Thursday, 30 May 2013

Dear darling, please excuse my writing...

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Firstly, forgive me, yes it's an Olly Murs song, but, what can I say, I like it...What have I got for you today, I have and odd look, I had the gardeners in again yesterday, and although they actually did a piss poor job of my lawn (left half the crap around the edges) It made me want to do these pics, so here they are. Once again we have the beautiful Cleo from Glam Affair with a starring role, add in a touch of Wasabi, some (fd), erratic and RO and you a bloomin' marvellous look (scuse the pun!) I've also decided to throw in some factoids about me in my blog, just random shit people either do or do not know about me... :O I'm very open, when I want to be :P (There's one!)
I smoke, filthy, disgusting habit, I'm well aware and more than anything I'd love to quit, and not just for me, but to make my boyfriend happy, he hates it and I love him, so yeah... Every time I start quitting, I screw it up. Another one, I have epilepsy, it's a serious condition and can profoundly effect my day to day life, this isn't normally something I share with the world, but I think it's a condition that deserves more attention than it gets. A lot (and I mean a lot suffer from it) and more than that, it's the simple things that are scary, when I was younger, before I ended up with this I used to love walking in the rain ( we get a lot of rain here :P) the feel of rain on my face, the smell of it, I loved it. Now I'm scared to walk places alone, my reason is this... How many people will stop to help someone collapsed on the ground? Most will simply assume you're on drugs or drunk and pass you by... Frightening thoughts. But alas, I don't want your sympathy, next time you see one of those epilepsy charity donation buckets lob your spare change in, help them work on better medications for us pavement ravers ^.~
And that's enough seriousness for today! :P Muah!

Word of the Day: No word, just this...

Tune of the Day: Olly Murs - Dear Darlin'



Skin: Cleo - America 10 E by Glam Affair
Hair: Sunny - Jellyfish by Wasabi Pills
Bow: Bow Headband in Black by -UtopiaH-
Gloves: Scissorhands by RO
Boots: Triumph Boots - Worn Loose -Male by [Gos]
Shorts: Jessy -Studded Shorts - Black by Erratic
Bustier: Corset Top - White by (fd)
Tattoo: Leg Garter and Gun by TaTToo PaRaDiSe
Necklace: Wild Honey Bee - Black by MG

Muah! <3

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

When we dance you have a way with me...

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Oh Cleo, how I love thee, I got a little shopping happy today, not only am I bringing you the loveliness that is the new Cleo skin from Glam Affair, I have smexies from SAKIDE and pretties from Exile... Let's start with Cleo, this skin is utterly stunning, the detail is simply perfect. She comes with a multitude of choices from lash layers and freckles to different nose styles, Aida has frankly outdone herself with this beauty,  and I for one didn't just buy the pictured makeup :P There shall be a lot more to come in future posts. Now onto SAKIDE, I sing Kinu's praises a lot, her ability to make stunning fashion affordable is commendable, many a conversation of the past involved me telling her she should put her prices up and her virtually cuffing me upside the head. People pay for quality, but in SAKIDE's case you don't have to, you get the quality at a very reasonable price and these little numbers from this round of perfect wardrobe are no exception, the dress and shoes fit the leather and lace brief in an oh so smexy way, the dress is short but doesn't show a ton of boob at the same time, it's classy with a hint of side boob, love it. And the spikey shoes are cute as hell. All I can really add is go to perfect wardrobe, fly my pretties! And to finish we have a lovely new do from Exile, I wasn't always as big a fan of Exile as I am now, but these every new release has me wanting more, and Hearts don't break even is no exception, it's a side swept over one shoulder number with loose waves and a hint of vintage to it. All in all a fun days shopping, putting together this look was terribly easy, the dress and hair combination along with the red lips on this Cleo makeup had me picturing a smoky back room of a 1940's bar...So enjoy :D
And with that, I'm off to lounge seductively around on a piano near Shaggy-monster and look smexy n shiz :P

Word of the Day: Noir

Tune of the Day: Anita Kelsey - Sway (Ps. Dark City, epic movie <3 Just Sayin')



Skin: Cleo - America 11 by Glam Affair NEW!
Hair: Hearts Don't Break Even - Wildcards - Frost by Exile NEW!
Dress: Ada Dress - Black by [ SAKIDE ] @Perfect Wardrobe NEW!
Shoes: Ada Pumps - Black by [ SAKIDE ] @Perfect Wardrobe NEW!
Tattoo: Leg Melodrama -Bird by TaTToo PaRaDiSe
Bracelets&Anklets: Spiked Collar and Bracelets by Bowtique
Cigarette&Holder: Parisian Cigarette and Holder - Clove by The Sea Hole
Nails&Ring:  Pin-Up Mustache Hand Set by -UtopiaH-

Muah <3

Sunday, 26 May 2013

I'll wrap my hands around your neck so tight with love...

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Good evening lovelies! I have some newness and some oldness for you today, this is a seriously short post as I've been procrastinating for the past few hours while I should of been posting, and I've now got things to do and a love monkey to stalk. I have my reasons (Not letting him out my sight kthx)  I do hope you enjoy these pretties from Redmint and utopiah, The tattoo is one of utopiahs releases for perfect wardrobe and also comes with tango appliers, it's super cute and there is also a full neck version. The little lacy top is a recent release from Redmint and i'm in lust with it. So many ways to wear it, but I've chosen lingerie, there's also a version suited to wearing with lolas so again perfect for the bigger busted ladies out there. Anywho's enjoy the post! <3

Word of the Day: Topos

Tune of the Day: Up In The Air - 30 Seconds To Mars

Skin: Margot - America 04 by Glam Affair
Hair: Crazy In Love - Frost by Exile
Earrings: Lovestruck Skull Earring - Rose by {Cherry} @SL Fashion Week
Tattoo: Drops of Lace Tattoo - Faded by -UtopiaH- @PW NEW!
Top: Dwindle Top - no.1 by (r)M NEW!
Panties: Naive Panties - Peach by Sn@tch
Tights: Fishnet wide - White by Erratic
Boots: Megas boots - white by TEN"10

Muah! <3

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Let's go to bed before you say something real, let's go to bed before you say how you feel...

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*Bounces* Because it's you! It's always you! Tra la la... Ok, I cannot actually get this song out of my head... I just love it. Rather sad I know, but's it's simply ace. Anywho's sorry once again for being a slacker pants but give me this one it was my birthday on Tuesday, and then I had to spend yesterday and last night reading one of the epic books I received (The new Stephen Leather 'Nightshade') It's just... I think I'm in love with a fictional character, and it's not Mr Darcy. Anywho's fashion! I put together this little look for funs, I came over all demony after I did my first shift djing at demonic this morning (total blast) Possibly the most fun I've had djing in years, even when we crashed the sim (oops!) wonderful crowd and no genre constraints! Yay! So enjoy the look and I'm off to read another birthday pressie, Shaggy got me zombie themed pressies including one of those choose your own fate books, it looks hysterical, sadly knowing my luck I'll be dead by page ten. le sigh.

Word of the day: Genethliac

Tune of the Day: The Vaccines - I always knew

Skin: Thursday 01 -beach by Essences
Hair: Gattina - Red05fade by Truth
Tattoo:  NightKandahar by Gok
Fades: Demon Fades - Noir by The Plastik
Antlers: Mythic Dryad Antlers - Silver by Epic
Ears: Feathered Ears by Spare Parts
Mask: Mesh face mask - Skulls  by Alterego
Dress: Mesh Skeletorn Bubble Dress - Black/Hot pink by Epic
Boots: Hoof Boots - Black by GW
Bangles: (quickly thrown together by me to cover dodgy wrists :O )

Muah! <3

Sunday, 19 May 2013

At the end of it all, I still miss you...

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Afternoon lovelies, I have pretties from Suicidal Unborn for you today, I'm in love with Ms Cyberstar's tutu's they're utterly adorable, and of course I'm still rocking out with my Truth out, I simply cannot help it, these hairs are just... Stunning. The boots are another fave of mine the Deuz boots from A&Y, the texturing on them is wonderful, and although I've blogged them before they will keep popping up. A rather short post as I feel a little hung-over, had a friends birthday party last night. And of course it's my 31st on Tuesday, so double celebrations! it was a good laugh though. Shaggy's off being a boy and watching the footy (Foreigners see soccer) So Ive been left to my own devices and it's turned into Static-X hour. One of their songs, Skinny Man popped into my tunes and I had completely forgotten how much I adore em' It's been a while since I've dj'd Rock/Metal now... Over a month, so my rocky stuffs all poofed out of rotation! Terrible!

Word of the Day: Darg

Tune of the Day: Static - X - Skinny Man

Skin: Margot 04 - America by Glam Affair
Hair: Lotus - Black&White04Fade by Truth
Tattoo: Paisley Temptress by Para Designs
Shirt: Random Shirt Black - Zombie Pony by SU
Skirt: Tutu Skirt - Black by SU NEW!
Cuffs: Picky Wrist by Delicious
Ring: Black Cranium Ring - Red by [ SAKIDE ]
Nails: Long Rounded Nails by Mstyle
Boots: Deuz Boots Metallic - black by A&Y

Enjoy! <3

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Just because you feel good, doesn't make you right...

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Good afternoon my little poppets! more pretties! One of SAKIDES many offerings for the world goth fair 2013 (May 15-31) for starters, I love this outfit, it's very pin uppish to me, high waisted shorts and a very cute little studded bra top. Also rocking out in yet more Truth, the man has outdone himself with these recent releases, I'm adoring not only the styles but the new colour combinations too, simply stunning! You definitely need to get to both the WGF2013 event (50% of the profits from this wee ensemble, which includes the snazzy arm warmers and white/dark metal/spike options goes to the Sophie Lancaster foundation!) And down to Truth, remember to pack your credit cards, you'll need them! Wandering off to nom Shaggy's face now :O Bai! x

Word of the Day : Hedonist

Tune of the Day:  Skunk Anansie - Hedonism

Skin: Thursday 01 - Beach by Essences
Hair: Sadie - Colour01Fade by Truth NEW!
Choker: Kousa necklace by Cobrahive
Outfit: Inkubus  Outfit - Black by [ SAKIDE ] @WGF2013 NEW!
Boots: Tall Leather Thigh Boots - Black by Slink

Muah! <3

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee...

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Evening my pretties, I have super, stunningly gorgeous new Truth hairs for you today, I refuse to post them all in one blog because I plan on wearing them to death. I also have a few more bits from C88 annnnd a new release from Praxis! These pants are just adorable, dropped on my face last night I kinda fell in love, so yay, pants! They come in several colour options but I think this rainbow one is my favourite. Shorty post because I'm djing soon and I was dicking around raiding on wow way longer than I should of been... But it's all Shaggy's fault, nods nods.

Word of the Day: Vanity

Tune of the Day: Marilyn Manson - You're So Vain (ft Johnny Depp)

Skin: Margot - America 04 by Glam Affair
Hair: Abra - Colours01fade by Truth NEW! (temp location)
Makeup: Margot 03 by Glam Affair
Piercing: Scorpio's Simplicity Piercing by HoD @The Gallery Gift Shop NEW!
Tattoo: Into the sea you n me by [Reckless]
Shirt: Messy Crop Top - Pizza Party by (fd) @C88
Pants: Serenity Leggings by Praxis NEW!
Bracelets: Summertime Easy Living by MG @C88
Ring: Melt My Heart by [AUX] @C88
Feet: Barefeet by N-core
Headband: Catty Headband by LaGyo

Muah! <3

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Wouldn't it be nice?

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Good afternoon you little truffles of lurve and fashion sense! I have stuff! I know, I know, I am slacking, but, but... In my defence, sod it, I have no excuse, cuff me officer! Anywho's my blog today is wishful thinking... We had snow over the weekend. Summery, relaxed and pretty! Mostly from C88, I got carried away, with the exception of new Kirst shoes from Girlicious and the stunning Scarlet hair from Lelutka, which I'm utterly in love with... And just to be utterly different and follow through on the summeryness I have a tan skin on :O It's a sunny day here for once, so I'm doing what any sane Scot would do, I'm putting the heating on, while I stalk Shaggy in wow.

Word of the Day: Quacksalver

Tune of the Day: The Beach Boys - Wouldn't it be Nice?

Kirst pumps by Girlicious, ooooh Spikey!

Skin: Margot - India 01 by Glam Affair @C88
Hair: Scarlet - MarilynFade by Lelutka
Tiara: Sunshine On a Rainy Day Tiara by MG @C88
Necklace: Summertime Easy Living by MG @C88
Bracelet: Summertime Easy Living by MG @C88
Ring: Melt My Heart by [AUX] @C88
Shirt: Just Frills - Violet Anchor by [AUX] @C88
Pants: Coated Denim - Silver by ISON @C88
Shoes: Krist Pumps v2 by Girlicious NEW!
Umbrella: Sunbrella - Blue by (Yummy) @C88

Muah! <3

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Once I Ran To You, Now I Run From You...

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I have newness my little honey badgers! Firstly I have more cute pants from FUH.Q, baggy around the crotch isn't usually my style, but I am seriously digging these! I also have a posture collar from Praxis, the Temperance collar is unreleased right now, but worth waiting for, beautifully made and styled with an easy to use hud with 12 design options. Shorty post because I'm having an old friend for dinner... (Lies, my nephews are coming over, but, that sounded good and I'm on a Hannibal kick)
Ok, I'm off to eat Shaggy's liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti <3

Word of the Day: Snafu

Tune of the Day: Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love

Skin: Margot - 04 America by Glam Affair
Hair: Adile -BlueNightFade by Lelutka
Hairband: Bullet Headband by crush
Bullets: Bullet Shoulder Strap by ~Pepper~
Collar: Temperance by Praxis NEW!
Arm Warmers: Leather Armwarmers by [ SAKIDE ]
Shirt: Bandana - Black scarf top by [Etchaflesh]
Pants: [PC] - Black by Fuh.Q NEW!
Boots: Triumph Boots -Male - Worn by [Gos]
Tattoo: Snakebite - medium by ::Para Designs::

This post shoulda been out hours ago, but someone had a moon moon moment and hit save instead of publish... Oops... <3

Thursday, 9 May 2013

And baby even on our worst nights, I'm into you...

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Good afternoon my little sugarplum, love chipmunk, angel faces! I have slacked, but it's more due to the fact I'm a lazy ass rather than World of Warcrack, honest :P Kinda :P I have lots of pretty newness! Glam Affair at Collabor88, new Lelutka hair that I am completely in love with, messy high buns are just wonderful creations and I rock them just as much in real life as I do in sl. And lastly but not least we have a little bit of SAKIDE to round us off. I wanted to keep the look casual and these baggy tee's Kinu released are simply perfect, there's an array of cute kawaii designs, and then the simple block colours, a dark pack, and a light pack. These packs are only 120L each, total bargain, like everything Ms. Kinu sells :P
I also feel the need to add in here that my song of the day is firstly entirely Alex's fault(Woman I've had this on repeat all day) Yet it's dedicated to my squishy little love-monkey face. Because yep, I'm still into him.

Word of the Day: Whangdoodle (Didn't make it up :O)

Tune of the Day: Paramore - Still Into You

Skin: Margot -Europa 02 by Glam Affair @c88 NEW!
Hair: Adile - Bournville Fade by Lelutka NEW!
Necklace: Kitsch Necklace by [ glow ] studio
Bracelets: Bold Wrist Cuff by *BOOM*
Tattoo: Banned in London by [Reckless]
Shirt: Baggy Tee - White by [ SAKIDE ] NEW!
Leggings: leggings - cross by .:villena:.
Shoes: studded sneaker - black/pink by ~pepper~

Muah! <3

Monday, 6 May 2013

Invigoration, angulation, moral acts of indignation...

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Good afternoon lovelies, I have newness for you today in the shape of pants! Fuh.Q have released these stunning pants in many a design and they are simply oh so damned cute. I adore the current popularity of wide sash waists and skinny legs, it's adorable. And these are a wonderful addition to any spring wardrobe. The only issue, is the sizing, they come in small, medium and large, and sadly if you have a smaller or more petite Barbie they will have you reaching for the sliders in the hip/ass area. It's a minor infraction for something so cute, and I for one am quite willing to make a saddle-bag sacrifice. With over 16 designs to choose from I'll only be sharing a sample from each pack, but take my word for it, entirely worth purchasing. On a non fashion related note, I am back in World of War-Crack! (Blame Shaggy!) I promise, scouts honour not to let the game get in the way of the blog... Again :P we rerolled horde chars yesterday and swapped rolls, my mains a hunter, his was a priest, so now I have a baby priest and he has a baby hunter, and guess what! It's fun again! I always have oodles of fun when we play games together. It's kinda how we hooked up, D3, lot's of bear gear... Homo-erotic suggestion, romance etc.

Word of the Day: Indignation

Tune of the Day: VNV Nation - Cold

Pants From Top Left to Right: IZARA Skinnies - Leopard, ZP Skinnies - Purple
 and REBEL Skinnies -Blue all by FUH.Q

Skin: Margot - America 04 by Glam Affair
Makeup: Margot Makeup 03 by Glam Affair
Hair: Gemini - My Little Pony by !lamb.
Headband: Bullet Headband -black by crush
Choker: The Shadow Lord Choker by Ronsem
Bewbs: Tango by Lolas
Facial and Chest Tattoos: Combat Ink Set - #2 by -UtopiaH-
Wrist and Hip Tattoos: Cross Tattoos by Bias. (currently having a 55L retirement sale)
Upper Arm Tattoo: Into the sea you n me by [Reckless]
Bracelets: Bold Wrist Cuff - Titanium by *BOOM*
Shoes: Coquette - Clear Pink by N-core
Top: Missy Top Black w/appliers by **
Pants: REBEL Skinnies - Purple by FUH.Q NEW!

Ta- ra lovelies! <3

Sunday, 5 May 2013

How can we dance when our earth is turning? How do we sleep while our beds are burning?

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Good afternoon lovelies, Ive been slacking for a couple of days, I know, I know, I suck... Real life and all that, had some fun times taking care of smelly nephews and some awesome time fannying around with Shaggy, good games, good movies, that sort of thing... And onto fashions! New hair from Magika is utterly adorable and makes me completely happy in the pants. I've been after a not so sculpted looking mesh up do for a while and this one delivers, pretty little tendrils around the face and a messy side bun, just lovely. I had been going to post this as a head shot only, because I am just that lazy, but ended up doing a full look after all, I did get a little mon tissue crazy, another staple of mine, and favourite, from the moment of discovery I've adored that store, the mesh work and hand drawn, so pretty! Do enjoy! <3

Word of the Day: Loyalty (I got this idea from someone I knows facebook, sadly not many know the real meaning, too willing to bend you over without the courtesy of a reach around, eh?)

Tune of the Day: Fox - Beds are Burning

Skin: Thursday 01 Beach by Essences
Hair: Honest 03 by Magika NEW!
Bra: Floral Lingerie by {mon tissu}
Necklace: Take Flight necklace by {mon tissu}
Shorts: Hanalei shorts - Black by {mon tissu}
Bracelets and Anklets: Wanderer Bracelets worn as anklets too by *League*
Headband: bow2 funk BB by (TokiD)
Feet: Barefeet by N-core
Eye Makeup: Vintage Cat Eyeliner 3 by .Pekka. @Cosmetics Fair
Tattoo: Whats dead can neverdie by [Reckless]

Mwah!, Happy Sunday (Just don't think about tomorrow!) <3


Friday, 3 May 2013

Mutilation is the most sincere form of flattery...

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Good afternoon m'dears! What a miserable bloody day it is here, I had all these plans to go do some gardening, wash the outside of my windows, and be... Productive... Alas, It's Scotland outside, rain is a season all on it's own. On the fashion front I have a couple of pieces of newness for you today, an adorable little mesh skirt from Girlicious, it comes with an easy to use colour change hud, and of course, the name meant I had to blog it, the Scottish skirt! It does look a bit more like a skater skirt than a kilt, but it has a tartanesque (New word, don't judge) design, and altogether, very cute. I also picked up these super-cute tights at fashion week, they have cute little knee designs, there's a few to choose from, or why not all? :P They're brought to us by okkbye, who consistently create some of the cutest shiz on the grid. Also, did I mention I'm in love with Landon Mode of reckless mesh sleeve tattoo's? I think this one has to be my favourite...Even the name makes me smile, into the sea, you n me. Onto a rant now, what is with putting silly little messages for people in profiles? I've even gone and done it now, someone made a bitchy comment about me in one, but really dear, it's been a year, get over yourself. We're happy, jealousy is not an attractive trait. Ps. You look like a man. (I get the impression she stalks from an alt) On the Shaggy and Neverwinter front, both are awesome, I'm really enjoying playing an mmo with him again, I missed that even if we did log like 200 hours in Diablo, doesn't count :D

Word of the Day: Ratiocination

Tune of the Day: Marilyn Manson - Mutilation is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery

Skin: Thursday - 01 beach by Essences
Hair: Thrive - White 05 by [e]
Eye Makeup: Black Eyeliners - 4 by .Pekka. @The Cosmetics fair
Necklace: Broche necklace - Colour by ~Pepper~
Ring: Broche Ring by ~Pepper~
Skirt: Scottish Skirt by *+*Girlicious*+*
Shirt: Elyse Wrapped Tucked Tank - Black by Tee*fy
Tights: Kneepad Tights - Star by [okkbye] @ SL Fashion Week
Boots:  Kboots - black by Ju
Bag: Elegant Leather Bag - Black by [ SAKIDE ]
Tattoo: Into the sea you n me by [Reckless]

Muah! <3

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

For the hearts you break, everytime you moan...

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Good morning lovelies, so, I have stuff! And more stuff, and it's pretty! We have some new Exile, a little bit of the cosmetics fair and SL Fashion Week... I couldn't find a top to wear, so ... Well, didn't bother wearing one :P Made life simpler! Pictures are a tad bit further ahead, but no point scrolling you perverts, there's no nipples! I've also decided to stop being a traffic whore :O I've been out of DJ work for a couple of weeks now, and holy crap I hate it, it's funny, I was starting to burn a little toward the end, but now, all I want to do is DJ, so I go look at these clubs, and the majority have pretty low traffic and I wrinkle my nose and move along, I really am an attention whore. But there's more to it, what I really want, is a place that isn't frequented by the same crowds, or has the same the DJ's I've worked with before. New starts, peace, tranquillity and somewhere to get my attention whore on! I know now I'm never going back, and that does make me sad, but we all have to move on, right? I found a place this morning that seems kinda perfect, so we'll see :D Had fun in Neverwinter, I can see that game taking up a fair bit of time, Shaggy was being a butt and hiding, of course, trying to hide a half orc... Not so easy, and I made a new character already called Moon Moon... Hi5 if you get it :P

Word of the Day: Polliwog

Tune of the Day: Deftones - Minerva

Skin: Margot - America 04 by Glam Affair
Hair: You've Got The Love - Wild Fusion by Exile NEW!
Makeup: Margot Makeup 02 by Glam Affair @ The Cosmetics Fair
Tattoo: Banned in London by [Reckless]
Necklace: Thousand Deaths - Black by Goth1c0
Pants: C r e w mesh skinny - candy by Ariskea @ Fashion Week NEW!
Shoes: ME GLAMOROUS - Black by ChaChaDee!
Headband: Spiky Headband - Black by -UtopiaH-

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