Sunday, 30 June 2013

She slides down inside your skin, in time, she will make you scream...

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Afternoon chooks, I have pretties! Older bits for the most part, but I had to put a look together surrounding this stunningly awesome Truth hair. The detail is stunning on the hat and the hair as always, and the colours are vibrant and simply perfect. We also get a nifty hat changing hud with 12 textures... I do love hats, hats are cool. I even went as far as to partake in a spot of millinery in my younger years. Some people just like hats. recently there have been a spate of hattical (New word, don't judge) releases, Truth's cap, and now this wee beauty, and of course Lelutkas sunhat, and there will be more, those just happen to be my hattilicious (Yep, another one) faves. OH and did I mention, I have a fez... Fez's are cool too. My fez is not featured in this post, but it shall be soon, a Doctor Who themed post would be the perfect time for me to extend my uber geek legs. Anywho's let's get rolling on the postiness, I want to get this done before the monster from the depths aka deadpoolio the amazing gets up.

Word of the Day: Milliner

Tune of the Day: Danzig - She Rides

Skin: Wednesday II - Sunkissed by Essences
Hair: Jill - Colours05Fade by Truth NEW!!!
Shirt: Linen Shirt - White by *COCO*
Shorts: Jessy Studded Shorts by erratic
Top: Missy Top - Black by **
Boots: Suede Fringe Boots - Black by Kao
Tights: Dotz Tights - Black by Mstyle
Gun: Eightball by *BREACH*
And just because it amuses me!

Saturday, 29 June 2013

I feel so unsure as I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor...

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Good evening lovelies, I have pretties for you today! This stunning dress from SAKIDE was only 10l @the Docks, UNTZ! And I love it, the cut outs and back details are super smexy, and it has long sleeves so hides those nasty SL wrists beautifully! I'm also sporting the cute and prettyful Apple Moustache hair from .b a side project of Analog Dog, I don't shop at AD a whole lot these days, but this hair is simply stunning! Do not make my mistake though, I used area search on the sim and could only find the petite version with it >.> Took a lot of camming to find the regular, make sure you don't buy the petite, unless of course you are a petite, err yeah...  Short post, because I'm harassing mister hyper face Shaggy monster (He's had waaaay too much sugar today) and waiting on a nice American lady showing up to pick up/buy my unused spare washing machine, I feel a dishwasher would be much happier in it's spot, so finally I stuck an add online and said come get it :O Anywho's, enjoy the look! <33
Since I was a lazy ass and didn't get post out before she arrived, w.machine is sold, and I got a take away for tea! Omnom! <3

Word of the Day: Vilify

Tune of the Day: Seether - Careless Whisper (Why? Because everything's sexy when careless whisper plays!)

Skin: Wednesday II - Sunkissed by Essences
Hair: Apple Moustache - Pop by .b
Dress: Industrial Dress by [ SAKIDE ] NEW!!
Collar: Posture Collar no.04 by (r)M
Cross Necklace: Pyr Cross Necklace - Black by .Pekka.
Razor Necklace: Mercenary - 3 Strikes Razor by -.HoD.-
Piercing: The Crow's Crux - Razor by -.HoD.-
Earrings: Flight Earrings - Crow by Paper Doll
Makeup: Face Ink by -UtopiaH-
Headband: Crown of Thorns by RO
Tights: Cross Printed Tights by Q
Boots: Tall Leather Boots by Slink

Friday, 28 June 2013

Remember a joke so you turn around, there is no one to listen so you laugh by yourself...

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Good evening little chipmunks of doom, I have newness from Praxis and Collisions for you today along with some pretty bits and bobs I've picked up in times gone by =p Some have previously been pictured, others haven't! But they worked, so here they are! Short post, because frankly I'm feeling lazy and I have a headache and my doggy is ill, found more tumours, so alas, probably gonna be another round of surgery... But she's getting on a bit almost 13 now. After the amount of time I was on hold with the vets I'm grumpy, I'm off to mope and make Shaggy be nice to me! :(

Word of the Day: Mickle

Tune of the Day:  She Wants Revenge - These Things


Skin: Wednesday II - Sunkissed by Essences
Hair: Portia - Fairyfloss by Truth
Top: Dwindle Top -No1 by (r)M
Bra: Midnight Burlesque Bra by Beusy RECENT!!
Pants: Helix Jeans - Onyx by Praxis NEW!!
Tattoo: Guanshiyin by .:CoLL:. NEW!!
Shoes: Pure by 2real
Bracelets: Black Dare Bangles by MG
Bindi: Bindi - Purple by Nylon Outfitters
Makeup: S.Eyeliners M6 by - DAMNED -
Eyes: Thunder - Clown by {D.A}


Thursday, 27 June 2013

What's your digits? Take 3 : Proportions Challenge.

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And once again the lovely Strawberry Singh has created a thought provoking Monday meme, I'm a little late in the week, but oh well, sue me. What's your digits is into it's third year now, and this is my first time taking part, I do have my old shapes, and will be sharing some of those stats too.
Firstly we'll start with the actual challenge questions, and then I'll blabber on about some of my own personal shapey points...

Proportions Challenge Questions:
  1. Do you try and keep your avatar’s body proportionate and similar to the “average” proportions pictured above? No, I really haven't, I was adamant about her height, keeping her my height for some reason was a big deal to me. This shape is a bastardisation of a stunning shape I picked up from Glitch Granthams (amaze-balls shapes!) store Anatomy a few months ago, but she really has been tweaked a lot now. But I love her as is. Oh and as a kid my mum drummed the head into body 7 1/2 times thing into me :P Damn artists.
  2. What do you dislike the most about the SL avatar mesh? I love mesh, I am a huge mesh fan, if I need to tweak my shape to fit then so be it. If I had to dislike something it would be if the hair is hanging over other mesh it can go transparent, which is annoying as balls.
  3. Does it bother you when you see other avatars that are not proportionate at all? Sometimes, if something's flat out scary looking then I'll stop and stare. I'd be lying and so would everyone else probably if they said they didn't have a little titter now and then at those that got it seriously wrong.
  4. Even though this is a virtual world and people can be anything they want to be, do you feel when they are in human form, they should try to keep their proportions close to average? It depends entirely on how the individual wants to look, you can tell someone who doesn't know how to work the sliders from someone who's just marching to the beat of their own drummer a mile away. I like individuality, I find it a wonderful trait in others.
And now onto the second part of the challenge, sharing my digits! :O
We'll start with Acacia as she is now.
If anything her heads maybe a little on the large side, but, she can wipe her arse without straining, so that's a plus. I also got some proportional tips from Gok Wan (Brits shall know who that fashion God is) He said an hourglass shape is when the hips and shoulders were equal while standing square, and hers are. Well, not in that picture, silly angles... I like adding a bit of love and belly too. I wont lie I've lengthened her legs since taking this picture and partaking in the challenge, they're now sitting at 70, looking a lot better :P
My original Avatar Abi :
Abi was the same height, but with a few differences, boobs were a lot bigger, they were at 70, hips were at 70, leg length at 80. She was my original sl av, as I said I've always been funny about the height, I kept her the same as me (although I recently found out I'm only 5ft 9 o.0 I was lied to! I lost a whole inch!) But, I shall keep Aca 5ft 10, and any other female av I have as a homage to my lost inch :P

To finish, I don't truly mind if Acacia isn't in proportion according to the guidelines, but as I notice subtle little issues, I address them, let's face facts, like many others I spend more time with my cam focussed on myself than other people. Unless I'm checking out your hair, which happens more than I care to admit :P

If you would like to place your Digits picture in the “What’s your digits” gallery inworld, Vaneeesa Blaylock has the instructions on how to do that in this post and here is the SLurl to the gallery:

I've put together a simple look as you've put up with my ramblings for now, so do enjoy these pretties, and we'll be back to usual activity soon! I'm off to send lewd and crude texts to the Shaggy Monster, how dare he not be home =p

Skin: Wednesday II - Sunkissed by Essences
Hair: Beth Hair - Marilyn by Lelutka
Nails: Nail Rings - Silver Snake by Mstyle
Necklace: Monkeh Necklace by Ducknipple
Bracelets: Sedona Valley Gypsy by MG
Shirt: Grumpy Cat T-shirt by [BOOB-Lish]
Jeans: Zipper Skinny Jeans by Maitreya
Boots: Triumph Boots (Male ones) by Gos
Glasses: Mustache Nerd Glasses by -UtopiaH-
Arm Cuff: Unavailable

If you want info on the items in any other pic shoot me an IM in world or leave a comment <3

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Reach the stars, fly a fantasy... Dream a dream, and what you see will be...

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Good afternoon my ickle pickles! I have some exceptionally pretty and a little bit different items for your perusal and pleasure today. I saw this outfit pop up in one of my syndication groups within SL last night just before I logged, and earmarked it for a 'must have' it's the newly released Whimsy mesh fairy outfit from Wishbox, I do love Wishbox, and back in my RP days I shopped there a lot, sadly now though I don't do a lot of 'fantasy' shopping, we shall need to remedy that don't you think? I decided to add some ploom to the look and went to pick up Helyanwe's newest release, which I did, but, of course, as always, minds change, and I ended up blogging a slightly older hair, it fit the look better in my humble opinion :P I'm still rocking my lovely shiny new Essences skin along with my slink hands and N-core feets, and a nail hud from PMD and the very talented Ms.Shyntae Demonista (My ex husband technically, but still my wife! So confusing!) The poses I'm rocking in these pics are also from Ploom, so it's a very ploomish sort of day! When I woke up I was hijacked by my beloved Shaggy monster to watch someone streaming the new Deadpool game, holy shit I need this game in my life, it's hysterically funny, and I do love Deadpool, he has to be my favourite Marvel character, the shit he comes out with and of course, the fact he breaks the fourth wall and knows he's a character makes it all the better. I can see this game getting a lot of hate from the critics, but let me tell you, they're numpties. Revamping superheroes is what the industry does best, take movies for example, I loved Batman when it came out when I was a kid, and I love Nolans Batman even more, reboots are good, mkay?
 Anywho's, rant over, on with the pretties! <3

Word of the Day: Snood

Tune of the Day: The Birthday Massacre - Neverending Story

Skin: Wednesday II - Sunkissed by Essences   RECENT!!
Hair: Fiona - Pastels by .ploom.
Outfit w/Wings: Whimsy - Champagne by Wishbox NEW!!
Crown: Rose Crown - Champagne by Wishbox
Bracelets: Nizam Choodiya Bangles - Gold & White by Zaara
Tattoo: Compassion Heart - 80% by -.HoD.-
Eye Makeup: Classy Eyeshadow - Platinum by .Pekka.
Feet: Barefeet by N-core
Hands: Mesh Hands - Casual by Slink
Nail Varnish: Lightning Nail Hud by PMD
Poses: Oh! Darling Set by .ploom.
Sim: Humanoid

Muah! <3

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I love myself, I want you to love me...When I feel down, I want you above me...

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Well now, having picked up Essences Wednesday II Magnetic skin from tdfr, I couldn't shake the fact I wanted it in another tone, so this afternoon I may have got a little carried away, I picked up this stunning skin from the mainstore in the sunkissed tone along with a whole lot of appliers, and I finally gave in to mesh hands, which frankly give me the creeps. They remind me of mannequin hands o.0 and well, mannequins are scary (Thank you Doctor Who for that) But, now I have them, they look damn good. I also stopped by the boobies fair again and picked up a few more goodies and of course some Lelutka pretties to finish us of, we have a pg look and very not even close to pg look :P I like going a bit saucier at times, it makes me feel like a bad girl, and as Shaggy knows I'm just so damn innocent, bad isn't even in my vocabulary... Enjoy the looks my lovelies! <3

Word of the Day:  Rapture

Tune of the Day: The Genitortures - I Touch Myself


Skin: Wednesday II - Sunkissed by Essences RECENT!! (with appliers for bewbs & handies)
Hair: GOGO -BournFade by Lelutka NEW!!
Tattoo: Body of a Leopard by -UtopiaH- @The Boobies Fair NEW!!
Hands: Mesh Hands by Slink
Piercing: Heart Savage Unisex Piercing - Black by .Pekka. @The Boobies Fair NEW!
Nails: Lightning Nail - Red by PMD
Bra: Bow wow Top Red with Lolas Tango Applier by [AB] @The Boobies Fair
Sarong: Mesh Pareo Skirt by [AB] @The Boobies Fair
Panties: Angel - Red by Bishes Inc
Shoes: Cuore - Black by N-core
Bracelets: Bold Wrist Cuffs by *BOOM*
Bewbs: Lolas Tangos by Lolas

Muah <3

Monday, 24 June 2013

And I'm addicted to your punishment, and you're the master, and I'm waiting for disaster...

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Good afternoon my little chimichangas of joy! I have pretties and newness for you today! I have SAKIDE pants for the black market event and a shirt I forgot to blog! Well, intentionally on purpose, this shirt was a pressie from my yummy bestie Ms.Jaded, and we planned on blogging them together and just haven't, so chances are it will be featured again! but I like it, so it has been worn! And I wanted green hair and it worked :p
I'm going to go draw penises on my boyfriend now! Ta-ta! <3

Word of the Day: Asyndeton

Tune of the Day: Papa Roach - Getting Away With Murder

Skin: Cleo - America 10E by Glam Affair
Hair: Briony - Lime by Truth
Headband: My Latex Headband - White by -UtopiaH-
Makeup: Mystic Face Paint - White 1 by .Pekka.
Tattoo: Rock & Beer by GoK
Cuffs: Bold Wrist Cuffs - Titanium by *BOOM*
Shirt: RedDino KawaiiTittyTee by ..:sexZ:..
Pants: Summer Corsair - Black by [ SAKIDE ] @ The Black Market NEW!
Piercings: Labret Spike and Smiley Piercing both by Puncture
Boots: Studded Long Boots - Red by J's

Sunday, 23 June 2013

We kill the lights and put on a show, It's all a lie...

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Goof evening my lovelies! I have some amazing stuffles for you today! featuring the stunningly wondrous hairiness of Truth, another batch release including this beauty with a hat! I love hats and caps and all sorts of head accessories, and this one is simply adorable it comes with a hud and 12 colours to choose from along with all the regular hair colour packs! Joy! I also stopped by TDRF and picked up the stunning Whisper skin from Essences, I am a big fan of Inka's work, her skins have stunning detail, they're a lot more 'everyday' seeming than the glam skins that I wear a lot of too, and that's what I adore about them they look like real girls, not overly made up and in beautiful skin tones. I do tend to prefer paler skins and even my tan skins are still pretty light, and this is no exception, she's dark for me, but not in the scheme of things, the skin gives Acacia a wide, doe eyed, naïve look which I'm somewhat in love with. And finally I popped by the boobies fair to pick up this chest piercing from Pekka, Ive always enjoyed Pekka's makeup, but they're piercings are also wonderful, and the chest hearts are no exception, there are also a series of nipple piercings for the fair which I'll bring you another day in another post :P I really do feel a Shaggy collaboration post coming on soon, there are some wonderful male releases out there, and I do have some darker 'fantasy/BDSM' items that could do with getting some viewing time, and yes, I do have a male alt, but where is the fun in playing with one's self? Anywho's, onto the details and pics!

Word of the Day: Drawl

Tune of the Day: Birthday Massacre - Kill The Lights

Skin: Whisper Goth - Brown Sugar by Essences @TDRF
Hair: Jolene - Colours01Fade by Truth
Piercing: Chest Hearts - Black by .Pekka. @The Boobies Show
Shirt: Daenarys Top - Roma by The Plastik
Tattoo: Into The sea you n me by [Reckless]
Shorts: Hanalei Shorts - Black by {mon tissue}
Shoes: Helena by Redgrave
Bracelets: Love Heart Bangle by MG

Sim: Nostos Deer

Friday, 21 June 2013

But these colors that you've shined are surely not your style...

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Good evening you adorable little munchkins, I hope we are all doing incredibly well today, I, myself am bloody wonderful, and I bring you newness! I have pretty new skins from my new sponsor Fresh Face, These skins are beautifully and lovingly detailed, but I will say they will not be to everyone's taste, as you will be able to see from the pictures they are young looking, no glamour model shots in sight, but this isn't a bad thing, the name is Fresh Face for a reason, they're not overly made up, they're very natural and earthy, and personally I'm a fan, and I'm excited to be blogging them! The skin I'm reviewing is Poppy, she comes in a variety of tones, varying from the very light snow to the more ethnic caramel, my personal favourite and the focus of this post is the olive tone, which is tanned, but not too dark. They also come with several boob options cleavage, no cleavage, bigger boobs and of course a tangos applier, really it's bewbs for every occasion! Shapes are also available, although the shape in these pictures is my slightly edited one from Anatomy, so she suits other shapes, which is always a bonus, don't you hate when they look adorable in pictures but look awful on your shape? I used to get that problem all the time, drove me nuts until I gave up and changed shape :P I'm also bringing you more lovelies from Praxis, we have the adorable Belle dress in Rainbowtastic, there are a bajillion (I may be exaggerating) hud options to change the dresses colour, but it really is cute as hell, with a variety of size options. Have a wonderful weekend my preciouses, I'm away to pick a fight! (Ok, maybe not, but it sounded good in my head and in my accent!) I'm really off to stalk my boyfriend some more.

Word of the Day: Poniard

Tune of the Day: Crossfade - Colours

From Left to Right : Poppy in Olive, Natural, Caramel and Snow.

Skin: Poppy - Olive by <FRESHFACE> NEW!
Hair: Bad Reputation - Wild Fusion by Exile
Headband & Necklace: Broche - Colours by Pepper
Dress: Belle Dress - Rainbowtastic by Praxis NEW!
Shoes: Helena by Redgrave

Muah <3

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Shake it like she's fearless...

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 Good evening chaps and chapesses! And what a glorious evening it is, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping! And it would be utterly perfect if it weren't for my health conscious smoke-alarm, it goes off every time a cigarette is lit... They're not meant to do that! Anywho's, maybe close to quitting time, I know my beloved little monkey faced boy would be happy, and stop making 'knock me up' jokes to make me quit :o I'll keep you posted on quitting, although i'm sure it will be noticeable in my rhetoric when I turn into a full blown bitch monster...I can see it now, "MY HAIR IS NEW, I LIKE IT SO P**S OFF" >.> Maybe not the best plan...
 Anyway, NEW STUFF! I've been out and about, I picked up a few delicious goodies from TDRF, and I'm also blogging SAKIDES stunning little bikini for the endless summer hunt... I lovey it! Frankly I love the majority of Kinu's work as we all know, and it's not just because she's adorably awesome with a hawt French accent! The quality is excellent and the prices are low as hell.

Word of the Day: Rhetoric

Tune of the Day: Puscifer - Queen B (My song, as my name's B and I proudly admit I have some junk in my trunk!)

Skin: Wednesday II - Magnetic - Ivory by Essences @TDFR Recent!
Hair: Little 03 by Magika
Headdress: Feather Crown Headband - Rare by Tee*fy @The Arcade
Bikini: Beach Forever - Cream by [ SAKIDE ] for Endless Summer hunt (start location here) NEW!
Tattoo: Swallow Hipsters by Ink'd Up
Necklace & Bracelets: Caprice Jewellery by [ glow studio ] @TDFR Recent!
Shoes: Deviant Shoes - Shock by JD @ TDFR Recent!

Muah! <3

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Dirty little girl don't care about her reputation...

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I have newishness for you today! Well, some new, and some recent, and some that is pretty ancient but no less awesome. Firstly we have a new jewellery release from Collisions, very pretty and delicate, it features earrings, bracelets and a necklace. It's available for Genre 2013. I also have more recent Truth, not his newest release, but no less prettyful, I wear my hair like this a lot in real life, more so when it was a bit longer, but it's such a comfy way of tidying it up with no effort, as any chica with bangs/fringe knows, some days that shit just doesn't want to behave, so pinning it back and going about your business is a miracle. And as I digress away from my point, I'll reiterate it, the hair is tits-bacon, go get it! I also have cute little shoesies I picked up at the arcade a few weeks ago, I like shoes and I like bows, so we goods! Alrighty, I'm off to make the bf watch something, I need to stick my feet up and relax and like snore at him, it's one of the many things he's good at, being my snuggle-monkey :P

Word of the Day: Falcate

Tune of the Day: Burn Halo - Dirty Little Girl

Skin: Cleo - America 10 E by Glam Affair
Hair: Delta - RedsFade02 by Truth
Jewellery: Cubiste Jewellery Set by Collisons @Genre 2013
Shoes: Delphine - Silver by Ingenue @The Arcade
Shirt: Truffle Top - Black by [AUX] @C88
Pants: Stefani Pants - Dark by Maitreya

Muah <3

Monday, 17 June 2013

Someday I will walk away, and say, you dissapoint me...

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I meant to get this post out yesterday, but, alas, it was one hell of a busy day. Sisters birthday, boyfriends birthday and fathers day all rolled into one, so alas, I had the family over for dinner, two roast chickens and a homemade cake later I just couldn't be arsed, sooo you're getting it today! We have yet more awesomeness from Truth in this one, along with some other bits and bobs! Enjoy <3

Word of the Day: Phosphoresce 

Tune of the Day:  A Perfect Circle - Passive

Skin: Cleo - America 10 E by Glam Affair
Hair: Colbie - Reds03Fade by Truth NEW!
Eyeliner: Colourful Eyeliner - Red/Black by Glam Affair @The Cosmetics Fair NEW!
Necklace: Thousand Deaths - Black by Goth1c0
Scar: Lust Tattoo by -UtopiaH- @ Perfect Wardrobe  NEW!
Skirt: Special Jerk - Black by !t
Shoes: Helena by Redgrave
Garter: Froufrou Garter by LOULOU&CO
Facial Piercing: Scorpio's Simplicity - Razor by -.HoD.-
Chest Piercing: Scorpio's Simplicity Part 2 VIP Set - Razor by -.HoD.- NEW!

Muah <3

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Tried to domesticate you, but you're an animal, baby it's in your nature...

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I know, I know, bandwagon jumper, I cannot get Blurred Lines out of my head, it's been in there all day, and what a day it's been. Firstly I had to trawl every shoe store in Edinburgh to get the cons my sister wants for her birthday (which is tomorrow) Secondly Royal Mail are assjackals, the guaranteed delivery by 1pm Saturday didn't happen, it's also my bf's birthday tomorrow and to top it all off, it's fathers day here tomorrow too, so I'm baking cake and roasting chickens (yes, plural) to feed the five thousand! And, and, I was only able to stay online for like half my set at Demonic because SL and NVidia don't like each other anymore. But alas, I have pretty hair and clothes, yay for Exile and Tee*fy!

Word of the Day: Palinode

Tune of the Day: Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines

Skin: Harley - peach 04 by [PF] @The Arcade
Hair: Celebrity Skin - Natural Fusion by Exile
Earrings: Sunray Earrings - Silver by [AUX] @C88
Shirt: Basic Knot Shirt - Black by Tee*fy @C88
Jeans: Mesh Skinny Jeans by Clusterphuk
Tattoo: Swallow Hipsters by Ink'D Up
Shoes: Saddle Shoes - Polka Dots by -tb-
Bracelets: Bangles - Black Dare by MG

Thursday, 13 June 2013

You so sexy, you can be my bad girl...

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New round of Perfect Wardrobe has started, whee! We have some super sexiness for the 7 dead sins... Sakide released these stunning corsets (with tango appliers as you can see!) Fantastic eyes from Zombie Suicide, horns from Milk, complete with cute little snakes... And last but not least makeup from Delusions, there are many more items available they simply didn't fit my look. I'm damn sure i'll be blogging the rest in the very near future! For now, enjoy! I'm off to stalk Shaggy around rift some mores...

Word of the Day: Xanthic

Tune of the Day: Everlast - Dirty

Skin: Cleo - America 10 E by Glam Affair
Hair: Candy - RedsFade03 by Truth Recent!
Eyes: Wrath Eyes v2 by :Z.S: @Perfect Wardrobe NEW!
Horns: My Needy Horns - Envy by *Milk* @Perfect Wardrobe NEW!
Makeup: Wrath Facepaint 4 by .::Delusions::. @Perfect Wardrobe NEW!
Collar: Posture Collar by Sinistyle
Corset: Sinful Corset - Wrath by [ SAKIDE ] @Perfect Wardrobe NEW!
Shoes: Helena by Redgrave

Muah! <3

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

I stand in the distance, I view from afar...

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 I have lots of pretties for you today, more from C88, the Arcade and newishness from Lelutka!after much mage of machines at the Arcade I got three of the rare's I wanted, one of which is in this pic, the legwarmers from Aux. Too bloody cute for words, and while I was on my Tee*fy headdress hunt I picked up two of these cute dresses. I decided to throw it all together with the stunning petal release of the Margot skin that Aida has done for this round of c88. Trust me you need this skin in your life. I adore pale skins, way more than tanned, mostly because I'm incredibly pale in real life and there's nothing wrong with lacking a tan! I love the sun and heat but sadly due to my fair (see ginger) father I burn really badly, so the factor 25 gets slapped on and off we go! Anywhos on with the blog, muchos plans this evening, I plan on stalking Shaggy through Rift as it goes free to play tonight, so that should be ... Interesting!

Word of the Day: Sward

Tune of the Day: Naked Heart - Confide in Me

Skin: Margot - Petal 02 by Glam Affair @C88 NEW!
Hair: Jada Hair - Marilyn Roots Fade by Lelutka Recent!
Dress: Aurelia Summer High-Low Dress - Crème by Tee*fy @The Arcade Recent!
Headphones: Radio headphones - Black and Crème by (fd) @ The Arcade Recent!
Legwarmers: Leg Warmers - Kitten (rare) by [Aux] @The Arcade Recent!
Necklace: Cross of Cordelia by MG @C88 NEW!
Feet: Barefeet by N-core
Eyes: Thunder Eyes by {D.A} @The Arcade Recent!
Scooter: Maroon Scooter by {What Next} @The Arcade Recent!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

You know me, I can't help myself...

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Well hello my preciouses, I do hope we are all well today, because I am fanf***igtastic. Muchos shopping and playing at c88, the arcade and basically just meandering around my favourite spots in SL... This is a rather random post incorporating a couple of bits of newness with some older items, but they're all fantastic, anywho's short and lazy post today, I've been out all day in rl hunting down perfect birthday gifts for my love monkey, it's his birthday on Sunday (D'aww) But, just to be awkward it's also Fathers day and my older sister's birthday... -.- At least I know what I'm getting her, leopard print onesie (With ears!) and a pair of cons in peach. So yes, short, short, short, it's movie night! <3

Word of the Day: Spelunk

Tune of the Day: NIN- Came Back Haunted

Skin: Cleo - America - 10E by Glam Affair
Hair: Lili - Garnet by D!va @C88 NEW!
Earrings: Flight Earrings - Crow by Paper Doll @ Mes Bric a Bracs NEW!
Necklace: Ball Chain - Happy Face by (Yummy) @C88 NEW!
Bracelets: Bold Wrist Cuffs - Titanium by *BOOM*
Shoes: Helena by Redgrave
Tights: Like a Sir by Q
Tattoo: Swallow Hipsters by Ink'D Up!
Shirt: Dirty Top - Black by -SU!-
Panties: Slide Panties - Dino by [ SAKIDE ] (older item billed as Sassy Kitty)
Model Form: My Batwinged Dress Form by Schadenfreude @ The Arcade NEW!

Muah! <3

Monday, 10 June 2013

You were my greatest mistake, I fell in love with your sin, your littlest sin...

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Good evening my lovelies, I have randomness for you today, nothing particularly new aside from Pekka's  pretty cross from the mes bric a brac event and of course Truths delicious newest offering to the pixelated universe Candy, I will get around to blogging not only his other releases but the new Exile and Lelutka at some point this week, I promise! But for now, I decided to throw this little beauty from SAKIDE on and rock my socks off... (Killing time while gold passes between my ally and horde characters, sold a battle pet for 20k, UNTZ!) Oh also, before I forget, never going to any sl functions with Shaggy ever again! We went to a friends wedding on Saturday (Congrats Dar & Wrayth!) annnd we're at the reception bit and out of nowhere he yelps out "Why is there a piss fountain?!?" I look around, blink rather slowly, give an exasperated sigh and point out it's meant to be champagne...Aside from that and changing his name to something DP related, he was very well behaved o.0

Word of the Day: Codger

Tune of the Day: Anberlin - Feel Good Drag



Skin: Lulu 09 by Glam Affair @ The Arcade
Hair: Candy - Red03Fade by Truth NEW!
Mask: Inside My Ego - Nightmare - Silver by Glam Affair
Horns: Great Taurus Horns by [ContraptioN]
Piercing: Scorpio's Simplicity by -.HoD.-
Tattoo: Around Hell Tattoo by -UtopiaH-
Outfit: Voulez-vous outfit - Black by [ SAKIDE ]
Tights: Crusader Tights by Q
Necklace: Pyr cross necklace by .Pekka. @Mes Brics a Bracs NEW!
Gloves: LipstickMuse - Black by The Plastik
Boots: Ballet Boots by *KaS*
Eye makeup layer: makeup 07 by Nuuna's
Eye Makeup prim: Pearl Embellished Eyeliner by Glam Affair

Muah <3

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Oh maybe, maybe it's the things we say...

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Good afternoon my little turnips of joy! I have pretties today! Some new, some old, all fabulous! I started off having one look planned and then Truth did it again, he went and released new hair while I was off in ze land of nod, so, I was going to scrap the original shot and  take the pics again with new hair, but... No! I've decided you can have two looks today, because I'm just that giving... (Plus it was too much like hard work) So the newness, I have on the first look, a delicious little skirt release from Praxis, very cute and easy to find a size that works without shape editing (A long resounding yay from me) The mesh shirt in that pic is also cute as hell, not new as such, but new to me, it's from alterego, whom I loves muchlies, and I love the way the shirt wrinkles under the bust, so realistic.  Onto look two, we have wonderful newness from SAKIDE, Ms. Kinu, I don't know how you do it, damn near every hunt/event that goes on you manage to have some awesomely saucy little outfit for us, and frankly, we just don't deserve it! This one is for the Thrift Shop and runs from June 8th to 29th. The top is a fringed number called the slinky top, and it comes in variety of colours and with appliers. The Hakari skirt also comes in a variety of colours (I say skirt, but it's more of a belt =p) Yes, yes, it's short, but I love it...  In the second look you'll also spot a blindfold amongst other bits and bobs, this blindfold is not available in store, but I will be putting the makers name out there should you desire it. It's beautifully scripted and works on the RLV viewer, but aside from that it looks stunning, mesh of course, and a perfect fit, with all those little wrinkles you'd expect... And finally, Meester Truth has done it again, this hair, oh my word I am completely in love with it, She is called Candy and there's a hint of the vintage Marcel wave, absolutely bloody stunning. You need to own this. And on that note, I'm off to hunt down lesser spotted Shaggy monsters and DJ my little zombie socks off at Demonic... ta ra! <3

Word of the Day: Trousseau

Tune of the Day: Suede - Trash

Look One:
Look Two:

Look One:

Skin: Cleo - America 10 by Glam Affair
Hair: Gattina - Reds04Fade by Truth
Shirt: Half Top - rawrnstuff by {alterego}
Skirt: Chloe - Zebra by Praxis NEW!
Boots: Studded Long Boots - Black by J's
Socks: Striped Socks - red/white by erratic

Look Two:

Skin: Cleo - America 11 by Glam Affair
Hair: Candy - Reds04Fade by Truth NEW!
Skirt: Hakari Skirt - Pattern by [ SAKIDE ] @Thrift Shop NEW!
Shirt: Slinky Top - Black by [ SAKIDE ] @Thrift Shop NEW!
Boots: Tall leather Thigh Boots by Slink
Tights: Dots Tights - Black by Mstyle
Choker: Precious Bow Collar - Pitch by *BOOM*
Blindfold: RLV Blindfold by eteocles resident (IM in world and say plzkthx gimme)

Muah! ta ra lovelies <3

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