Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Those three words are said too much, theyre not enough...

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Good afternoon my darlings, I have had a fun filled frolicking morning so far, saw Doctor about my knee, had breakfast with an old woman, sang songs to my boyfriend via text, all the enjoyable things a soon to be middle aged (I don't see myself living past 62 =p ) person should get up to on a sunny Tuesday. And now, I blog! Therefor I am, or some other dross like that. But I have super duper pretties for you, newness from SAKIDE, this dress, oh this dress, I saw it pop up on my flickr and made grabby hands, I had to have it. It is not on release until May 1st for the Aeva Heartsick Fundraiser.
"Amesha Jewell is the owner and creator of Aeva // Heartsick. She has been creating in Second Life for the last 5 years. Amesha’s computer is slowly dying. Being unable to afford a new computer due to physical illnesses that prevent her from working in the Real World", her friends Feather Fallen and Tabitha Faith have decided to gather designers and organize this fundraiser to help her.
More than 30 stores are participating. This dress is just one of the many great items on offer and 60%of the profit made by all the items setup is going to Amesha. For further details clicky here! Back to the dress, as always attention to detail is awesome, didn't have to adjust my shape to find one of the 5 sizes to fit, she's wearing xs, and there's still a smaller option. As well as size options there are three colour options, black on black, black and grey and black and white. Simply put, bloody love it. I also have tattoo prettiness from Reckless, Landon Mode's old school mesh tat's are just stunning. Size options, phenomenal detail and I must have them all. A bit like Pokémon really o.0 I also stopped by the cosmetics fair (again) and got a bit carried away, as you do, picked up some more Pekka, Glam Affair, Dead Apples and Essences awesomeness... Some is worn in this post others are to be saved for future endeavours... Alrighty, I better get on with this. I have a date with a boy, by boy I mean a Shaggy monster, we have a new open beta going live in a couple of hours... Rawr.

Word of the Day:  Cull

Tune of the Day: Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars

Skin: Thursday Beach 01 by Essences
Hair: Tied Up Hair - Heat 02 by (epoque hair)
Crown: Flower Crown - The plague by Beusy
Arm Tattoo: what's dead can never die by [Reckless]
Chest Tattoo: devil - Light by .Pekka.
Eye Makeup: Black Eyeliners - 3 by .Pekka. @Cosmetics Fair
Teeth: Regular Teeth by {D.A} @Cosmetics Fair
Bracelets: Bracelet - Sedona Valley Gypsy by MG
Dress: Somrig Dress Black/W by [ SAKIDE ] @ Aeva Heartsick Fundraiser (May 1st- 14th)
Tights: Pistol Tights by Q
Necklace: Double Cross necklace by Bellballs (Unavailable)
Boots: Hoof Boots - Black by [GW]

Muah! <3


Monday, 29 April 2013

Show me how you do it, and I'll promise you, I promise that I'll run away with you...

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Good afternoon you captivated little shopperinos, before we get to the shopping, I must tell you all that my boyfriend is an evil, evil monkey. I told him that I'd finished re-watching the season 1-7 reboots of Doctor Who and that I'd started watching Sex and the City from the beginning again and he muted me! Ok, not what really happened, he muted himself for some unrelated reason, but not how I'm telling it... Bad enough having a man who hates Doctor Who, but fashion too?!? Sacrilege! Good thing he has other qualities that outweigh these. Anywho's, newness from Girlicious, and FUH.Q today, so do enjoy, as I am off to start running my monk through Nightmare Diablo 3, I already have three level 60's but, it's still all rather exciting for me... And I keep finding fez's and you know what. Fez's ARE cool!

Word of the Day: Hellion

Tune of the Day: The Cure - Just Like Heaven

Skin: Thursday - 01 beach by Essences
Hair: Brianna w/roots - Blaze by Truth
Tank Top: Snow White - Red by FUH.Q NEW!
Jeans: Jane Jeans - Dirty by . not so bad .
Dress: Zone's Off Shoulder Dress by Cynful
Sneakers: Joggers - red by [ hoorenbeek ]
Tattoo: Birds Tattoo 1 by ~Pepper~
Earrings: Terra Cotta Swirl Gauge by .:CoLL:.
Necklace: Forever Infinite by .:CoLL:.
Nails: DivaNails by *+*Girlicious*+* NEW!

ttfn lovelies! <3


Sunday, 28 April 2013

Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon...

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So, today, I am jumping a bandwagon! Teshan over at Slexy Fashionista posted This and offered up a challenge to create your own khaleesi inspired looks, now, as an avid Game of Thrones fan I jumped all over it. And more than that it gives me a HUGE excuse to talk about the show! My personal views are expressed herein and no other =p. It's a complex series, with many personal stories intermingling and entwining set in such a vast world that some people are completely turned off by it. These people for the most part have not read the books, it's easier to get to grips with the TV show when you have, and that is just something I've observed lately. I could go into the complex plot lines and character development, but I'm not gonna :p I will touch on last week's episode and this current series though. It has been lacking for me. It's drifted from the book details a little and left me confused, the timeline over the loss of Jaime's hand. Of course, like the book, it's hard not to start to like him, even if he did toss a small child from a tower (!) And the Ramsay Snow stuff... Where was the hunt... What was with the befriending? I mean it's clear who it is... And he did take him back... But, but... He's supposed to be the most vicious butthead out there, and he was like... Diet evil, so hopefully he'll up the game and stuff. And just when I was a little miffed and left feeling slightly used, it happened, Khaleesi did it... That moment she spoke her mother tongue, that one command to Dracarys, and burn, baby burn, no more slaver... Wonderful, riveting, and I for one was rather saddened to see it end, and I am left champing at the bit for tonight's offering. If you have never watched Game of Thrones or read the Song of Fire and Ice series,  be assured, it is a veritable cornucopia of blood, sex, action, nudity, hilarity (mostly from the Tyrion front) and drama. Worth watching.
But, back to the post. My inner Khaleesi is a classical look, basterdising her in any other way just isn't in me. So here goes, and do enjoy! And no doubt I'll be smacked around by Shaggy later for getting a detail or two wrong in this post :P He is a die hard fan and knows so much! It's AWESOME.

Word of the Day: Stark   (I did not pick this! Winter is not coming, blame word of the day!)

Tune of the Day: Suede - The Beautiful Ones


Skin:  Thursday beach 01 by Essences
Hair: Abbey - White 05 by [e]
Top: So Sari Wrap - Night by :V.e.
Skirt: Veronika rigged mesh skirt- Black by Spirit Store
Eye-makeup: cosmetics - black liners - Raccoon by [[Mozz]]
Dragon: Black/Red Dragonet by Wynxworks (Thank you Shaggy <3)

Muah! <3 Thar be dragons!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

I never stopped to think of you, I'm always wrapped up in things I cannot win...

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Good afternoon my lovelies, this shall be an incredibly short post as I'm off to hobble around after my snotty and smelly little nephew faces! They want to bake... Cue fire engines and blood loss o.0 But, today's look! Cute-ness! I have a stunning little frock from SAKIDE, this is a hunt release for TFF2013 (also known as the Key of Hope Hunt) I really do love this dress and would totally wear it in real life, sunning on a beach somewhere tropical :D Any who's the hunt starts HERE, so what are we waiting for? Go, go, go! Not much to say to Shagginess today, I probably won't see much of him until tonight *sadface* But, I loves him and he knows it.
Edit: The Key of Hope event will NOT be active until May 1st. And I quote "We have mutually decided that we have no alternative but to temporarily close Key of Hope - The Final Chapter for a few days to allow a full rebuild of the systems behind the game."

Word of the Day: Aleatory

Tune of the Day: Crossfade- Cold

Skin: Artic Valentine - Amberly 01By Glam Affair (Unavailable) old c88
Hair: Shiro - Magnate10 by [BURLEY]
Bow: Briar Bow - White by RO
Eyeliner: Pearl Embellished Eyeliner - White by Glam Affair
Tattoo: Snakebite -Color medium by :::Para Designs:::
Dress: Pixie Dress - Pink by [ SAKIDE ] @ FF2013 hunt (key of hope)
Shoes: Hebi Pumps - White by [ SAKIDE ] @ FF
Leggings: Fishnet Wide 3/4th - White by erratic
Wrist Cuffs: Fearless wrist Cuffs - Silver by *BOOM*

<3 muah!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Come as you were, as you are, as I want you to be... As a friend, as a friend, as an old enemy...

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Morning my adorable little lovies, I am still rather out of it, so this shall also be a somewhat short post. But, I bring newness from both Girlicious and Villena, I really do love Louine from Girlicious accessories, her last bag releases was adorable and this one takes it up a notch even, it comes with a hud and there's nine texture options including penguins! (But penguins are evil!) All in all, awesome value and available in her main store now! Let's move onto Villena, I love, love Villena's mesh work and this dress, how I love this dress. It makes me so, so happy in the pants. Frankly it's dresses like this that mean I need to find a new DJ gig again soon or I won't be able to buy them! (OH NOES!) The detail on it is stunning, no glitches around the cut outs, the little studs don't vanish when you pan out... It's just perfect. Oh and no shop modding to fit! WIN. Anywho's, enjoy the pics, and happy shopping, I'm off to annoy the Shagginess while he plays Dead Island Riptide (I'm just jealous because I don't have it yet)

Word of the Day: Schadenfreude

Tune of the Day: Civil Twilight - Come As You Are

Skin: Thursday 01 -Beach by Essences
Hair: Velvet w/roots - Night by Truth
Makeup: S.Eyeliners M6 - Silver by - DAMNED -
Dress: Baseball Sweatshirt Dress in Burgundy by .:villena:. NEW!
Bag: Yummi Bag by *+*Girlicious*+* NEW!
Bracelets: Enigma Bracelets by .:*LOULOU&CO*:.
Nails: Sculpted Long Nails by dl::
Scarf: LongScarf - Scull #Spink print -gold by R.icielli
Tights: Dotz Tights - Black by Mstyle
Boots: Studded long boots - Black by J's

Thursday, 25 April 2013

SL Disneybounding Week 7 : Kuzco

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Everyone loves a Llama! Kuzco was funny as hell, and i'm so amused by this weeks disneybounding challenge, so here goes, short and sweet, but I do hope you enjoy, I bring you smexy newness from dollle* for the outfit! As Kuzco is a tad bit flamboyant I felt the tiered ruffled outfit fitted the look perfectly! Alrighty, I need to run away pronto- quicko, as when it doesn't rain it pours here in bonnie Scotland (Not always literally either) But this daft blogger managed to dislocate her knee again this morning, and is planning on spending the rest of her night snuggling her fuzzy man bear and watching Supernatural. <3 (While high on pain pills) Also, David Spade = Win.
Also, edit to add a link back to Natalee's original post at Styleminions because i'm in pain and drugged up and all those shenanigans, do'h...

Word of the Day: Stooge

Tune of the Day: The Emperor's New Groove Opening Song (Perfect World)

Skin: Margot - America 04 by Glam Affair @C88
Hair: Belle - CoalMine by Lelutka
Outfit: 053 Tiered Ruffle Back Outfit by {dollle*} NEW!
Shoes: Cassia Sandals - Black by SLink
Earrings: MaruMara Earring/Aegean -Blue by [MANDALA]
Necklace & Bracelets: Kitsch bracelet and necklace by [ glow ] studio @C88
Choker: Choker LHG - Gold by -RYCA-
Bindi: Exotic Berjuang Tari Bindi 4 1 by ~Soedara~

Enjoy the rest of your evening kiddies! <3

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

I took you home, set you on glass... I pulled off your wings, then I laughed...

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Just a wee quickie short post before I venture into the land of nod with a good book, well, not quite nod, I spent the afternoon geeking it out in the library with my nephews. Libraries are wonderful places, so...Perfect, all that knowledge waiting to be ingested, that makes me sound like an utter weirdo, let's strike that from the record and carry on with the fashion, k? Before I bugger off I shall be watching The Following with my fuzzy wee lovey bear serial killer and there shall be shenanigans of the Defiance nature also. But yes,the fashion, of course... Cynful, I don't mention Cynful enough, Cynful's a staple for me, I always buy the event pieces and I always buy the new releases. And without fail, I love them dearly. Well made and easy to fit to my Barbie. Bliss in mesh form. <3

Word of the Day: Prose

Tune of the Day: Deftones - Change (in the house of flies)

Skin: Luria 06 by Glam Affair (last Round of The Arcade)
Hair: Rykiel -Coalmine by Lelutka
Hat: Officer Hat by Sinistyle
Collar: Posture Collar No.04 by (r)M
Piercings: Dermal Spike Piercing and Labret Piercing by <-Puncture->
Brows: Miss Sassy Brow - Black by "tsg"
Makeup: Combat Ink Set -Face Ink by -UtopiaH- @Perfect Wardrobe NEW!
Eyeliner: Pearl Embellished Eyeliner - White by Glam Affair
Nails&Knuckles: Spiked Knuckles and Long Nails by -UtopiaH-
Tattoo: Around Hell - FadedW/o Neck by -UtopiaH-
Cuffs: Picky by ..::Delicious::..
Tights: Crusader Tights by Q
Boots: Deuz Boots - Metallic by A&Y
Dress: First Date - Red by Cynful @C88
Gun: Eightballs by *BREACH* (What can I say, leftover's from my rp days, they're pretty!)

Toodles! <3

Monday, 22 April 2013

Back off or I'll break you, and that's how everything goes down...

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Morning sweeties! So I've spent far too much time recently watching Doctor Who, much to Shaggy's chagrin, I really don't understand how people can dislike it, it's so awesome... Anyways, I've come to the conclusion you watch it too much when everyone becomes 'sweetie' 'Allons-Y' is now used instead of 'walkies' when taking the dogs out, shenanigans is my favourite word ever oh and I spent a good ten minutes considering changing Acacia's name to River Song this morning... But, I didn't... Almost the whole outfit I have on is from C88, the shirt, shorts and tights and necklace anyways. The bag's also a new release from Girlicious and utterly adorable it comes in a glittery and non glittery option. The necklace from MG is so so cute, the robot is changey colour :O so of course I had a sleeping beauty fairy moment (Make it pink! Make it blue! etc) But, in all, I can safely say, I love every item my little mcslooty Barbie is wearing today! I hope you also enjoy. Hector says hi, he'd also like some cheese.

Word of the Day: Chagrin

Tune of the Day: Zornik - Black Hope Shot Down

Skin: Clover 01 -Sunkissed by Essences
Eyes: Shine Eyes v2 - Light Brown & Light Grey (bloodshot) by .ID.
Hairband: Crown of Thorns - White by RO
Eye Piercing: Eye Piercing (Inner & Outer) studs by <-Puncture->
Nose Piercing: Nose "Swirl" by Cobrahive
Necklace: Robot Dream Ride - Group All by MG @C88 NEW!
Bag: SkullBag - Black by *+*Girlicious*+* NEW!
Shirt: Rachel Ruffle Sweater - Axis Long by Tee*fy @C88 NEW!
Shorts: Denim Bermuda Shorts by -tb- @C88 NEW!
Tights: Soft Dottie Leggins - Black by Tee*fy @C88 NEW!
Boots: Triumph Boot - Loose Black by [Gos]
Nails and Knuckles: Spiked Knuckles and Long Nails by -UtoiaH-
Bracelets: Bold Wrist Cuff by *BOOM*

Bowties are cool. <3

Sunday, 21 April 2013

I raise my flags, don my clothes, It's a revolution, I suppose...

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Once upon a time there was a blogger named Acacia and she lived in a little box on the interwebz with a mouse named Hector and she and Hector liked to eat cake and go shopping! And now we're all up to date. I bring you newness! SAKIDE has released a whole pile of sexy for the Fantasy Faire! The Fantasy Faire is now in it's 5th year and brings together over 130 of SL's top fantasy creators spread across 10 sim's, so really it's worth taking a few hours and going - a - rambling. And of course it's all for a good cause The American Cancer Society. Fantasy Faire 2013 will be open to the public April 20 -28 and accessible from the American Cancer Society sim. SAKIDE's release include this stunning corset and pumps, the pumps come in a variety of colours with dinky little hud controlled changey colour spikes down the heels! And the corset is just breathtakingly yummy and of course no shape changes were needed to make it fit! (YAY! Thank you Kinu!) That's my biggest peeve with mesh, actually it's my only peeve, I hate editing myself lol.
Addendum: Ive had to re-read this five times because Shaggy spent the whole time I was writing it trying to distract me and make me type what he was saying, which was all incredibly perverted -.- Anywho's on with the post! Enjoy!

Word of the Day: Addendum

Tune of the Day: Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

Skin: Thursday - Beach 01 by Essences
Hair: Nydia w/roots - Pearl by Truth
Crown: Flower Crown - The Revenge by Beusy
Corset: Ryu Corset - Black by [ SAKIDE ] @Fantasy Faire NEW!
Shoes: Hebi Pumps - Black by [ SAKIDE ] @Fantasy Faire NEW!
Armwarmers: Leather Armwarmers - Black by [ SAKIDE ]
Shorts: Hanalei Shorts - Black by {mon tissue}
Full Tattoo: Nature Tangled in my Body by -UtopiaH-
Chest Tattoo: Rosary Tattoo by Luck Inc  (V.Old possibly unavailable)
Nails & Knuckles: Painful Blow SPiked Rings, Bands and Sharp Nails by -UtopiaH-
Bag: Your Tablet Bag - Keep Calm by [ glow ] studio @TDFR

Muah's from Hector and I <3

Saturday, 20 April 2013

SL Disneybounding Week 6 - Merida : Brave

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 This has to be my favourite so far! My reasons of course being that I am a Scot of course and the scenery they copied for that adorable wee toon is right on my doorstep... Whee! But it's more than that, I do love Brave, mostly because she is a princess, but more than that, she's one of the few Disney princesses who doesn't need a prince to define her :D YAY. I asked Shaggy if he wanted to be a bear, cause well... Frankly he's a big bear >.> In the non gay sense of course *coughs* But noooo... Actually He didn't answer, or I wasn't listening... Either way... The hair for this was an issue, I knew if it ever came up I wanted to use Lelutkas Rykiel hair, but alas it really is too short, soo... I edited the shit out of a further two copies and now she's wearing three. Along with an forehead curl, an we were good to go, but the great thing about Disney bounding is interpretation it's not copying the character to a T which I see a lot of, it's taking the style and for the most part making it current! And I love that, love, love, love! So, with that... Here we go, and to Alex, and everyone else who's said it, no I bloody don't sound like Merida!

Word of the Day : Ignoramus  (may be aimed at someone in particular... They know =p)

Tune of the Day: Tune went awol... Have a trailer instead!

Skin: Margot - America 04 by Glam Affair @C88 NEW!
Hair: Rykiel by Lelutka x3 Heavily edited
Dress: Sabrina Dress - Dark Green by Apple May Designs
Boots: Madlen Boots - Black by Ten10
Tights: Argyle Tights - Brown by Happy
Rings: Broche Rings by Pepper
Choker: Arrow Bracelet by Magic Nook @TDFR (Worn as Choker) NEW!
Belt: Cali Cords Belt by Miel

ta-ra lovelies! <3

Thursday, 18 April 2013

My guns are loaded and I got you in my sight...Swallow my bullets...

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Good morning my lovely little Chihuahua's of enchantment, I have yet more goodies from TDFR and C88 for you today, I went a bit shopping crazy the last few days, and this I believe will be the first of two posts today, ( as for the second you'll have to wait and see and 100% blame Jaded!) But, for this one, I havvve the stunning Glam Affair Margot skin, which i'm still utterly in love with. Cynful's Kamalin Dress, which is just perfect in every way, the way it curves to my barbie's bootay makes me so happy in the pants.  Oh, and did I mention how utterly super pretty  epoque's Tied Up hair is? No? Well I have now. Untz. Also, my boyfriends a butt. he just made me mute myself for talking about food for tomorrow's big family meal... :O Me thinks I made him hungry ... D'awww. <3

Word of the Day: Decamp

Tune of the Day: Porcelain Black - Swallow my Bullets

Skin: Margot - America 04 by Glam Affair@C88 NEW!
Shape: Maia [Limited Edition] (tweaked) by {Anatomy}
Hair: Tied Up - Double-Dip 05 by (epoque hair) NEW!
Boobs: Tangos by Lolas
Tattoo: Swallows Tattoo - Tango Appliers by -UtopiaH- @TBBS
Jewelery: Kitsch braclet and necklace set by [ glow ] studio @ C88 NEW!
Shoes: Delicious - Black by N-core
Dress: Kamalin Dress - Rose by [Cynful] @TDFR NEW!
Hairband: Bullet Headband -Black by crush

Ta-ta wittle munchkins! <3

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I will not ask you, again...Won’t you please turn it up, turn it up...I just want you, turn it up, turn it up louder.

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Good afternoon my delicious little darlings, I have pretties for you today! newness from SAKIDE and Girlicious, SAKIDE released this delectable little frock for the Perfect wardrobe event, this round of course is camo! It comes in a variety of colours and as always, cheap as chips and beautifully made and detailed!! The shoesies I'm sporting are a new release from Girlicious called Krist and are available on the marketplace in a ton of colour combinations.  My other accessories are pretty much all from Remarkable Oblivion I have a bit of girl wood for Axisthorns work at the moment... It's just too damn awesome. And on that note, I'm off to sing loudly and off key in Shaggy's here, because he like's it! <3

Word the Day: Bandbox

Tune of the Day: Texas Hippie Coalition - Turn it Up

Skin: Margot - America 04 by Glam Affair @C88 NEW!
Hair: Jayna -Rainbows II by Milena NEW!
Crown: Necromancer Crown by RO
Bag: Union Jacked Clutch by RO
Rings: Duality Black and White by RO
Nails: Kitchsy Nails by (NO) @C88 NEW!
Shoes: Krist Pumps - Red and Black by Girlicious NEW!
Dress: Raider Camo Dress - Black by SAKIDE @ Perfect Wardrobe NEW!
Tattoos: Gothic Armband II by CoLLisions
Piercing: N-Swirl by Cobrahive
Makeup: Face Ink Makeup #4 by UtopiaH @Perfect Wardrobe NEW!

Happy Shopping! <3

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Come together, right now... Over me...

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Good evening my pretties, wee quick shorty one! And not the post I was originally gonna do either, this one came about because I said I'd put together a look that'd appeal to Shaggy... I don't think ive done too well, doesn't show enough arse, but it does have thigh highs, so I deserve a bonus. I am also utterly in love with this hair! Lelutka omnomnom!

Word of the Day: Verisimilitude

Tune of the Day: Godsmack - Come Together

Skin: Thursday 01 beach by Essences @TBBS
Hair: Bouffant tresses - Irishredfade by LeLutka
Eyes: Ipnotic Eyes - Dark Grey by YS&YS @TDRF
Eyemakeup: Eyeliner - Wing by okkbye @ Fashionweek
Hairband: Crown of Thorns - Black by RO
Necklace: Dark Hearted Necklace by RO
Hands: Scissorhands by RO
Legwarmers & Shoes: legwarmers with shoes by Perle
Skirt: Lovisa Ruffle Mini Skirt by Tee*fy @C88
Shirt: Taylor Tanktop by Bahia @ Fashionweek

Monday, 15 April 2013

Close the door, leave your fears behind, let me give you what you're giving me...

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Newness from Girlicious! Usually on a Monday I tend to just blog my event outfit, buuut today you can an extra post *nods nods* Girlicious has started creating shoes, and frankly they are the cuteness. at 249L they're a steal, and the marketplace pictures don't do them the justice they deserve. my one small issue is the huds a little complicated if you're skin-tone impaired, but, I still managed to get them matching perfectly in about 5 minutes. The pic of the shoes further down my post has not been edited at all, so you can see they're an excellent match. My opinion is that you should own these.
 Anywho's this is just a wee little shorty one for now. I'll add another later.

Word of the Day: Quell

Tune of the Day: Vast - Flames (cause i'm feeling gurly, this one's for Shaggy...)


Skin: Thursday Beach 01 by Essences
Hair: Adele - Powder by Lelutka 
Piercing: N- Swirl by Cobrahive 
Necklace: dear me.deer - Galaxy Cross by =krautuve= 
Arm Warmers: LipstickMuse - Black by The Plastik 
Shirt: Echo Tank Top (crop) - Lace White by Chemistry 
Panties: Punk Panties 06 - dark by -SU!- 
Shoes: Miriam Pumps - Black with shininess by Girlicious

ta ta! <3

Sunday, 14 April 2013

I cannot be until you're resting here with me...

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Morning my lovelies, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I may have had a tad-bit too much sugar today, sooo whee! I have a long afternoon of gardening ahead of me, my big sisters coming to help! Which means she'll sit on the back step and drink tea while telling me what to do... Go figure. Ive got pale pretties for you today on the fashion side, Ploom hair, My favourite ever shirt from SAKIDE and  pretty feets from Epic, but, let's... Just for a moment focus on SAKIDE, still one of my favourite stores, and amazing quality for such a low price. If you've never wandered into Kinu Mayako's wonderful store you really should, she does everything from shoes and accessories to formal gowns... And as I said previously, very reasonably priced. GO, GO, GO...
Also, Shaggy's a sloot. A big one.

Word of the Day: Chuffed

Tune of the Day: Dido - Here With Me
 (fell asleep watching love actually last night, forgot how much I enjoyed the soundtrack...)

Skin: Thursday Beach by Essences
Hair: London - Candy by .ploom.
Antlers: Eternum Antlers - White Black Studded by +Half-Deer+
Shirt: Your Face Top - White by [ SAKIDE ]
Piercing: N-Swirl by Cobrahive
Skirt: Mini Skirt - Vinyl White by Happy Undead
Tights: Fishnet- Wide- White by erratic
Feets: Slouchie Bow Digi Warmers - White by *Epic*
Cuffs: Bold Wrist Cuffs - Titanium by *BOOM*
Tattoo: Rise Rebel Resist by FUH.Q
Brand: Branding -Stars by ::[annaA]::
Spots: Faun Spots - White by STFU
Muah! <3

Saturday, 13 April 2013

I am the conscience clear, in pain or ecstacy, and we were all weaned my dear upon the same fatigue...

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I have some randomness for you today, firstly we have a new release by Girlicious, this glorious little cardigan named Helen, I particularly enjoy the fabric folds in the lower back, it sits like a real top, wonderful detail and texturing as always, and I didn't have to resize my Barbie to wear it, always a bonus! I'm also showing off my tights from Q, Q is based on the marketplace only from what I've found and has some of the cutest tights and tops and dealies I've ever seen, and at bargain low prices, the tights Aca is wearing today are only 15L! And they are utter cuteness! In other news, we had our first 'warm' day of the year, so I spent what feels like 100 years in my garden this morning tidying it up before the landscaper arrives to make it beautiful next week... At the last count my dog has buried 8 bones, 3 footballs, a stuffed pink rabbit, a rubber chicken and what appears to be the remnants of a sock...(Frankly he does look a bit like Dobby the house elf, so who knows...) Until I got goth dog I thought dogs burying things was a farce that only existed in cartoons, but nope... My garden is a play-thing graveyard o.0 Oh annnd, I finally changed my status on facebook to in a relationship, it's only been like 10 months, so I guess it's out there now :p Sorry Shaggy! <3

Word of the Day: Imprest

Tune of the Day: TV on the Radio - Staring at the Sun

Skin: Ava - Medium by -Belleza-
Hair: Soft - Red 08 by [e]
Necklace:  Moon Vine Lover's Heart - Pearl by MG
Skirt: Basic Miniskirt - Black by -SU!-
Shirt: Dance-a-licious -Black by [ Cynful ]
Cardigan: Helen Cardigan - Charcoal by Girlicious
Tights: Crusader Tights by Q
Boots: Relax Boots - Black by Slink

Toodles! <3

Friday, 12 April 2013

It won't be long, before I get you by my side, and just hold you, tease you, squeeze you, tell you what's been on my mind...

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Good afternoon my devilish little porcupines, today I have some randomness for you, I went through a whole, what to blog moment, but that was solved by getting a whole load of things thrown at me when I logged in from Chancey Moonshadow of FUH.Q, so yay, I bring you his ever so pretty tattoo Ghostwalker, now I always will be a fan of tat's, especially those that are simply black, and this one is just lovely, fantastic shadowing and depth along with a stunning if a little dark design. Who doesn't love sombre skulls? So do enjoy and get to shopping! I also have exciting news! I got photoshop last night and I LURVE it. I'm an addict, I already have a ton of brushes... All we need now is a tablet (fingers crossed, Birthday next month!) Also, Shaggy, if you're reading this, remember, birthday soon :P I want shinies! :O

Word of the Day: Sombre

Tune of the Day: Asking Alexandria - Right Now (Na Na Na) Batman! (K, I added the batman >.<)

Skin: Thursday 01 - Beach by Essences
Hair: Ally- B - Black by ::::Fab-U-Lous::::
Tattoo: Ghostwalker - Medium by FUH.Q
Headphones: Mesh Headphones 03 by ::Zup::
Hairband: Spiky Headband - Black by -UtopiaH-
Shirt: Mesh Cropped Top by !Admiral spicy!
Skirt: Pleated Mini Skirt - Red by *COCO*
Tights: Fishnet Wide - black by erratic
Stockings: Side Gartered Stocking - Black by League
Boots: Appeal Boots - Black by [ SAKIDE ]

Ta-ra lovies! <3

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