale skins, annnd decided we should skip on down to Tableau and pick up a skin for Shaggy to join me in, so from that the whole look was born. Of course there's a lot more to this look than just the amazingly gorgeous skins, I for example have Aca wearing the stunningly made crown by Remarkable Oblivion released for The Love Donna Flora Event, all proceeds for this item and many others go toward the fight against cancer in the name of Squinternet Larnia, the exceptionally talented designer fighting this terminal illness. Get your arses down there and shop, the cause is worthwhile and you need to do this, go, go go! Kthx. Shaggy and I are both wearing new Taketomi hairs for this one, it's not that I'm sick of hair fair and don't have a million others to blog about, it's just that I have girl wood for Bella's hair this week... My bad :P Annnd, also, these damn horns! I was trawling flickr yesterday, as you do and came across the photostream of one anc aki, and fell madly in love with their Deco Horns, so of course, Shaggy was kidnapped and a few dolla in the gacha later I have several pairs in several colours, but, they're soooo pretty! And as one of my friends pointed out the other day, I really am on a horn kick lately... Anywho's, I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking, muchos lovies from Shaggy monster and I! Muah! <3

Word of the Day: Cyclopean

Tune of the Day: Zug Island - Saved

Shaggy is Wearing:

Skin: Damon v.i by ~Tableau Vivant~
Hair: Setsuna_Dessin [DippuDye/Kage] by [taketomi] NEW!!!
Horns: Deco Horn Green by{anc}
Eyes: Twilight and Putrid - COTN v2 by .ID.
Tattoo: Are You Scared by Endless Pain Tattoos
Watch/Bracelets: SITENNOAH_watch&bracelet_black by [MANDALA]
Scarf: Scarf - Black by ~Tableau Vivant~
Pants: SWAT pants (camo) unisex by ~Tableau Vivant~
Boots: Aviator Boots - Yeager in Worn by [Gos]

Acacia is Wearing:

Skin: Dark Side - Roza 03 by Glam Affair
Hair: Sachi - DippuDye07 by [taketomi] NEW!!!
Horns: Deco Horn - Black by {anc}
Crown: Love Donna Flora by RO NEW!!!
Piercing: Nose Swirl  by .Pekka.
Necklace: Cross Dog Tags by .Pekka.
Chest Tattoo: Devil - Dark by .Pekka.
Gloves: Lipstick Muse - Strings - Black by The Plastik
Top: Layla Top by Praxis NEW!!!
Skirt: My Russian Mini Skirt - Blackest by *Milk*
Boots: Tall Leather Boots by Slink

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Gimmee your bass boy...

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Good morning you little fashionista darlings! I have new pretties for you Fresh Face have released their new skin line Lilac and she is stunning, very natural and utterly adorbes. I rarely were anything but Glam Affair and Essences, but for Fresh Face I'm making exceptions, this skin is simply lovely, it makes Acacia look a little younger than usual, but not in a redonkulous way. I'm also bringing you Aux new pants, available now at SL Fashion Week, and we have this cute little bustier by Tokid from TDRF so ladies and possibly gents, happy shopping!! <3 I really should get my arse in gear, I DJ at Demonic in like an hour, meep and aside from that I have a Shaggy to harass, who on facebook is now note only my grandson, we're in a relationship... Facebook, how strange you are...

Word of the Day:  Dispositive

Tune of the Day: Faderhead ft Shaolyn - Got my Bass Back

Skin: Lilac by (FreshFace) NEW!!!
Hair: Kyo - Karafuru03 by [taketomi] NEW!!!
Horns: Triz Horns - Beaded - Cotton Candy by The Plastik
Cross & Piercing: Metal Cross w/Diamonds by .Pekka. @The Boobies Show  NEW!!!   
Top: Quinn Bralet - Swan by (Tokid) @ TDRF  NEW!!!
Pants: Loose Sweat Pants - Black by [Aux] @SL Fashion Week  NEW!!!
Anklet: Be Happy Anklet by dl::
Feet: Barefeet by N-Core

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

What ya gonna do when the hounds are calling?

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I decided today was bring your doggy to work day, so I err did! I love, love, Manticore's mesh pet attachments, the detail is incredible... But, me being me, I'm not into the cute and fluffy, and they lacked a T-Rex so the Fenrir hound was in my opinion a little cutey... I also bring you more new Praxis in the form of baggy pants! These are adorable and come with the same easy to use hud as the Manna shoes, which have also formally been released (Untz) We also have a couple of other delectable goodies, new Magika hairs, a cute little half shirt by Suicidal Unborn I picked up at the boobies show, along with this glorious metal and diamond cross/piercings set from .Pekka.  annnnd these fantastic and beautifully made ear cuff, things... (I have no decent descriptive noun for what they actually are..) I picked these up from SL Fashion Week and theyre brought to us by *Milk* And with that, I'm off to poke Shaggy repeatedly...

Word of the Day: Grammatology

Tune of the Day: Prodigy - Run with the Wolves

Skin: Katya - America 03 E by Glam Affair
Hair: Mint - Hud 03 by Magika NEW!!!
Horns: Snicker Horns by Illusions
Piercing: Nose Swirl by .Pekka.
Necklace: metal Cross w/Diamonds by .Pekka. @The Boobies Show NEW!!!
Shirt: Cropped Top - geek/Sexy - Pink by -SU!- @The Boobies Show NEW!!!
Tattoo: Set You Free - Faded by Delusions @The Boobies Show NEW!!!
Pants: Layla Baggies w/Belt & Hud by Praxis NEW!!!
Left Bracelet: Melty Swirl - Black by Candy Crunchers @SL Fashion Week NEW!!!
Ear Dealies: My Vulcan Ears - Baakonite by *Milk* @SL Fashion Week
Shoes: Manna Platforms by Praxis NEW!!!
Evil Puppy: Fenrir V2 by Manticore

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

So follow me down to the river, follow me down through the trees...

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Oh I have scrumptious loveliness for you today, this utterly stunning mesh bathing suit by Mag<3.B. I love and adore all things vintage so this totally rang my bell, and it comes with a cute little sailor hat, rubber ring prop and shoes ( Not pictured) Exceptionally adorable, and a must have for all the vintage ho's out there! I also have a special treat, Ms. Anesthasia Lyon of Praxis is letting me do a pre-release post featuring her absolutely amaze-balls Manna heels ( I begged and pleaded and wouldn't shut up, and offered to do some very naughty things to said shoes...) So reluctantly she let me! With a hud overhaul these are super simple to operate annnnd for all us freaks (as ane) put it, we can make them both different! Yay to the freak power, UNTZ. Appologies for the shorty (ish) post, I have had a helluva day, and plan on putting my feet up and doing nothing (Well maybe playing deadpool) for the next couple of hours :P

Word of the Day: Dismal 

Tune of the Day: The Pretty Reckless - Follow me Down (vid after the posty!)

Skin: Cleo - America 11 by Glam Affair
Hair: Sadie - Lightblondes01 by Truth
Swimsuit & Accessories: Hello Sailor - Rouge by Mag<3.B. NEW!!!
Shoes: Manna Platforms by Praxis (Release date tba) NEW!!!
Tattoo: Small Skully - Black by .Pekka.

Monday, 22 July 2013

I didn't want to hurt you, but you're pretty when you cry...

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We haves pretty newness! I have the stunning Dark Attraction dress from SAKIDE, one of their smexy offerings for perfect wardrobe, it can be worn as a dress or a tunic... Either, sexy as hell. I also bring you newness from Collisions in the form of these wonderful Dark Side Sith armbands, annnd finally more smexiness from Hair fair, a lovely over the shoulder number from Baiastice! And to top it off we have the awesome Diable Hairband group gift from Remarkable Oblivion... Shaggy joined me for this post and has lots of numminess from Razorblade, Tonktastic and hoorenbeck!

Word of the Day: Quillet

Tune of the Day: Vast - Pretty When You Cry

Shaggy is wearing:
Skin: Breeze by The Body Co.
   Hoody: Hoodie///Gravedigger by Razorblade Jacket
 Jeans: Jaw Breaker Grunge Jean /// Stonewash v2 by Razorblade Jacket
      Sneakers: All Stars - Hi-Top 3.0 LightBlue by [ hoorenbeck ]
Mask: Gas Mask T-1by Tonktastic
Acacia is wearing:
Skin: Katya - America 06 by Glam Affair @ The Boutique
Hair: Stefany - Ghost by Baiastice @ Hair Fair
Dress: Dark Attraction Dress by [ SAKIDE ] @ Perfect Wardrobe
Upper Tattoo: Sith Armband by  .:CoLL:.
Lower Tattoo: Leg Garter and Gun by Tattoo Paradise
Jewellery:  Disco lover by MG
Shoes: Helena by Redgrave
Hairband: Diable Band by RO (Group Gift)
Clutch: Studded Clutch by Glam Affair

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Hey you, what do you see? something beautiful? Something free?

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Allo my lovelies, I do apologise for the vanishing act and no the steam sale is not 100% to blame, so I've been out and about, a lot of time at the beach and generally gallivanting around the Scottish countryside. Onto my wee posty, now I have at least three in the works one a Shaggy (<3 lovemonkey!) collaboration another vintage inspired number, and futuristic one, but for now we simply have a wee quicky with some newness from the Hair Fair, UtopiaH and Al Vulo <3 do enjoy!! I'm off to make lamb chops and play lego LOTR :P (fiver in the sale! Untz)

Word of the Day: Bushwa

Tune of the Day: Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People

Skin: Lavinia - Natural Fairy Tine by Al Vulo! @TDRF  NEW!!!
Hair: Brenda - Flaming Cherry by Wasabi Pills @ The Hair Fair NEW!!!
Mask: Surgical Nurse Mask - Razor
Horns: Horns of a Psycho - Coal by -UtopiaH- NEW!!!
Tattoo: Snakebite - Color Medium by Para Designs
Shirt: Knotted Tanktop - Black by [whatever]
Pants: Cross Leggings - Black by Cheeky @She & Him NEW!!!
Knee Guards: Spiked Knee Guards by dl::
Shoes: Donna by Redgrave

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

You better hope and pray that you make it safe back to your own world...

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Morning! beautiful day here in sunny ole' Scotland (I'll add that statement to the words rarely uttered pile) And before I escape and get out into the glorious sunshine I decided to bring you an actual post from my hair fair dalliances! Not only do we have Hair Fair (The first of many OMG Hair posts!) We have new pretties from Glam Affair, Pekka and Suicidal Unborn! I'll let you be the judge on just how adorable they are :P I'm off to see the wizard! And no, I do not mean Shaggy! <3
I do have one thing to add though...

Word of the Day: Scabrous

Tune of the Day: Shakespears Sister - Stay (<3)

Skin: Katya - America 06 by Glam Affair @ The Liason Collaborative
Hair: Piece of My Heart - Natural Fusion by Exile @ Hair Fair
Tattoo & Applier: L'Amant - Low by [White~Widow]
Necklace: Metal Cross - Black by .Pekka.
Teeth: Hellion Teeth by .r.M.
Boy Pants: Boyshorts - Batman by -SU!-
Pasties: Cross Pasties - Grey by -SU!-
Legwarmers: Legwarmers with shoes by Perle
Watch & Bracelets: Sitennoah by Mandala
Nails: Long Rounded Nails by Mstyle

Right! I'm of to IKEA with my bestie o.0 She's buying stuff for her new baby girls room! SQUEE! <3
I may be getting broody in my old age (Poor Shaggy) >.>


Saturday, 13 July 2013

You got me sprung with your tongue ring...

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As I am not the bravest blogger I have not yet braved the hair, but I shall! I spent most of yesterday trying on demos, and I am uber excited to get my grubby wee paws on the real things but fighting the lag in the mood I'm in is not something that seems like a wise move, I can see curling irons being inserted into prim private areas... :O Events as always bring out the selfish beings, the ones who flat out refuse to remove the over scripted attachments/huds/ao's and take others into consideration, what's that about? Can't we all think of each other and enjoy our mutual hair/skin/thingy love? Please for the sake of all that is primy wonderfulness take your stuff off! :P Anyways, I bring you hair gloriousness from another are, Truth released a new bevy of beauties, and here is just one! I also have a few stunningly fantastic pieces from SL fashion week! Enjoy! I need to get on with this post, but BBC's Pride and Prejudice is on and I'm having a moment thinking about how likely it would be to get Shaggy in one of those flouncy white shirts jumping into a pond with floppy black hair...

edit: My internet started buggering about while writing this and I had an awful job getting it stable enough to get it done :S it's taken close to three hours!!!! Not good, on an I just quit smoking day meep!

Word of the Day: Sisyphean

Tune of the Day: Crazy Town - Butterfly

Skin: Lulu - America 01 by Glam Affair @C88 NEW!!
Hair: Genesis - Black&Whites01 by Truth NEW!!
Tattoo: L'Amant by [White~Widow]
Horns: My Demonic Black Horns by -UtopiaH- @Sl Fashion Week NEW!!
Earrings(Worn on horns): Arsenal - Silver by RO @Sl Fashion Week NEW!!
Necklace and Bracelets: Pearl Color Necklace & Bracelets / Red- Silver by {me.} @SL Fashion Week NEW!!
Forearms Bracelets: Celestial Bracelets by Cute Poison @SL Fashion week NEW!!
Nails: Silver Snake Nail Rings by Mstyle
Eyes: Tortured - Black/ Creature of the Night - Blind by .ID.
Garters: Gun Shy Garter - Black by ::DirtyMind:: @SL Fashion Week NEW!!
Shirt: Boobie Shirt - Skull by [LF] @SL Fashion Week NEW!!
Boots: Myx Boots - Skulls by :::insanya:::

Friday, 12 July 2013

I wanna do bad things with you...

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I have a massively huge pet hate in SL, and that is... Cleavage with no bra or top/corset, or really any reason for being, to me it just looks strange, granted it's sl, do what you will, and I'm sure in my nooby ass days before the ideas of physics and shiz popped into my head I was guilty of it too, but really, it drives me demented... Always has, ad always will, and since as of 9:14pm on the 12th of July 2013, I have officially been a non smoker for over 24 hours it's annoying me more than usually, so much so I actually left a club... Chick dancing next to me had so much cleavage and an open shirt on... It was leave or say something. I left. ( I hang around in clubs listening to tunes while I writey my bloggy) Anyways, bitchy ranty over (And utterly nicotine fuelled and unwarranted, that poor orange oompa loompa girl, geez, there I go again >.< ) I have some super pretty items for you today! None of them particularly new! I'm saving myself for hair fair which of course starts TOMORROW!!! Ive had big excitement trying on demos and setting up a hair fair outfit, which is basically just nekkid except for an alpha (cue wolf whistle) Allrighty, I'm off to make poor Shaggy-saurus life miserable a bit more ( I warned him last night this was not going to be plain sailing) Have a great evening, I do not hate you all, contrary to popular belief! <3

Word of the Day - Ploce

Tune of the Day : Jace Everett - Bad Things

Skin: Cho Skin - Light Rose 01 by Essences @ C88 NEW!!
Hair: BerryJuice - Black by LoQ
Hairbase: etched hair 06b by JOMO
Ears: Stretched ears- Omimi by MANDALA
Facechain: Facechain with Gems by XX
Tote: Kelly Tote - Licorice by DECO
Choker: The Shadow Lord Choker by Ronsem
Tattoo: Swallow Hipsters by Ink'D Up!
Shirt: I half Top by alterego
Pants: filthy mesh jeans by alterego
Shoes: Saddle Shoes - Polka Dots by -tb-
Nails & Rings: Pin-Up mustache ring & nails by -UtopiaH-

Thursday, 11 July 2013

My girlfriend's girlfriend she looks like you...

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Good evening my wee sugar lumps, I have some very pretty dealies for you tonight, yes, once again the bewbs are out, this is becoming a habit, meep! I bring thee Shoesies from Praxis! Pants from Villena! Necklace and tattoo from Collisons and sharpy, pointy demony teeths from Random Matter,  do enjoy annnnd I hope you lovey all the pretties as much as I do! I am in a surprisingly good mood considering I'm quitting smoking today, this will change, expect the mood swings to be noticeable in due course :P <3


Tune of The Day: My Girlfriends Girlfriend - Type O Negative

Skin: Lulu - America 01 by Glam Affair @C88 NEW!!
Hair: Awake 03 by Magika
Shirt: Lifted Top - Red by L.inc
Bewbs: tangos by Lolas
Tattoo: scribe by Collisions @M&T Hunt NEW!!
Necklace: Nightingale & the Rose necklace by Collisions (HAE Gift) NEW!!
Horns: Great Taurus Horns *Default* broken L by [Contraption]
Veil: Veil of Thorns - Black by +Half Deer+
Teeth: Hellion Teeth by .r.M. NEW!!
Piercing: N.Swirl (smaller)by Cobrahive
Gloves: Bish gloves - Black by L.inc
Bracelet: Spiked Bracelets by (Bowtique)
Shoes: Wild Style - Zebra by Praxis NEW!!
Pants: Jogging Pants - Black by .:Villena:. NEW!!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The haunted meme/new C88

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Well, well, well, another week rolls around and we have another Monday meme from Ms. Strawberry, this week it's all about our fears (The original post can be found here, at Stawberry Singh) My fears are a complicated and somewhat messy insight into just how messed up I actually am, so we'll keep it as light as possible and I'll give you my top three. In third place and pictured, are clowns. This is my only 'physical' fear and the only one I could easily represent. Clowns petrify me, and even taking that picture took a chain-smoking me  a lot longer than it would have taken a normal soul. Many thanks to Shaggy though for being there, even if it was in Bob Grey get up. I have always been petrified of clowns, as long as I can remember, and it stems back to being grabbed by one as a child at the circus in a deeply unpleasant way. My coulrophobia however does not stop me listing Stephen King's IT as one of my favourite all time novels.

Number two fear, I've touched on this in the past, due to my epilepsy I have a possibly rather irrational fear of being by myself out doors. I mean obviously I do go outside alone heh. But, it worries me, I get nervous and scared every damn time. It's not that I'll have a seizure and get hurt either, it's more that I'll have a fit and people will leave me on the street assuming I'm a drunk or a junkie (common at my age). This I believe stems from an incident when I was at university, my flatmate and I were leaving after an evening in the library, middle of winter so about 6pm, pitch black, but centre of Edinburgh so very busy at that time, we get to the bus stop and this wee old man was collapsed on the kerb, blood everywhere from a scalp wound. There were at least fifteen people just stood there and countless others literally stepping over him to get past... And no one helped, the assumption he was drunk was high. My mate called the ambulance while I spoke to him and checked him over, turned out he'd had a heart attack and hit his head when he fell and those, pardon my French, utter assjackals left him.

And lastly, my biggest fear, and this is silly, I know it is, but it still festers away in there, popping up at the most inopportune times. I don't want to have to rely on someone I love to take care of me, ever. Now this stupidity stems from a conversation with my neurologist last year, they were starting to offer the option of surgery to 'cure' epilepsy for those suffering less than seven seizures a week. (I have way less) The risks were ending up like a potato. Yeah, no thanks. I am petrified there will come a point in my life where my health becomes so poor I'll need to rely on someone close to me to take care of me. Not happening. I am utterly self sufficient in a mixed up sort of way kthx, and plan on staying that way even when/if I co-habit with a partner again.

Oh, and one for the road, I hate, hate, hate, things flying near my head. Bats, butterflies, anything.
I flip out and run away screaming into the distance, possibly leaving a B (that's me) shaped hole in the wall in the process. xx

Now, to hopefully lighten things, because that was way heavier than I hoped here's some super pretty stuffles from C88! <3

Skin: Lulu - America 01 by Glam Affair @ C88 NEW!!
Hair: Ange -Garnet by D!va @C88 NEW!!
Dress: Frilly Dress - Cream by -tb- @C88 NEW!!
Necklace: Disco Lover Sparkly Cross by MG @C88 NEW!!
Feet: Barefeet by N-core

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Pew Pew!!!

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Special posty!! I have beautimus pictures for you all today courtesy of my collaboration buddy Ms.Jaded Lorefield from the awesome Fatally Stylish, not only is Jaded an awesome DJ, Blogger and photographer she is my bestie, my pew pew and I love her face. We decided a couple of days ago to do this post and I in my infinitely magnificent (and a little arrogant) opinion decided I wanted the subject matter to be the stunning new T dresses from Cynful available from TDRF, so we purchased them, got our pew pews out... (because to be fair, we haven't done a pic yet where we weren't wearing Tangos!) and Jaded snapped some hot ass piccies which you shall be seeing shortly!
Just watched The heat with Shaggy, funny as hell film, we were cracking up while watching, totally worth it!! Love Sandra Bullock! Now the piccies, amazing as they are because Jaded took them! So without further ado! Enjoy!

What Acacia is wearing:
Skin: essences - Wednesday II - Sunkissed
Hair: Liquence - F1 **NEW**
Dress: Cynful - T-Dress (grey lace) **TDRF**
Breasts: Lolas - Tango
Shoes: Redgrave - Helena
Tattoo: -UtopiaH- - Body of a Leopard & Tango Appliers
Collar:  K_gs - Kitty Choker/Bell
Headband:  Mes Sucreries - My Cat Ears - Spiked
Nails: Mstyle - Long Rounded Nails
Bracelets: MG - Bangles- Pitch

What Jaded is Wearing:
Skin: Belleza - Ava (tan / Red)
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Tanya **Fameshed**
Eyes: IKON - Ascension Eyes (oxidation)
Necklace: Yummy - Midsummer Blossom Necklace **C88**
Earrings: Yummy - Midsummer Blossom Earrings **C88**
Purse: Milk Motion - Owl Minaudiere clutch **C88**
Dress: Cynful - T-Dress (green lace) **TDRF**
Breasts: Lolas - Tango
Watch/Bracelet: Mandala - Sitennoah (white)
Shoes: Redgrave - Deborah
Nails: Shock - Catch Me Nails (almond series)
Lipgloss: Dead Apples - Lipgloss (lipgloss and pout)
Eyeliner: Pekka - Metallic Under Eye Liner Ver 2 (black)
Poses used:
Purple Poses - Friends 51
Purple Poses - Friends 52
GLITTERATI - She's a skank

Monday, 8 July 2013

Chaos is the order... No rules, no authority, only dancing in the dark.

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Good afternoon my prettyful little honey badgers of explosive happiness. I don't know where that came from, aherm... Moving on. I have pretties for you yet again! I have delicious new hair from Liquence, a new hair store from Villena Swansen (Of Villena, naturally) So far I'm rather in love with style F2, it's very vintage in my opinion, the marcel waves seems to really have come back. The colour packs are awesome too, and with the demo you get the huds for all packs, so you can take your time and try the lot on, now this is something I love. When you get two colour demos, neither of which you actually like it can be off-putting. The hairs are coloured via hud and it's incredibly simple to use, it has my vote. A couple of more pieces from Mes Brics a Bracs and TDRF added in to complete the look. Short post, but, blame Shaggy, he got me addicted to a browser game last night. Oh, and I cried at the Arrow finale... So, so sad!

Word of the Day: Edacity

Tune of the Day: Marc La Cruz, Ace Da Brain, The Grim Reaper -Dancing in the Dark (Post Nuclear Mix)

Skin: Cleo - 11 America by Glam Affair
Hair: F2 - Color Ombres by Liquence
Shirt: Spiked Bra and Pullover -Rollingstones by Ricielli @ TDFR
Skirt: Basic MIniskirt - Black by -SU!-
Tights: Pistol Tights by Q
Boots: Triumph boots - male loose by Gos
Glasses: cat Eye Glasses- Black by Blah @ Mes Brics a Bracs
Necklace: Cross dog tag necklace by .Pekka. @Mes Brics a Bracs

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Well I’m not paralyzed, but I seem to be struck by you...

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I have some utterly adorable new stuffles for you all today, after a little last minute DJ fillin session at Demonic I toddled off about the grid finding some new pretties to bring you. First stop was Mes Brics a Bracs, whereupon I found the delightfully cute Rose Crown from Noodles, and the cross dog tags by Pekka. I picked up some other pieces too, but we'll get to those another day. Next stop was TDRF where I got my grabby little mittens on the absolutely stunning Noodles skin... Yes, you read that correctly. I have lots more pretties from TDFR that you'll see soon enough. And finally I added a new release from Praxis, this lovely strapless top, it comes in a bazillion different patterns (Slight exaggeration) and numerous size options. It really is a delightful wee shirt and well worth you lot opening the wallets. Shaggyness has got me watching Arrow, and i'm so so excited, we're only two episodes away from the finale, so there's a damn good chance we'll be watching them in the next couple of hours, so SQUEE! Also, this post would of been up hours ago, but, err, Star Wars was on and I was finding Legendry's in D3...

Word of the Day: Infantilize

Tune of the Day: Finger Eleven - Paralyzer

 Skin: Noodles - Light Rose 01 by Essences @TDRF NEW!!
 Hair:  Stabilizer I - Sugar by Epoque
 Necklace: cross dog tag necklace by .Pekka. @Mes Brics a Bracs NEW!!
 Shirt: Tawny Top - Wild side by Praxis NEW!!
 Panties: Basic Panties - Black by SU!
Socks: Scrunched Prim Socks by Maitreya
Crown: Maelie Rose Crown - Black by Noodles @Mes Brics a Bracs NEW!!
Bracelets: Cage Cuff - Silver by Epoque

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Oh God I would not normally pray, save me from darkness, let it drift away...

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Props are COOL! Yes, yes they are, this post is about as random as they come. Those who know me, or have me on Facebook know I'm a massive Doctor Who fan, like Whovian level of geeky dorkiness... But, this is not a bad thing, if you haven't watched the show, give It a chance :P It's got everything, hot men, hot women, Captain Jack Harkness who's kinda like both almost. You have the Doctors bff who's also his wife's mother, it's all very soap opera but wound and neatly tied in a wonderful BBC Sci-Fi ribbon. I've been watching the doctor and hiding behind the sofa since I was incredibly young, and I still adore it. So, I digress, my point, at the last round of the Arcade I spammed the hopscotch gacha until I got the Doctor Who props pack, I just had to, and I also brought my shopping buddy along for this post (see pics!) I'm also sporting these stunning wee Capri's from SAKIDE, theyre available until tomorrow only I believe at the Flux event, so get a move on! We also have some taketomi and admiral spicy. I'm so, so happy taketomi redid the Burley Ana hair in mesh, I wore this to death when it originally came out, and I still loves it! Alrighty, on with the look, I'm off to send a search party out for love-monkey Shaggy face, I think he lost himself to Dance! :O

Word of the Day: Integrant

Tune of the Day: SITD - Sentiment (My current obsession/addiction/fave song this week :P)

Acacia is wearing:

Skin: Cleo - America 10 by Glam Affair
Hair: Ana - Karafuru01 by [taketomi] NEW!!
Top: Hawt Mesh Top - Dark by !admiral Spicy!
Capris: Denim Stars Capris - Black by [ SAKIDE ] @Flux NEW!!
Props: Props are Cool by HopScotch
Boots: Long Studded Boots - Black by J's

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Bag: Neato Tote by -tb-

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