Thursday, 28 February 2013

Burn it down baby, burn it, burn it down...

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Good morning my little fuzzy heads, how are we this wonderful (actually sunny) day? I kid you not, there be sun on them thar hills! It's still bloody freezing, but, at least the fabled, glowing ball of fire has decided to show it's nose... I have prettiness for you! SAKIDE, [e], Perle, annnd H. O.F from c88... omnomnom Untz! I feel the need to mention The Following, if you lot have not been watching this show... Do it, Kevin bacon is pretty much Incredible along with the rest of the cast, you cannot trust anyone, it's dark, visceral and just fucking awesome, I watch it weekly with Seniór Shagtastico, and this week he called it, there was a character he hadnt trusted and bejebus, he was right! It also has the bad friend from Suits in it, he looked like a serial killer in that too o.o but err, watch it! Kthx <3

Word of the Day: Visceral

Tune of the Day: Awolnation - Burn it Down

Shape: Fearful Symmetry
Skin: Amberly - America 03 by Glam Affair
Hair: Conclusion by [e]
Makeup: Party eyeliner in Gold by Glam Affair
Choker: Precious Choker - Pitch by *BOOM*
Piercings: Lolita (edited) by SU and Eye Piercing by Puncture
Rings: Cranium ring -red by SAKIDE and Broche Ring by ~Pepper~
Top: Xue Top -red by H.O.F (at c88)
Panties: Slide Panties - Dino by SAKIDE
Gloves: Pants/Gloves Set 1 by ..:Perle
Legwarmers: Legwarmers - Black by ..:Perle
Feet: Mesh feet by N-core

Ta-Ta m'lovelies! <3

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

In this white wave I am sinking in this silence....

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Evenin' chaps and chapesses.... Been a couple of busy days for me, so blogging has been on the back burner, but I hath returned! Cuteness comes in the form of adorable insanya boots, Lelutka hair and the stunning precious choker from Boom... Short post as I am utterly knackered and plan on vegging and taking over the world in CKII for a couple of hours before kidnapping Shaggy-San to watch shows with me which will inevitably lead to my snoring... Anywhos, enjoy!!!

Word of the Day: Esoteric

Tune of the Day: Esoterica - Silence

Shape: Fearful Symmetry
Skin: Amberly -America 03 by Glam Affair
Hair: Canto- Jessica by Lelutka
Makeup: Party Eyeliner - Gold by Glam Affair
Choker: Precious Bow Choker - Pitch by *BOOM*
Headband: Broche Headband - Black by ~Pepper~
Ring: Broche Ring by ~Pepper~
Top: Dance-a-licious-Black by [ Cynful]
Shrug: Shruggable Black by [ Cynful ]
Skirt: Mini Skirt - Dark Leather Eternity by Maitreya
Stockings:  Garter Nylons Torn - Black by **
Boots: Myx Boots - Skulls by :::insanya:::
Brands: Brandings - Stars by ::[annaA]::

Ta-ra my pretties! <3

Monday, 25 February 2013

Dirty babe, you see these shackles baby? I'm your slave...

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I'm so incredibly excited! I have another WTF set at Sanctuary this evening, a WTF set is when we are allowed to have a theme that's away from the clubs usual... My theme, torture music! Ive been working on this for weeks! I have some of the worst and the best music ever created set up for this... Sadly my playlist needs shorn down again, it's about four hours too long... But, i'll get there, and no doubt change it again at the last minute... And once Monsieur Shaginator is around I shall be harrassing him for input... Untz, not that his taste in music is like torture or anything (It's not! <3)
 Anywho's pics and stuffs!

Word of the Day: Exaggeration (Which I never, ever, ever do, except that one time eleventy billion years ago)

Tune of the Day: Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back (I like to think I wouldn't  kick him outta bed for eating biscuits... But sadly o.o I would.)


Horns: In Dreams - Horns- Oblivion rare by [Aux] (Last round of the arcade, ty Jaded! <3)
Tattoos: Wrist crosses by Bias. and Love Will Tear Us Apart by .:CoLL:.
If you fancy hitting up the WTF set at Sanctuary Rock, sadly you will hear my dulcet lotr dwarf tones, but, epic tunage! It starts at 12pm SLT/PST (8pm GMT)

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Come writers and critics, who prophesise with your pen...

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Morning lovelies, I took these pics last night, but in my laziness decided not to post until this morning :O Terrible!! But I was busy getting a history lesson, watched Spartacus with Shaggy, oh how I love Spartacus, and learnt the meaning of the word decimate... Holy crap, it's evil, look for details after the jump... Anywhos, fashion stuffs! Hair is Exile yet again, I don't know why, Ive just been in an Exiley mood :O I go through phases, the stunning sweater dres which i'm sure was blogged to death on release is from LPD, I forgot i'd gotten it a while back, and found it yesterday which caused muchos squeeing with joy. I was sitting yesterday going through the flickr group for the Arcade event which starts next week, and honestly, there's sooo many amazing things I havent been this excited for an event in yonks! The skirts from the sea hole are my fave item so far... I need them, and I mean NEED.

Word of the Day: Decimation (This is disturbing, thank you Shaggy for explaining <3)

Tune of the Day: Bob Dylan - The times they are a changin'


Shape: Fearful Symmetry
Skin: Amberly- America by Glam Affair
Hair: All I am - Frost by Exile
Eyes: Shine v2 by .ID.
Makeup: Couture Eyeliner by Glam Affair
Tights: Fishnet thin black by erratic
Dress: *Princess* Dress Black by *LPD*
Necklace: My fabulous necklace- black pearls by .:A&M:.
Boots: Studded Long Boots White by J's

Muaz and stuffs! Have a wonderful day m'lovelies!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

I am folded and unfolded and unfolding...I am, colourblind...

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Sooo, hello there my pretties, I still hate dentists, that's an update on that, I'm back on monday, still in severe pain, so yeah... Gonna kick him repeatedly in the face, see how he likes it. Onward with the post! Older and newer stuff again, more prettiness from Exile, I may have gotten carried away there... More Gos, shh, I like shopping... Sooome NV and a little dash of Maitreya, what's not to love? Ta-Da, look of the day... Anywho's shorty wee post today, i'm gonna go stalk Shaggy and make this face at him o.o :D

Word of the Day: Stalker

Tune of the Day: Counting Crows- Colourblind


Annnnd details!!

Shape: Fearful Symmetry
Skin: Amberly- America by Glam Affair
Hair: Collide- Frost by Exile
Eyes: Shine v2 by .ID.
Makeup: Couture Eyeliner by Glam Affair
Nails: Sculpted Long Nails by dl::
Collar: Collar me up by *SiSSi* (Unavailable)
Earrings: Valentina Earrings by Glam Affair (TDRF)
Tattoos: Pelvis double cross and wrist cross both by Bias.
Pants: Mesh Leggings - Black by Maitreya
Shirt: Lil Sweater- white by [NV]
Bra: I promise lace- Black by *Boom*
Boots: Equestrian Boots- Houndstooth by Gos (for PDSA)

Enjoy!! <3 omnom

Friday, 22 February 2013

And we all want something beautiful, man I wish I was beautiful...

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Partying to some nineties soft rock... By partying of course I mean singing off-key and bobbing my head, what can I say, I'm a free spirit and I like to live dangerously! I decided more Exile and nommies from Boom at TDRF were in order, I also picked up these hot ass shoes brought to us by *YS&YS* at TDR, then clean forgot about them, meep! I really am a scatterbrained eejit at times, and I know full well that there are bits and bobs in my inventory ive forgotten I bought, it's a nice surprise when you find goodies though... Don't mind the lighting difference in one of the pics either, I managed to crash and forget which I was on... YAY! I'm having a special day! I did have massive fun djing this morning though, random-ass tunage for the masses, I can only think of one thing that would of improved it, and that would of been an addition to the company, Shaggy, I miss your face :o
Ok, so he's been gone a few hours, that was a little overly attached of me, but whatevers... Anywho, to the pictures and shiz!

Word of the Day: Recuse

Tune of the Day: Counting Crows - Mr. Jones


Shape: Fearful Symmetry
Skin: Amberly Petal edition- Melodia by Glam Affair
Hair: Beyond the Waves- Frost by Exile
Outfit: Baseball Tee and Shorts set - Lipstick by *Boom* (TDFR)
Shoes: Brera Pumps Death by *YS&YS* (TDFR)
Tattoo: Wrist cross tattoo by Bias.
Bracelets: Cord wraps by Illusions

And that is all for now, ta-ta!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

If you stay by my side, we can rule the world...

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Good afternoon you little precious bundles of joy... I am in a frighteningly good mood... Yet, I'm not entirely sure why, it could be that I am in graphics heaven right now on sl... Or it could be that my coffee actually tastes like coffee for once, or it could even be that somehwere in the world a butterfly flapped it's wings, who the fook knows. I decided to blog anywho's, a few older bits and this super edible nommy hair from Exile. Exile is one of my staple hair stores, in the sense I always run to it, just like I do with Truth, Lelutka, [e] and Burley, it's just a store I happen to feel safe in, I know where I stand, and I know i'll like what I buy. I also have a confession to make, my song of the day... In the scheme of things theyre not a band I would call a favourite by any stretch of the imagination, but once upon a time, I was a HUGE Take- That fan, I mean worshipped them... In my defense I was around 11 at the time, but, they were awesome. My crush was Gary Barlow oddly o.o Now-a-days i'm more into the bad boys (Shaggy is now to be known as exhibit one) but back then I was a Barlow fan :P All my mates loved Robbie, but not I... Anywho's that is my confession bear moment... Long live Take-That (aherm).

Word of the Day: Megalomaniac

Tune of the Day: Take That - Rule the World

Pics! (taken on Nirans, hence they're way better than previous efforts!)


Shape: Fearful Symmetry
Skin: Amberly- Artic- Valentine 02 by Glam Affair (TDRF)
Hair: Crazy in Love - Frost by Exile
Eyes: White Glass eyes by Clemmm
Tattoos: Cross Tattoo 2 and Cross Tattoo wrists both by .Bias
Necklace: horse luck - black by Imbue. (not the new Tesco Logo >.>)
Earrings: Hummingbird earrings by LaGyo
Makeup: Couture Eyeliner 06 by Glam Affair
Teeth: Mouth open addon by [ PXL ]
Shirt: Cropped Top White by **
Pants: Stefani pants - dark by Maitreya
Shoes: Me Glamorous HighHeel by ChaChaDee!

I'm of to take more pics o.o

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Touch if you will my stomach, see how it trembles inside...

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Oh hai there my little chickadees, I went shopping! And umm then some, I hit TDR fusion and perfect wardrobe, may have gotten a little bit carried away... After that I rounded the trip off by hopping into Gos to grab some boots, and wouldnt you know, Meester Gospel Voom is running a fundraiser I would happily give my last linden to help! The PDSA (peoples dispensary for sick animals) is a UK based charity devoted to caring for the sick and injured animals of people in need. It's a wonderful charity that ive helped out with myself irl more than once. Even if it's simply handing in towels or a tray of dog food, they need it all. Anywho's due to his own pussycats injuries The creator of Gos decided to start a pay it forward campaign and support the PDSA. There are specific items laid out across the store where 100% of the proceeds go to the charity! So... What ya waiting for? Go get some shoes, now, kthx. <3
 Crappy night last night, I was abandoned by my love monkey!!! How dare he be ill!!! :( But he's here now... *slobbers all over his face in an overly attached manner*

Word of the Day: Charity

Tune of the Day: One Less Reason- When Doves Cry


Shape: Fearful Symmetry
Skin: Amberly- Artic Valentine 02 by Glam Affair (TDRF)
Hair: Part of Me - Frost by Exile
Shirt: Futile Hanging Mesh Top by Beusy
Skirt: Mini Flare Skirt Gradient - Grey/Orange by {SMS} (TDRF)
Boots: Hunter Ankle Boots - Black Leather by [Gos]
Tattoo: Wrist Cross Tattoo by Bias.
Headdress: The Floral Crowns by Beusy
Earrings: Valentina Earrings- Biscuit by Glam Affair (TDRF)
Necklace: Huge Chain Necklace - Rosegold by mijn.botique (TDRF)
Nails: Sculpted Long Nails by dl::

Muaz <3 have a fun-filled, frolicky day poppets!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Allright stop, collaborate and listen...

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Morning, afternoon, evening!! Wherever in the world you may be my little imps! I have Collaboratededed! Jaded and I decided we couldnt pass up an opportunity to wear tits together! And here is the result, another round of the boobies show annnnd one pretty dress in multiple colours... What can you do? The pictures of course were done by the loverly Ms.Jaded, so theyre far better than what you lot have grown accustomed to (Don't get used to it!!) I like using boobs in pics, I think theyre great, I cannot however bring myself to wear them out and about, well, I tried yesterday... Fail... Shaggy hates them, he finds them odd, so no boobies for me! Anywho's on with the pics and details!

Word of the Day: Accustomed (purely because I had to check my spelling!)

Tune of the Day: Vanilla Ice- Ice, Ice, Baby (Fuck yeah!)

(amaze-balls) Pics!!!


Annnd, now for the details!!!

What Acacia is wearing (right side):
Skin: Glam Affair - Amberly (America)
Hair: Truth - Chynna (cupcake)
Shape : Fearful Symmetry
Earrings and Bracelet: dl:: - Be Happy
Eyes: Clemmm - Glass eyes (white)
Neck Piercing: HoD - Bulletproof
Eye Piercing: Puncture
Nails: dl:: - Sculpted Long Nails
Breasts: Lolas -Tangos
Dress: Vincue -Kathy Dress (Pink) **The Boobies Show**
Feet: N-core - Barefeet mesh

What Jaded is wearing (left side):
Skin: Belleza - Ava
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Alicia (rouge)
Eyeliner: Glam Affair - Couture Eyeliner (No.3)
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (green tourmaline)
Piercing: .Pekka. - Cram (silver)
Teeth: [ PXL ] - Open Mouth Pro
Dress: Vincue - Kathy Dress ** The Boobies Show **
Breasts: Lolas - Tango
Shoes: Ten10 - Megas Boots (black)
Earrings: [Mandala] - Omochi Earrings (Black)
Necklace: [Mandala] - Arasiyama Necklace (Black)
Bracelets: [Mandala] - Omochi Bracelets (Black)
Nails: Mstyle - Moon Nails (Black/white)

Furniture Photographed: What Next

Thank ya Jaded for sharing yer bewbs with me!!! <3 pew pew!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Cause your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance, well they're no friends of mine...

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 Good afternoon my pretties, thank all that is good in the world, I was back at the dentist this morning, not feeling much better yet, but hopefully it'll ease over the next day or so, dentist accepted responsibility o.o shocker, admitting he'd drilled too far... Eejit. Anywho's I have a tattoo event at Sanctuary this afternoon, so in my ever so infinite wisdom I decided to blog my look, it's a bit different for me... I tend to wear a lot of pants/jeans, but alas, this cute little skirt from Razorblade Jacket showed plenty of skin, so it won out... And of course, an older Truth do' but I felt pink was the way to go, and it is utterly adorkable... As for skin and such, alas, I'm back in Amberly, curse you Glam Affair, just coudnt stay away =p
 My song of the day's for Shaggy, he's not been well either, all weekend we've been a right pair of miseries so, hopefully it'll give him a smile... <3

Word of the Day: Carbuncle (I happen to like this word...)

Tune of the Day: Men without Hats - Safety Dance (boogies)

Whew... And that's yer lot =p

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Baby wanna be a queen, well alright...

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Good evening cherubs, I have the most horrendous toothache, I've been butchered by my dentist. He was doing a root canal (the second in my life, meep!) In his infinate wisdom he decided I had an abscess with no swelling, no pain and no x-ray (!) Odd right? Anywho's, took anti-biotics for a week, went in for a checkup, still had no pain nor any issues, annnd he decided to do this root canal, that was on thursday morning, and since the anesthetic wore off on thursday evening I have had the most excruciating pain. Nothing can be done aside from necking pain pills until monday, but the man is going to get a rather large piece of my mind -.- Having barely slept, I'm exhausted, grumpy and in dire need of a cuddle (this is where the Shaggy monster comes in) Anywho's onto the important stuffs, liiiike FASHION! I ave an older Burley do for you, one of which I was actually in love with for the longest time, I do love Burley... I have Kyoot! Purchased long ago, but I was reminded earlier about the fact Kyoot is/has gone bye byes, so I decided to blog it... annnd pretty N-core mesh feeties, I do love the new skin finding website system theyve incorporated, no excuses for mismatched feets ladies! Stunning C88 skin from Glam Affair with another makeup, because frankly when it comes to Glam affair I cannot get enough, and this super pretty mesh ring from SAKIDE, mesh, oh how i love thee!

Word of the Day: Malpractice

Tune of the Day: Ima Robot- Greenback Boogie (dedicted to the one and only Shaggy, who sings it better than these guys every time we watch Suits!!! I heart Louis!!!)

 Annnnd details!
Shape: Fearful Symmetry
Skin: Laurel 01 By Glam Affair
Hair: Stasia Magnate Yogurt01 by Burley
Eyes: White glass eyes smaller by Clemmm
Cardigan: Soft Resolution Top White by Kyoot
Bra and Panties: Soft Words Lingerie Pink by Kyoot
Feet: Mesh barefeet by N-core
Ring: Black Heart Ring Silver by SAKIDE
Necklace: Moon Vine Lover's Heart Pearl & Short Necklace by MG
Nails: Sculpted Long Nails by dl::
Makeup: Couture Eyeliner no.5 by Glam Affair

Ta-ra for now my lil smelly-heads! <3

Thursday, 14 February 2013

We're running to the edge of the world, I don't know if the world will end today...

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Afternoon chickadees, firstly, The high end of low is not an album I love, in fact it's not one I particularly even like, (I dig 5 of the 15 tracks...) I prefer earlier Manson, nods nods... But, in saying that... I adore my tune of the day and stand by it... Untz. fashiony stuff, I love every bloody item my barbie is wearing today with a passion, as it's valentines that's probably a good thing, right? Speaking of Valentines, I'm having another lovey day, finally got to open my card, and aside from the humour which i suspected would be there it was lovely... It' kinda awesome feeling wanted and stuffs heh... Annnnd back to fashions, stunning Glam Affair, Truth and MG all picked up at c88, I know, I know, I'm a little late on my shopping, such a slacker... As for the rest, HoD... Yummy, as always, you'll be hard pressed to find a pic where I'm not wearing some creation or other of Aydans, used to dj her sponsor events at sanct, was handy as hell being such a fan of her work lol... N-Core, tits-bacon shoesies, smexy as fook, easy to use hud and skin changing system, new nail colours that are super cute, and all around smexiness... And of course, last but not least Maitreya, ive shopped here for years, but Maitreyas mesh work makes me positivley giddy in the pants with delight. Anywho's... Pics or it didnt happen!
Ps... I licked Shaggy...

Word of the Day: Original

Tune of the Day: Marilyn Manson - Running to the Edge of the World


Shape:  Fearful Symmetry
Skin: Laurel 04 by Glam Affair (c88)
Hair: Hollana (fades) Pumpkin by Truth (c88)
Hat: Oly Hat 07 by Glam Affair (c88)
Piercing: Bulletproof by HoD
Makeup: Couture Eyeliner by Glam Affair
Necklace: Moon Vine Lover's Heart by MG (c88)
Gloves: ree Gloves Floral by Glue Ink
Nails: Sculpted Nails Long by dl::
Top: Mignon Top Black by Maitreya
Pants: Leather Skinny Pants Black by Maitreya
Shoes: Diva Black by N-core


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Nice day for a white wedding...

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Good afternoon my little bagels of joy! And what a wonderous day it is, they say a wedding day is all about the dress and you know what! Theyre right! We spent hours (By we, I mean me -.-) scouring SL to find the perfect dress for my blushing bride, but, I really am a lucky girl, and of course I couldn't be happier... It brings a tear to a glass eye, so it does... I feel the pictures really do speak for themselves in this one... Have a happy lovey valentines to those who do believe in the holiday and someone to share it with and for those who think it's shit, have a pie and a pint! <3

Word of the Day: Prenuptial

Tune of the Day: Billy Idol - White Wedding

And now for the pics!

He looks like a right huffy bride in that last one, le sigh :P No pleasing some folk, cheer up! It's your wedding day!
The Bride wore: (Shaggy)
Shape - mine
Skin - Clown xy by Fallen Gods
Shaved Hair - JOMO
Hair - Exploited Jet Black by Little Britain
Outfit - Doll Bride by Wishbox
Gasmask - Tonktastic
Tattoo - Are you scared by Endless Pain Tattoos
Necklace - Edith/white by Apple May Designs
Boots - Js Studded Long Boots White
Bouquet - Sunshine Daisy Bouquet -.NeverM0re.
And the Groom wore: (Acacia)
Eyes:  Shine by ID
Annnnd ta-da! I'm off to erm, enjoy the honeymoon! but, it's all good, I had him sign a pre-nup <3
xxx Muaz!!!!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Way out in the water see them swimming...

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well hello again my little cup-cakes of joy, I blogged again, I know, once again I'm being all keen and stuff! We have an older hair from exile, some Apple May, Plastik and these lovely little boots, a Valentines group gift G Field. Loving them! And frankly, I built the outfit around these wee beauties. I like G Field a lot, the prim/mesh works awesome, and theyre a relaiable maker nods nods, you get what you pay for, and I've been shopping there for years... The word of the day is one of my favouritist words ever!!! and the song, I lurve, but Shaggy thinks it's poo, but what does he know? Well, to be fair, he does know a lot of stuff, but, not that this is actually a good song! (Cause it is!) But, it's ok, I only want him for his body anyway <3

Word of the Day: Shenanigans (Shenanigans are cool...)

Tune of the Day: Yoav ft Emily Browning - Where Is My Mind? (I love the Pixies version too!)


Extra pic of smexy G Field boots!!


Toodles my little kumquats <3

Friday, 8 February 2013

In starlit nights I saw you, cruelly you kissed me...

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Good evening my lovely little rebelious monkies, are we well? I'm so very glad you are... I have more prettiness from Lelutka for you, annnd a little Villena, and a cute little military coat from Chemistry I found on the marketplace to tie it all up in a pretty bow... Ok, there are no bows, but there be butterflies! Well, one butterfly, right there on my noggin... Still rocking the Belleza skin, still not 100% on it, not that I don't adore it, I do, I just don't know if I love it on Acacia. I'm kinda difficult to please, what can I say... My song today is inspired by my Shaggy downtime (time spent with dork knight and no one else nods) we watch a few shows together, one of them being The Following, which by the way, is bloody epic, and everyone should watch, anyways, it has a wonderful soundtrack too, and this was on it when we watched episode three earlier :O  Well some basterdised crap cover was... But the original is kick arse.

Word of the Day: Concieted

Tune of the Day: Echo and the Bunnymen - The Killing Moon



Ta ra my pretties <3

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I'm not a perfect person, there's many things I wish I didnt do... But I continue learning...

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I feel incredibly sappy and girly right now o.o Some might say it has something to do with the impending Valentines day crap, and the fact I'm not spending it 'alone', some might say it's because I had the sweetest damn dream last night ...(No, I'm not telling ya'll about it, it ended up being less than PG :P)  But it isnt, it's because he really does get me... Yay him. I went to bed super retarded early last night and dork knight was the last thing I thought about, and when I woke up, once again, on the retarded side of early, the first thing I thought of... Dear god, I may actually be a damn girl afterall! Anyways, while I sit here and swoon and make googly eyes I have some wonderfuly yummy hair for you all from the delectable Lelutka, I'm also test running a new skin, Ive been in glam affair so long this is kinda touchy for me, i'm not good with change, and I had to do face editing, I even bought a shape, which I gave up on because that didnt look right either o.o I just don't know if I like it. Ive had mixed reviews, wifey likes it, another wifey likes it, besty likes it, other besty hasnt been around to ask :o annnnd Shaggy doesnt like it... Meep! Balls! Balls I say, so any feedback on my face, much appreciated!

Word of the Day : Balls

Tune of The Day: Hoobastank - The Reason (<3)

Picturey Thinimiebobs!


Shape: Acacia tweaked to hell, idk if i like it anymore bah!
Skin: Ava Med 1 by Belleza
Hair: Josephine Hair Marilyn by Lelutka
Eyes: Blue Glass Eyes by Clemmm
Shirt: Graphic Tee - Merci Beau Coup (older c88 item) by -tb-
Pants: Kay Pants by Molichino
Cardigan: Casual Cardi Black by Beusy
Shoes: Sloane pumps by {mon tissu}
Pearls: Pearl Rain set by Mandala

Muaz, my lovely little pandas, i'm going to bask in gooey sappiness for the rest of the day, or until it gets ballsed up <3

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