Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Written In Blood...

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  Yay, it's Halloween! I love halloween, I'm a big fan of dressing up and making a tool of yourself, sadly it's not such a big deal over here, and as i'm now pretty ancient, i'm not so into the partying scene heh, no clubbing in rl kthx :P Aside from that, once again, I have a cold... (again -.-) Anyways, I had a little help for this post, as an aside, funny how hard it is to catch a man... When he's running away and you're in heels...

Word of the day: Rectum... I really am going to stop letting Shaggy choose these...

Song of the day:


Now for the looks, we'll start with Shaggy...

Shaggy is wearing:

Little Britain Mummy Av (and that's all he's wearing, hawt!)

And now for meeeeeee!

Shape: One of mines (Others available on marketplace, more to come plus inworld store)
Skin: League Isla Fair
Hair: Burley Magnate Stasia
Makeup:Corvus Evil Eye, Repulse LobotomyStiches
Teeths: Contraption The Demon Grin
Collar: Forge Chained Rose
Key: dl:: Dolls Key Rose
Dress: !RT Beige Corset + Vintage Bodice
Blood: Repulse Blood
Shoes:lassitude & ennui Thecla boots
Socks:Canimal Socks over stockings

Loves and stuffs <3 muah!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Carry on my wayward son...

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So, I'm now addicted to Supernatural, Shaggy is 100% to blame, and i'm fine with this. The show is fecking epic, if like me you've been living under a rock since 2004 remove head from sphincter and watch it nao, kthx. <3.
 onto SL, Ive been shopping, hit the Costume ball event today, picked up some nummy goodies from ploom, purple poses, pekka, cracked mirror and Deetalez. Wasabi are due to jump in shortly too, so advisable that you hop into the update group :O More on the sl front, yesterday I looked at notices and grabbed a free dj shift at 12pm without reading the event info... Boy I wish I had...This week is Acacia's 5th rezzday, and unbeknown to me, the higher ups at Sanctuary (going out on a limb and blaming Lainey and Guenny) had set up the noon event to be, well, my event, the theme was me... Cue two hours of amusement and embarassment heh, but it was wonderful, annnnd I was sent a gift admist the chaos :P dinosaur sock poppets courtesy of Taber (thank you again!) and frankly, the chances of getting me to stop using them are really low, so theyre featuring in this weeks pics. :D Muaz to all, and here's to me not spending another 5 years djing!

Word of the day: Flatulence (courtesy of Shaggy o.o)


Look of the day:

Shape: Made by moi (about to start selling them again meep!)
Skin: League Isla Fair
Hair: Ploom - Sha @ Costume Ball
Tattoo: Utopiah My Wonderland
Ears: Mandala Stretched Ears *New*
Collar: [Forge] Chained Rose Black
Undies: Deetalez SuperCute lingerie set (Can buy appliers for you prim booby lovers out there too!)
Shoes:ChaChaDee- Me Glamarous Black
Puppets: From left to right - Dean and Sammy :P

Muah and stuffs

Friday, 19 October 2012

When doves cry...

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Yummy new hair from Truth!!! And I mean yummy...Go gettit! Go, shoo, gettit, sick it! Aside from that I'm blogging the incredibly smexy-holy-hell-I-don't-wanna-take-it-off-smexy-nuance-skirt by SAKIDE, the ever so talented Ms.Kinu Mayako (ma wifey!) has excelled herself once again with this long hippyish low on the hips number, and I for one, adore it. Not much else going on :P Shocking I know :P
Tune of the week!:

Word of the week: Embargo

And now for the pics!

LOTD infos:

Shape: Made by moi (customs avail by request)
Skin: League Isla fair
Hair: Cheyenne *new* fades
Eyes: ID shine
Tattoo:UtopiaH game of death
Nails: dl:: sculpted nails
Makeup: Kyoot bardot
Earring:Yasn pheasant feather earring
Cardigan:Admiral Spicy Mesh comfy Cardi
Shirt:Boom Aruba
Skirt: SAKIDE Nuance Folded Skirt
Shoes:Slink Lulu stiletto

~Never play leapfrog with a unicorn x

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Give me release...

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So hands up if youve ever done something monumentally stupid and upset someone you cared about? Everyone yeah?  I did today :( Not going into details, but i'm all emo now. Lame-zoids, I think or rather hope it'll be ok, but meh, sucks. I have a terrible habbit, I'm actually a people pleaser, I find it hard to be honest with people, in the sense if someones pissing me off I cant just come right out and say will you get the fuck off my lawn you irritating twat-bag. I wish I could. Like reaaaaaallllyyyy wish I could. But I'm a fecking pussy. I'm working on it. I kicked over 100 people from my skype friends list last night, actually closer to 200, and about 100 from my sl friend list, and yeah, it felt good, there's people on there I flat out hadnt spoken to in years, why would they be on that list? That's just daft o.o makes it unmanagable... If we chat or I need you for work, you stay, if not buh-bye... Why is that such a big deal... We don't fluffing talk! I'm not you're bloody bff! Chances are you added me randomly anyways as I rarely add people (I'm lazy) Anyways, back to my emo ways... You know who you are, and I am sorry :( I am working on growing a pair, just uhh not literally, don't think you'd like that too much o.o Anyways, my look of the day/week/month, whatevers it happens to be :P

Word of the day: Docile
Tune of the day: EsOterica -Silence

Oh you get one proper blog pic and the fancy schmancshy one i did for a flickr thingy majigy :o


Shape: Made by moi!
Skin: League - Isla Fair
Hair: Burley Elizabeth magnate pastel 09
Eyes: Clemmm Glass eyes white (Alex!!! *shakes tiny fist*)
Cosmetics: (eyes) Kyoot cateyes bardot (lips) Pekka Homicidal shiver
Nails: dl:: sculpted long nails
Crown: Burley your highness crown (colour edited)
Gloves: +pe+ Gothic Rose
Collar:*L.inc* Bound Collar Black mamba
Dress:Glam Affair lena Dress Black
Shrug: *dg* Obscure
Leggings: *Sheer* leggings 26 Torn Semi-Opaque
Shoes: N-core Triumph
Pose: E.ink
Chair: Mudhoney Prestige Medallion Chair
Picture: Made by moi :O

Monday, 1 October 2012

I Have Not Been To Oxford Town...

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Hello there boys and girls, how are we this fine evening? alls well at this end, ive barely been around, my promise to blog more was taken out of my hands by Shaggy, he kidnapped me to a world of gun toting maniacs where a plastic surgery obsessed mad man tried to kill me repeatedly and even paid me to kill myself... Ok, so I may have gotten kinda involved in playing Borderlands 2 :P <3 that game, so very, very much :D Claptrap is my hero. Anyways, short one today, inspiration was also Shaggys fault, he had me watch weird science the other night >.> Look of the day and pics bellow! Vaminos minions! Ariba, ariba!

Tune of the day: Interesting remix o.o
word of the day: Minion

Annnnd now for the lookee stuffs!

Shape: Made by moi as usual
Skin: Glam Affair - Cassiopeia - America (missed her, had to change back :P meep)
Eyes: ID -Mutant eyes /GSP/
Hair: Magika - Tendency colour pack 03
Panties: Sakide - Slide panties denim (omnomnom kinu)
Shoes: N-Core- Zen pastel pink
Nails: dl:: sculpted nails
Shirt: ISON -Draped cropped tee

<33 Aca


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