Tuesday, 18 December 2012

What is happening to me? Crazy some might say...

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May I just take a moment to say da fuq is up with Taylor Swift... When I was pulling my tune of the day up on youtube i got an ad for her latest song 'I knew you were trouble' Seriously, does that chick have normal relationships ever? Jebus... Anyways! Hai! All excited for Santa? I know I am heh, only 6 more sleeps, untz, untz, untz :P Yep, I'm a child when it starts getting this close... I like pressies, I enjoy seeing my nephews with their pressies, and getting shots of whatever daft toys they have, and much as I whine, I actually enjoy all the crazed panicky cooking I have to do on the day itself...Anywho's I spent a while meandering through the usual haunts and the unusal, perfect wardrobe and the Frost fair, defo worth a meander to on both counts, if not just for the UtopiaH and Sakide goodies ^.~ Oh, without mentioning names, I need to let ya'll know about a saddening experience, now I know designers leave SL all the time... But what irks me is when they leave their shit and no managers back up/profile comments to say theyve left... A well known designer whom ive shopped at for years has done a bunk and apparently I was the last to know, bought an item, and non delivery, their redelivery terminals of course don't work either... So you're left short changed and with no goodies, of course you get a come back if you buy on x street but not in sl, somehow I just don't think that seems fair... (And I am assuming theyve left the game based on the four unanswered notecards over the same number of weeks, what can I say, I'm needy!)  Ahh well, shit happens, just woulda been nice to not waste the energy lol anywho's on with the piccies and stuffs! Have a great Christmas! Muah!! x
Obligatory Shaggy mention... Omnomnom, theyre all dead Dave... <3

Word Of the Day: Festive

Tune of the Day: Duran Duran - Ordinary World



Shape: Acacia by Fearful Symmetry
Skin: Glam Affair Amberly America 03
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Valerie - Flaming Cherry
Make-up: -UtopiaH- Frosty Face
Tattoo: -UtopiaH- My Cutie Snowflakes
Earrings: erratic / hoop earrings / silver
Bracelets: -UtopiaH- Frozen Winter Bracelets
Antlers: [ SAKIDE ] Long Christmas Antlers White
Lingerie: *BOOM* I Promise Candy Cane
Socks: Gawk! White Norwegian Knit Socks
Decor: All by {What Next}

Toodles! <3

Saturday, 8 December 2012

And if I only could make a deal with God...

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 I am incredibly bored with sl... I'm also very bored with wow, but that's another story and another grind, one I will continue to endevour until the shiny looty end. But, to those who have asked... No, I have not alted, I'm just not on much, if it is imperative you see me, I shall most definitely be around every monday at around noon slt, as this is my only set shift djing. Aside from that, if you have me on skype or facebook, message me there, more chance of a response :P I am still for the most part logged in daily to clear messages. I just find it kinda stale, and what i need doesnt reside in a game it lives well... Outside it... (Cue sappy moment where I fawn over silly farm boy) anywho's! I logged in annnnd there was supercuteness from lamb and from glam affair at Collabo88 sooo...I blogged! Enjoy <3

Tune of the day :

Word of the day: Drycember (no fap december, I failed this already, how are you lot doing?)

Annnnnd PICS!! I shall also add, I am fucking in love with this skin, that is all, kthx <3


Shape: Acacia by Fearful Symmetry
Skin: Glam Affair -Amberly-Frostbite-Europa 02 @ Collabo88
Hair: !lamb. Faster, Pussycat1 Kill! Kill! - My little pony
Piercings: HoD - Bulletproof & Thrust
Tattoo: Corvus - Made in hell tattoo
Makeup: [M] Eyeliner - Heavy Cateye- Black
Jeans: *L.inc* Tyra Jeans Slim taupe
Top: -SU!- Desir Lingerie Grey
Cardigan:  !Admiral spicy! Mesh Open Cormfy cardi Black (The name says Cormfy, so i typed cormfy!)
Shoes: [e] Millside flats Black

That's all for now, muah!
~Aca <3

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Baby it's cold outside...

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I'm not a particularly festive person until around the week before Christmas, well, unless you count that awful week mid-summer where I couldn't help myself from singing Chrimbo songs... Don't ask... But alas, I found a tree in my inventory and felt the need to throw a pic together, so here it is! Oh and since I am unable to go a week without mentioning Shaggy... There, he got a mention. Muahahah, and stuff.

Tune of the week: Baby It's Cold Outside - Tom Jones & Cerys Mathews (gotta love a Christmas tune about date rape!)

Word of the day: Bleak (because it's effing freezing! Bog off snow!)



Shape: Acacia by Fearful Symmetry
Skin: League Isla Fair
Hair: The Alice Project Steph
Hairband: Mijn.botique studs headband
Shoes: Mstyle Kashi pumps
Lingerie: Candydoll Fancy Lingerie
Rings: Fearful Symmetry spider ring and SAKIDE Cranium silver

And.... That's it muah :P

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Everybody Knows...

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 Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, I used to roleplay on a sim called Dark City, and now... It's back :o So I suggest, if you have a penchent for pew pew rp's (DCS combat) You get your butts down here... Pics were done on sim, and my fave part is most defo the cemetery, it's so very me ^.~ Alas, I lack the time or inclination to RP these days, but go, go go... Get to it peoples <3
 The song and title are oddities this week, I can't really explain them, except to say... Everybody knows :P
Also, I was just informed someone wasn't mentioned in this for once, and now he is, muahahahaha <3
He still says he wasn't, I mean you assbutt, Shaggy, lover of all things bum related (If your input on word of the days anything to go by)

Word of the Day: Mendacious

Tune of the Day:

                                                                  Annnnd Pics!!

Sim: Dark City and their pretty, pretty cemetery :o

The Look:

Shape: Acacia By fearful Symmetry
Skin: Glam Affair - Ashes Roza 1@ Fair
Hair: Alice Project- Steph
Tattoo: Endless Pain - Drink, Fight, Fuck
Eyes: Lithium Creation - The End Sunset
Hairband:mijn.botique/accessories *studs headband* set
Bra: Boom - I promise
Shirt: DeeTaleZ Tops army body Sheer Black
Skirt: SU! Basic Miniskirt Black
Tights: Erratic fishnet wide black
Stockings: League Side garter black
Piercings: HoD - Bulletproof
Nails: dl:: sculpted long nails
Rings: SAKIDE -Black Cranium ring silver and Black Spider ring by Fearful Symmetry

Vaminos minions!! Ariba, ariba!! <3

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

It could be wrong, could be wrong...

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Ive been awayers! well, by away ive been off levelling my MOP wow characters then i was offline for 5 days, so yeah :P away, now I'm back, I'm urm, officially partnered to shaggy, I know, such a girl, but what can I say, he's a good wife, totally floats my canoe. Oh, and, I asked him :o
Anywho's I rather fancy watching some Jimmy Carr standup, so this is just a quickee! new Magika, smexy Sakide and nommy ChaChaDee :D Oh, as an aside I am absolutely in love with the stunning SAKIDE ring from the first pic!

Tune of the Day:

Word of the day : Assbutt

Now for the Piccies!!


Shape: Acacia by Fearful Symmetry at QD
Skin: League Isla Pale
Hair: Magika Quote
Tattoo: Utopiah My wonderland
Eyes: ID Mutant eyes GSP
Hairband: Tokid Kami Ribbon
Ears/Earrings: Mandala Stretched ears female
Rings: SAKIDE Cranium Ring Red and Spider ring by Fearful Symmetry
Shoes: ChaChaDee Me Glamourous
Dress: SAKIDE Fashion Skull Dress Black
Gloves: Glue Ink Ree gloves

Annnd, that's all folks :o

Monday, 5 November 2012

Pretty When You Cry...

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Still ill, And as it's bonfire night, I'm looking forward to spending the evening peeling my poor little highly strung whippet from the walls/under the desk/tv stand/ behind the shower curtain, basically wherever he chooses to hide this year. Ive had the wee soul for 2 and a half years now, and he is the most neurotic dog ive ever known. Granted, most dogs are freaked out by loud noises and fireworks, but this wee fuzzy takes it to whole new extremes. I always thought he may get over it a bit, but alas, newp. Ive tried him on everything from hollistic remedies (plug ins/collars and sprays) to actually medicating him, but alas, nada works. He's a wee feardy. Anyways, enough of of that, today I have SAKIDE with a side of Wasabi. also, my stores officialy open, after much consideration and a few names from Shaggy I didnt consider -.- I decided on Fearful Symmetry, it's a line from a Blake poem I like, also, Symmetry works for the shape side of things, so there we go.

Tune of the Day:

No word of the day, you get a poem :P : Tyger, Tyger

                                                               And now for pics!


Shape: Acacia's shape, not for sale (similar to Rosie) from Fearful Symmetry
Skin: League Isla Fair
Tattoo: Utopiah  - My wonderland
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Christy
Nails: dl:: Sculpted long Nails
Glasses: Tres Blah Lolita Sunglasses
Pants: SAKIDE Slim Corduroy Jeans Black
Poncho: SAKIDE Poncho Black


Saturday, 3 November 2012

How Did We Get This Far Apart?

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Slept for three hours, woke up feeling awful, and here I am blogging, fail, my cold has gotten a bit worse, yucky... I'm in a funny mood aside from that, melancholoy is a good word for it... So let's keep this short... Edible hair from wasabi at Fameshed, nommy boots from SAKIDE, annnd buckaw!

The Cure - Apart

Word of the day: Melancholy



Shape: Made by moi This one's unavailable but Rosie's very similar
Skin: League - Isla Fair
Hair: Wasabi - Amelie @ Fameshed *NEW*
Eyes: .ID. Mutant /GSP/ 1
Collar: Forge chained rose
Gloves: [Plastik] - Lipstick Muse Black
Corset: Etchaflesh -Gingir -Cherry Corset
Shirt: Gawk! Black Sheer Casual Shirt
Pants: {Suicidal Kiss} Leather Leggins
Boots: [ SAKIDE ] Araneae Boots *NEW* (only available for a vey limited time)
Belt: Scrub - My Muse Belt

And that is all kiddies,


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Written In Blood...

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  Yay, it's Halloween! I love halloween, I'm a big fan of dressing up and making a tool of yourself, sadly it's not such a big deal over here, and as i'm now pretty ancient, i'm not so into the partying scene heh, no clubbing in rl kthx :P Aside from that, once again, I have a cold... (again -.-) Anyways, I had a little help for this post, as an aside, funny how hard it is to catch a man... When he's running away and you're in heels...

Word of the day: Rectum... I really am going to stop letting Shaggy choose these...

Song of the day:


Now for the looks, we'll start with Shaggy...

Shaggy is wearing:

Little Britain Mummy Av (and that's all he's wearing, hawt!)

And now for meeeeeee!

Shape: One of mines (Others available on marketplace, more to come plus inworld store)
Skin: League Isla Fair
Hair: Burley Magnate Stasia
Makeup:Corvus Evil Eye, Repulse LobotomyStiches
Teeths: Contraption The Demon Grin
Collar: Forge Chained Rose
Key: dl:: Dolls Key Rose
Dress: !RT Beige Corset + Vintage Bodice
Blood: Repulse Blood
Shoes:lassitude & ennui Thecla boots
Socks:Canimal Socks over stockings

Loves and stuffs <3 muah!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Carry on my wayward son...

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So, I'm now addicted to Supernatural, Shaggy is 100% to blame, and i'm fine with this. The show is fecking epic, if like me you've been living under a rock since 2004 remove head from sphincter and watch it nao, kthx. <3.
 onto SL, Ive been shopping, hit the Costume ball event today, picked up some nummy goodies from ploom, purple poses, pekka, cracked mirror and Deetalez. Wasabi are due to jump in shortly too, so advisable that you hop into the update group :O More on the sl front, yesterday I looked at notices and grabbed a free dj shift at 12pm without reading the event info... Boy I wish I had...This week is Acacia's 5th rezzday, and unbeknown to me, the higher ups at Sanctuary (going out on a limb and blaming Lainey and Guenny) had set up the noon event to be, well, my event, the theme was me... Cue two hours of amusement and embarassment heh, but it was wonderful, annnnd I was sent a gift admist the chaos :P dinosaur sock poppets courtesy of Taber (thank you again!) and frankly, the chances of getting me to stop using them are really low, so theyre featuring in this weeks pics. :D Muaz to all, and here's to me not spending another 5 years djing!

Word of the day: Flatulence (courtesy of Shaggy o.o)


Look of the day:

Shape: Made by moi (about to start selling them again meep!)
Skin: League Isla Fair
Hair: Ploom - Sha @ Costume Ball
Tattoo: Utopiah My Wonderland
Ears: Mandala Stretched Ears *New*
Collar: [Forge] Chained Rose Black
Undies: Deetalez SuperCute lingerie set (Can buy appliers for you prim booby lovers out there too!)
Shoes:ChaChaDee- Me Glamarous Black
Puppets: From left to right - Dean and Sammy :P

Muah and stuffs

Friday, 19 October 2012

When doves cry...

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Yummy new hair from Truth!!! And I mean yummy...Go gettit! Go, shoo, gettit, sick it! Aside from that I'm blogging the incredibly smexy-holy-hell-I-don't-wanna-take-it-off-smexy-nuance-skirt by SAKIDE, the ever so talented Ms.Kinu Mayako (ma wifey!) has excelled herself once again with this long hippyish low on the hips number, and I for one, adore it. Not much else going on :P Shocking I know :P
Tune of the week!:

Word of the week: Embargo

And now for the pics!

LOTD infos:

Shape: Made by moi (customs avail by request)
Skin: League Isla fair
Hair: Cheyenne *new* fades
Eyes: ID shine
Tattoo:UtopiaH game of death
Nails: dl:: sculpted nails
Makeup: Kyoot bardot
Earring:Yasn pheasant feather earring
Cardigan:Admiral Spicy Mesh comfy Cardi
Shirt:Boom Aruba
Skirt: SAKIDE Nuance Folded Skirt
Shoes:Slink Lulu stiletto

~Never play leapfrog with a unicorn x

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Give me release...

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So hands up if youve ever done something monumentally stupid and upset someone you cared about? Everyone yeah?  I did today :( Not going into details, but i'm all emo now. Lame-zoids, I think or rather hope it'll be ok, but meh, sucks. I have a terrible habbit, I'm actually a people pleaser, I find it hard to be honest with people, in the sense if someones pissing me off I cant just come right out and say will you get the fuck off my lawn you irritating twat-bag. I wish I could. Like reaaaaaallllyyyy wish I could. But I'm a fecking pussy. I'm working on it. I kicked over 100 people from my skype friends list last night, actually closer to 200, and about 100 from my sl friend list, and yeah, it felt good, there's people on there I flat out hadnt spoken to in years, why would they be on that list? That's just daft o.o makes it unmanagable... If we chat or I need you for work, you stay, if not buh-bye... Why is that such a big deal... We don't fluffing talk! I'm not you're bloody bff! Chances are you added me randomly anyways as I rarely add people (I'm lazy) Anyways, back to my emo ways... You know who you are, and I am sorry :( I am working on growing a pair, just uhh not literally, don't think you'd like that too much o.o Anyways, my look of the day/week/month, whatevers it happens to be :P

Word of the day: Docile
Tune of the day: EsOterica -Silence

Oh you get one proper blog pic and the fancy schmancshy one i did for a flickr thingy majigy :o


Shape: Made by moi!
Skin: League - Isla Fair
Hair: Burley Elizabeth magnate pastel 09
Eyes: Clemmm Glass eyes white (Alex!!! *shakes tiny fist*)
Cosmetics: (eyes) Kyoot cateyes bardot (lips) Pekka Homicidal shiver
Nails: dl:: sculpted long nails
Crown: Burley your highness crown (colour edited)
Gloves: +pe+ Gothic Rose
Collar:*L.inc* Bound Collar Black mamba
Dress:Glam Affair lena Dress Black
Shrug: *dg* Obscure
Leggings: *Sheer* leggings 26 Torn Semi-Opaque
Shoes: N-core Triumph
Pose: E.ink
Chair: Mudhoney Prestige Medallion Chair
Picture: Made by moi :O

Monday, 1 October 2012

I Have Not Been To Oxford Town...

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Hello there boys and girls, how are we this fine evening? alls well at this end, ive barely been around, my promise to blog more was taken out of my hands by Shaggy, he kidnapped me to a world of gun toting maniacs where a plastic surgery obsessed mad man tried to kill me repeatedly and even paid me to kill myself... Ok, so I may have gotten kinda involved in playing Borderlands 2 :P <3 that game, so very, very much :D Claptrap is my hero. Anyways, short one today, inspiration was also Shaggys fault, he had me watch weird science the other night >.> Look of the day and pics bellow! Vaminos minions! Ariba, ariba!

Tune of the day: Interesting remix o.o
word of the day: Minion

Annnnd now for the lookee stuffs!

Shape: Made by moi as usual
Skin: Glam Affair - Cassiopeia - America (missed her, had to change back :P meep)
Eyes: ID -Mutant eyes /GSP/
Hair: Magika - Tendency colour pack 03
Panties: Sakide - Slide panties denim (omnomnom kinu)
Shoes: N-Core- Zen pastel pink
Nails: dl:: sculpted nails
Shirt: ISON -Draped cropped tee

<33 Aca

Friday, 21 September 2012

I will break into your thoughts...

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Well hello my lovelies, I know, I know, I say I'm going to blog and then I flake again... I have no defense I suck! But I will endevour to blog at least once a week... My biggest issue is I hate copying, and with so many fashion blogs out there when a new release pops out it's all over the interwebs in minutes and I dislike the idea of being samey, ive always enjoyed being original, hence i mix a lot of my older gear in and have such an unmanagable inventory :P Back up to 190k, im starting to feel lag on log ins again meep! Cleaning times around the corner! Starting to think I should pay someone to sort it out for me :P Anyways since ive last blogged there's been a lot of newness in sl, i'll post a few more lotd's over the weekend to cover my faves. I also have a guest blogger joining me soon... But for now... here's a wee quickee ^.~
Tune of the Day : Flyleaf vs Legion of Doom - I'm So Sick (T-Virus Mix)
Word of the Day : Besmirch (credited to Shaggy 'The Wankster' Gertler) 
Onto the look!

Shape: Mines
Skin: League - Isla - Medium Tan
Hair: Magika - Awkward - colour pack 03
Piercings: (chest) HoD Bulletproof (stomach) HoD Thrust (face) Pekka Mila - very heavily edited.
Earrings: dl:: Be Happy
Bracelets: dl Be Happy
Nails: dl:: Sculpted Long Nails
Tattoo: Endless Pain - Drink, Fight, Fuck.
Feet: SLink Jolie Pied Exotix
Eyes: .ID. Mutant Eyes for GSP
Makeup: Damned - S.Eyeliner M6/Silver
Shirt: Eaters Coma - Slashed Tank
Pants: -SU!- Basic Sweatpants Black

And that's all from me for now kidlets :P Much loves and muaz, i'll leave you with this final thought >.>
How come people tell you to stay a kid as long as you can, yet as soon as you do something childish or immature they tell you to grow the hell up? :O Lame

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Start wearing purple for me now!

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Purple! I have a purple event tonight, found an outfit and liked it so much I decided to blog it! Here it is!

Word of the day: Icondite
Song of the day: Gorgol Bordello- Start Wearing Purple For Me Now


Shape: mines
Skin: Glam Affair Cassiopeia in America
Hair: Magika - Dare
Eyes: ID Moody and Shine
Mask: Cobrahive - Escaping Lecter (You shut your whore mouth, I like it!)
Nails: Mstyle - Perfect Hand sharp.
Gun: Breach eightball.
Boots: Ten Megas Boots
Stocking: League Gartered Stocking
Corset: Luck inc Lust Corset
Bra: Fishy Strawberry Ignition
Pants/shorts/skirt thing: !t - Special Jerk
Shrug: Riddle - Simple Shrug
Piercings : Face : Pekka Mila (edited)
Chest: HoD - Bulletproof
Collar: Luck inc Bound

So long and thank's for all the fish! <3

Monday, 30 July 2012

I feel you...Within my mind...

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Annnnd! Newness! Well not so much new in the scheme of sl fashions, but new to me! And Acacia has a new face! I got editing happy in attempt to make her suit a skin I had to have, so all change, but i'm pleased with the result. The shirt I have on her in the pic is my current fave piece of clothing, made by the delectable and nommy Ms. Kinu Mayako! It makes me smile everytime I look at it. I say your face a lot... My maturity level matches that of JD from Scrubs. In other news I'm a cantkerous bat and I hate confusing irritating men.

Word of the day: Fuck You Couch (ok, ok, three words, but still =p)
Song of the Day: Sameal- I Feel You



Shape: made by moi! Changes to face finally to make her more 'skin' friendly.
Skin: Glam Affair - Cassiopea
Hair: Exile- Break Away (one voice)
Ears Pekka Maniac
Eye: Pekka Mila (edited)
Mouth: ni.ju Overload piercing
Chest: HoD  Bulletproof (edited)
Collar: Luck inc. Bound collar.
Antlers: Epic Mythic Dryad antlers
Shirt: SAKIDE - Your face knit top (Love this and shall not be taking it off for days! <3333)
pants/Hooves: Epic- Show-low Faun baggy

Muchos loves m'poppets!
~Aca <3

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

You got a black heart...

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I know, I know, I'm a slacker :P But, yanno what bugger it, was gonna put some shit about how I had a defence, I don't, i'm just lazy :O But! I do have pics, so forgive me kthx muaz n stuff! Sooo... Without any further ado! I present to you! Stuff! Well, hair fair goodness at least :P

Tune of the day: Stooshe - Black Heart
Word of the day: Bildungsroman

Look of the day:

Skin: glam affair Giselle natural 10
Eyes: ID Moody Vamp
Piercings: Lip- ni.ju overload piercing.
Pekka Milla (edited lots)
Collar: [Forge] Chained Rose
Shirt: [M] lace top black

Hairs: From top to bottom -
Lamb - Blue Velvet and Wild at Heart
Wasabi - Aida and Brigitte
Lelutka - Magdalen and Versage

 There were of course lots more, and I even bought a few, but to be thoroughly honest I was extrememly dissapointed in the fair this year, although I have to say, I fecking dig those lamb hairs! Of course even since buying this lot ive been living in Dela or Truths fairly recent Aurora... Anywho's tata for now my little poppets <3

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Bitch to the bone...

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Annnnd Hair Fair is here! Meep meep! Still havent gone on sim, no surprises there heh, but, having tried on lots of demos I at least know the stores i'm going to be camping out :P I got new glasses in real today, yay! Had to wait a moth as they were rediculously over-priced designer number and pay-day needed happen! But, here they are, I lovey and cherish them, and total bonus, I can fucking see! Wewt... Also, just finished reading the fifty shades series and... Muchos dissapointment in the last novel *huffs* It ended too damned happily. :S. Anyways on with the look! Annnnd today you get two for one! Bonus!

Word of the day! Baccate

And onto the looks!

Look 1:
Skin: Glam Affair : Mia Natural
Shape: My own
Hair: wasabi pills : Anais 2
Tats:Endless Pain: Drink, Fight, Fuck...
Nails: Mstyle Perfect Hand (sharp)
Shirt: 1bp Glomesh Halter
Pants: Maitreya Leather Leggings
Shoes: Diktator- Horseshoe B/W

Look 2:

Skin: as above
shape: as above
Hair [e] Just
Nails: As above
Shoes: as above
Dress: Apple May Designs:  Sabrina

Sunday, 8 July 2012


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I are back! Yes, yes I am... Did you miss me? Ive been getting up to a lot of mischief since I last blogged here... Falling in love, falling out of love, making friends, realising said friends are massive bawbags... deciding said friends need to die in a fire, turning thirty was fun... My brother made me a dinosaur cake (first time baking) and my nephews gave me a huge toy T-Rex (Awwwwww) Getting addicted to diablo... DJing properly again, not just being a rock jukebox that sounds like a dwarf from wow ...( Keep yer feet on the gerrrround!) But enough ramblings, I was playing on my barbie and found a pretty older plastik skin and fel the need to blog! Ive been dabbling on friends sites, but, I like having this one to come back to... So here goes!

Song of the day (month, week, year, I lovey it!)

Word of the day! Epigraphy!

And now for piccies! Be warned there be BOOBS :O

I may have gotten a little carried away... Eeep!


Shape: Mines!

Skin: The Plastik - Ataciara-elven-grey-2012

Eyes: The Plastik - Haunt-Lyahra

Hair: Lamb- Mess-Powder

Piercings: HoD

Tats: Para Designs- Paisley Temptress

Necklace: Delicious- Fallen Breath

Makeup: The plastik- Demon fades-Exah

Socks: L.inc- Torn Nylon Garters

Gloves: +pe+- Gothic Rose

Corset girdle thingy: DeeTalez -Lace Panty Girdle

Boots: Gos- Triumph boots for men

music, mania and mundane musings Copyright © 2012 Design by Antonia Sundrani Vinte e poucos